A TV series is being made about INXS' career.

Production on two-part mini-series 'Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS' began in Melbourne, Australia, this week and stars Luke Arnold - who has appeared in 'Winners and Losers' and 'City Homicide' - as mercurial singer Michael Hutchence, while Nicholas Master, Ido Drent and Andy Ryan will play band founders and brothers Tim, Jon and Andrew Farriss respectively.

Brad Lyons, Seven's director of network production, said: ''We've secured a sensational group of actors to tell the story of three brothers and their best mates who took the world by storm. Seven can't wait to share this incredible part of Australian rock history with our audience.''

Tim - who was INXS' lead guitarist - added: ''I've been spending a lot of time with the cast and I'm amazed! At times I actually thought Michael was there! It has been all forms of emotions for me - I'm very excited.''

The production is being written by Justin Monjo and Dave Warner and will trace the success of the Australian band - who announced their split last year - whilst telling the group's uncensored tale with full access to their archive of music, photography and stories.

Frontman Michael died in 1997 of a suspected suicide aged just 37.

The Australian band continued to perform with different singers before officially splitting in 2012.

They sold over 30 million records during their career, with their most successful album being 1987's 'Kick' which shifted over 10 million copies.

Two INXS films are also in development, including biopic 'Michael' which is being made by producer Sue Murray and writer/director Richard Lowenstein - who directed several music videos for the band.