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Martin Called For Pink Panther Wedding

26th January 2009

STEVE MARTIN urged PINK PANTHER 2 producers to write in an unlikely wedding for his bumbling INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU into the script - because all his films that end with a marriage have been hits. Clouseau...

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Martin To Return As Clouseau

17th January 2007

Funnyman STEVE MARTIN is set to return to the big screen as bumbling French cop INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU - thanks to top comedy screenwriters LOWELL GANZ and BABALOO MANDEL. The acclaimed writers behind hits like FEVER...

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Panther Beats Vendetta To Top Spot

22nd March 2006

Classic kids crime caper THE PINK PANTHER has been a surprise hit at the UK box office despite receiving scathing reviews. The remake, this time boasting STEVE MARTIN as bumbling INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU, went straight to...

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Sellers' Daughter Slams Panther Remake

16th March 2006

Legendary comedian PETER SELLERS' daughter SARAH is disgusted Hollywood bosses have remade THE PINK PANTHER, declaring she has "no intention of seeing it". Sarah, 48, believes her dad's portrayal of the bumbling French detective INSPECTOR...

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Martin Hopes For Panther Sequel

12th March 2006

Funnyman STEVE MARTIN is praying his new movie PINK PANTHER will be a success at the box office, because he's desperate to star in a sequel. The 60-year-old Texan actor stars as INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU in...

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Martin Shocks Dog With Language Skills

1st March 2006

STEVE MARTIN shocked his dog when preparing for his role in new movie PINK PANTHER - with his novice French accent. The silver-haired funnyman worked carefully on the part of bumbling detective INSPECTOR JACQUES CLOUSEAU,...

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Martin Stays Away From Sellers' Clouseau

23rd February 2006

Comic actor STEVE MARTIN was determined not to copy PETER SELLERS' portrayal of INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU in PINK PANTHER, because he didn't want audiences to think he has taken the easy option. The 60-year-old Texan...

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The Things They Say 1405

23rd February 2006

"To me, INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU is HAMLET for comedians." STEVE MARTIN thinks PETER SELLERS' goofy French detective is a role all comics should play....

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Pink Panther Pounces To Top Of The Us Box Office

13th February 2006

Comedian STEVE MARTIN'S portrayal of INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU in THE PINK PANTHER pounced to the top of the US box office with a $21.7 million (GBP12 million) in its opening weekend (10-12FEB06). The remake of...

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Martin Heaps Praise On Beyonce

8th February 2006

STEVE MARTIN thrilled his PINK PANTHER co-star BEYONCE KNOWLES on US TV yesterday (07FEB06) when he phoned in to MTV show TRL to pour praise on her. Beyonce was a guest on the show...

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Panther Remake Would Horrify Sellers, Claims Biographer

7th February 2006

Late comic legend PETER SELLERS would have been horrified to learn his name has been left off the credits of the new PINK PANTHER remake. The British funnyman played INSPECTOR JACQUES CLOUSEAU in the...

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Steve Martin Fights Rude Mobile Phone Users

15th December 2005

Funnyman STEVE MARTIN has filmed a new public service announcement in a bid to urge filmgoers to turn off their mobile phones at the movies. The actor recreates his recent role as bumbling detective...

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Smith Hits Back

21st July 2005

Film-maker KEVIN SMITH has hit out at claims he encouraged cinema-goers to snub the forthcoming PINK PANTHER movie. The cult director was recently quoted dismissing the film - which stars STEVE MARTIN as INSPECTOR...

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Smith Urges Sellers Fans To Boycott Pink Panther Remake

15th July 2005

Filmmaker KEVIN SMITH is furious funnyman STEVE MARTIN agreed to star in the remake of comedy classic PINK PANTHER - and hopes fans remain true to the originals by boycotting it when it comes out....

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Greene Family Furious With Writer's Biographer

3rd October 2004

The family of late THE QUIET AMERICAN author GRAHAM GREENE have blasted the writer's biographer for focusing too much on his sexual conquests. Greene's relations are furious with NORMAN SHERRY for dwelling on the...

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Beyonce: 'I've Never Seen The Original Pink Panther'

22nd July 2004

Sexy R+B sensation BEYONCE KNOWLES has never seen a PINK PANTHER movie - despite starring in the latest addition to the franchise. The DESTINY'S CHILD singer, 23, is currently filming the new movie in...

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Kline Turned Down Clouseau

21st June 2004

A FISH CALLED WANDA star KEVIN KLINE turned down the lead role in the new PINK PANTHER movie - because he felt he couldn't follow PETER SELLERS. Ironically, Kline plays INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU's boss DREYFUSS...

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Beyonce Falls For Martin On Panther Set

4th June 2004

STEVE MARTIN and BEYONCE KNOWLES almost fell in love on the set of the new PINK PANTHER movie, because there was so much onscreen chemistry. Beyonce plays a pop superstar called XANIA who falls...

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No Kato For New Pink Panther

12th May 2004

INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU's manservant KATO has been ditched from THE PINK PANTHER remake because screenwriter and star STEVE MARTIN feared the martial arts expert would be offensive to Asians. Instead, French actor JEAN RENO will...

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Martin Wants Pink Panther Film To Be Filthy

9th May 2004

American comedian STEVE MARTIN has vowed to make his version of THE PINK PANTHER as raunchy as possible. Martin is keen to update the new version of the PETER SELLERS classic - in...

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Beckham Wants Role For Posh In Pink Panther

2nd April 2004

Soccer superstar DAVID BECKHAM has told movie bosses he will only make his acting debut in the upcoming prequel to THE PINK PANTHER if his wife VICTORIA is given a part too. The REAL...

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Steve Martin Slammed For Clouseau Role

31st March 2004

Comedian STEVE MARTIN has been dealt a shattering blow as he prepares to revive the INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU role made famous by PETER SELLERS - the late star's son deems him incapable of bettering his father's...

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Beckham Bent On Landing Pink Panther Role

26th March 2004

British soccer superstar DAVID BECKHAM is in talks to tackle his movie acting debut in the upcoming prequel to THE PINK PANTHER. But the REAL MADRID midfielder won't have to stretch himself too much...

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Busy Beyonce Says Yes To Pink Panther

26th March 2004

LATEST: BEYONCE KNOWLES' plans to reunite with her DESTINY'S CHILD bandmates have taken another blow - she won't have time to return to the studio with them until this autumn (04). Beyonce was hoping...

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Kline To Star In The Pink Panther

19th March 2004

Hollywood actor KEVIN KLINE is set to star in an upcoming remake of PETER SELLERS movie THE PINK PANTHER. The OSCAR-winner is in talks to play INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU's long-suffering boss, INSPECTOR DREYFUS. R+B...

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Sellers Jr Slams Pink Panther Remake

27th November 2003

Legendary comedian PETER SELLERS' son has dubbed plans to remake movie THE PINK PANTHER with actor STEVE MARTIN a "terrible idea". MARTIN SELLERS, whose dad starred as bumbling INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU in five movies before...

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Chan Signs Up For Pink Panther

19th November 2003

High-kicking star JACKIE CHAN has signed up to join STEVE MARTIN in the new PINK PANTHER movie. Chan will play INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU's hapless servant KATO in BIRTH OF THE PINK PANTHER - following the...

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Steve Martin To Star As Inspector Clouseau

16th November 2003

Hollywood funnyman STEVE MARTIN is to fill PETER SELLERS' shoes after agreeing to play the role of bumbling INSPECTOR JACQUES CLOUSEAU in a new PINK PANTHER movie. The PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES star will...

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Steve Martin Offered Role Of Clouseau

13th October 2003

American funnyman STEVE MARTIN has been offered the role of bumbling INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU in the new PINK PANTHER movie. The BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE star would replace the late PETER SELLERS, who played Clouseau...

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Blake Edwards: Cary Grant Was A 'Pain'

3rd October 2003

Veteran film-maker BLAKE EDWARDS has slammed late screen legend CARY GRANT, because he was a "pain in the a**" to work with. THE PINK PANTHER director also admits filming alongside INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU star PETER...

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