Mark Basseley Youssef is the man behind the film 'Innocence of Muslims', an Islamophobic film which sparked world wide protests and violence, leaving some dead in Libya and Egypt (NBC), as well as causing demonstrations in every single continent besides Antarctica- and that's only because no one lives there. He has now been sentenced to a year in jail due to his dealings with the film, but almost nothing to do with the major offence and hurt he has caused. 

Youssef was sentenced to a 21 month stint in jail for fraud back in 2010. It is due to this previous conviction that Youssef has been jailed again, as a number of his dealings and choices in relation to 'Innocence of Muslims' mean that he has broken his probation. Firstly, Youssef had been using multiple names including Sam Bacile and Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, which is the name under which the film's trailers were posted on YouTube originally. This is a serious problem regarding his probation, because as Assistant U.S. Atty. Robert Dugdale says, "This is not a defendant that you want out there using multiple names." LA Times reports Youssef's three identities were found in three places: one on his passport, a different one on his driving licence and a third in connection with the film. For a convicted fraudster, it's all very suspicious.

Despite the enormous waves of violence that have erupted in response to the film, none of this has been addressed in regard to the legal proceedings for Mr Yousseff. Although his jail time will come as a small token of justice, for the families and friends of those who have lost their lives in the violence that ensued in relation to the film, this will simply not be enough.