Opera star DAVID RENDALL has filed a $375,000 (£250,000) lawsuit over allegations a stage accident in Denmark in 2005 forced him into early retirement.
The British singer was performing in a production of Aida at the Copenhagen Opera House in April, 2005 when part of the two-tier set collapsed on top of him.
He was left with devastating injuries and underwent surgery on his hip and left knee, as well as both his shoulders, which left him unable to perform.
Rendall claims he hasn't been onstage since 2008 and has been forced to put his $3 million (£2 million) home in Hampshire, south England on the market as a result.
He says, "I can still sing very well but I can't do what stage directors want on stage. I can't kneel, for instance. If I fall down, as required by some operas, I can't get up without stage hands to help me. This has ruined my career."
He is now suing the opera house's owners, the Danish Ministry of Culture, for loss of earnings and seeking $375,000 in damages, according to Britain's Daily Telegraph.