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British Actor Roach Dies

19th July 2004

British wrestler-turned-actor PAT ROACH has died from cancer. He was 67. Roach was best known in his native UK for his character BOMBER in the popular TV series AUF WIEDERSEHEN, PET, but he also...

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Indiana Jones 4 Stalled Over Script Concerns

15th July 2004

The eagerly awaiting new INDIANA JONES movie won't be released for another two years, because producer GEORGE LUCAS isn't happy with the script. INDIANA JONES 4 has been in the works for a number...

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Ford Bargain Hunts In Wales

9th July 2004

Millionaire movie star HARRISON FORD shocked a hotel manager during his Welsh summer holiday - by requesting a discount on a $293 (GBP163) suite. The INDIANA JONES actor, 61 and his girlfriend, former ALLY...

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Freeman Hits Out At Caviezel

6th May 2004

British actor PAUL FREEMAN has slammed THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST star JIM CAVIEZEL, branding him a "bad actor" and an "awful man". The 61-year-old actor, who played INDIANA JONES bad guy DR RENE...

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Crowe's Gladiator Voted Top Hero

25th April 2004

RUSSELL CROWE's brave Roman general MAXIMUS in GLADIATOR has been voted the greatest cinema hero of all time. The fearless fighter in the OSCAR-winning film has beaten SUPERMAN and ELLEN RIPLEY of ALIENS...

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Indy 4 Faces Script Delay

6th February 2004

Legendary film-maker GEORGE LUCAS is delaying the filming of the long-awaited INDIANA JONES 4 - because he's unhappy with the script. The STAR WARS director, who's acting as executive producer alongside director STEVEN SPIELBERG,...

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Ford In Biggest Divorce Settlement

18th January 2004

LATEST: Movie star HARRISON FORD has reportedly paid his ex-wife a whopping $85 million (GBP50 million) in a record-breaking divorce settlement. The agreement between the STAR WARS star and ex-spouse MELISSA MATHISON breaks...

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Sigourney Presents Aliens Egg To Museum

12th December 2003

Actress SIGOURNEY WEAVER has presented the alien-producing egg from her 1986 movie ALIENS to a museum in Washington, DC. Weaver handed the silver egg to the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HISTORY on Wednesday (10DEC03),...

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Indiana Jones Dvd Heads For Record Sales

24th October 2003

The arrival of movie hero INDIANA JONES on DVD looks set to make history - with insiders predicting it will become the biggest selling box set ever. Sales of the HARRISON FORD-starring trilogy topped...

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Ford Leaves Hospital After Bone Surgery

20th October 2003

INDIANA JONES legend HARRISON FORD has left a Los Angeles hospital after undergoing shoulder surgery. The 61-year old screen idol was accompanied by girlfriend CALISTA FLOCKHART as he emerged from the medical centre in...

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Indiana Jones Surprise

14th October 2003

HARRISON FORD thrilled his three INDIANA JONES leading ladies at the weekend (12OCT03) when he showed up at a launch party for the new DVD box set in full costume. KAREN ALLEN, KATE CAPSHAW...

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Ally Mcbeal Meets Indiana Jones

26th September 2003

HARRISON FORD is keeping girlfriend CALISTA FLOCKHART close to him as he prepares to start shooting INDIANA JONES 4 - he's had her written into the movie. Despite objections from producer GEORGE LUCAS, Ford...

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Producer Says Indy Iv Will Not Rely On Cgi

9th September 2003

INDIANA JONES producer FRANK MARSHALL is determined to shun the current trends in movie making - insisting the upcoming fourth installment of the hit franchise will avoid using computer effects. Frank is adamant the...

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Indiana Jones Is Waiting

8th September 2003

Details of the fourth INDIANA JONES movie are being kept secret from it's legendary star HARRISON FORD - even though he instigated the project. The actor admits he doesn't know when the eagerly-awaited STEVEN...

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Ford Takes Swipe At Arnie

3rd September 2003

Hollywood favourite HARRISON FORD has taken a sly swipe at California governor hopeful ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER - by praising German actors and politicians for sticking to what they're good at. Ford is currently in Berlin...

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Ford Confirms Indiana Return

1st September 2003

Hollywood legend HARRISON FORD has delighted fans of the INDIANA JONES franchise the world over - he will be reprising his star role as the swashbuckling archaeologist in the fourth installment. Ford - who...

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Ford Hits Out At Us In Iraq

27th August 2003

Hollywood superstar HARRISON FORD has voiced his concerns over the American-led war in Iraq. The veteran INDIANA JONES actor said armed conflict was not the solution to Iraq's problems. Speaking in the Spanish...

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Brit Tv Presenter: 'Harrison Ford Is So Boring'

11th July 2003

A British breakfast TV queen has labelled INDIANA JONES icon HARRISON FORD "the most boring person I've ever met in my life". GMTV presenter LORRAINE KELLY claims her interview with hunky Harrison was incredibly...

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Sean Connery Character To Return From The Grave?

7th July 2003

SEAN CONNERY is hoping to come back from the dead to star in a sequel of THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN. The movie star's character ALLAN QUARTERMAIN is killed in the film adaptation of...

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Flockhart Loves Ford In The Morning

15th June 2003

Actress CALISTA FLOCKHART loves it when her beau HARRISON FORD wakes up in the morning - because he looks "cute" and "vulnerable". The ALLY McBEAL star also insists the 22-year age gap between her...

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Harrison's Funny Side

9th June 2003

HARRISON FORD took on the role of a world-weary Los Angeles police detective in new movie HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE because it gave him the chance to be funny on the big screen. Movie veteran Ford...

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Lecter And Finch Are Hollywood's Hero And Villain

4th June 2003

ATTICUS FINCH and HANNIBAL LECTER have been named Hollywood's greatest hero and villain. GREGORY PECK's character from 1962 OSCAR-winner TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and ANTHONY HOPKINS' gruesome SILENCE OF THE LAMBS serial killer topped...

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Star Leaves Harrison Speechless

3rd June 2003

An emotional HARRISON FORD unveiled his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday (02JUN03). The 60-year-old INDIANA JONES hero appeared visibly moved by the award, which sees his name join those already lining...

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Indy Gets The Dvd Treatment

6th May 2003

Fans of the INDIANA JONES films are to get a special treat as they wait for the fourth movie in the series - the hit trilogy is to finally be released on DVD. The...

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Harrison The Gentleman

1st May 2003

HARRISON FORD's latest on screen love interest had no problem getting down and dirty with the hunky actor. While many leading ladies would be star-struck at the prospect of peeling of for sex scenes...

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Wahlberg's New Role

28th April 2003

Hollywood hunk MARK WAHLBERG is being lined up to star in a new movie being billed as a contemporary INDIANA JONES. The former CALVIN KLEIN underpant model is favourite to take the lead in...

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Spielberg.s Madness

27th March 2003

Hollywood movie giant STEVEN SPIELBERG is planning a movie based on British 1980s pop act MADNESS. The INDIANA JONES movie-maker is a huge fan of the band. And after the OSCAR success of...

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New Villains For Indiana Jones

25th March 2003

The screenwriter of the upcoming fourth INDIANA JONES movies has revealed that the hero will have to face new enemies. FRANK DARABONT says that the film's 1950s setting will require new foes to the original films...

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