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Labeouf Struggling To Get Big For Indiana Jones 4

20th June 2007

Actor SHIA LaBEOUF is struggling to pump up his physique for the new INDIANA JONES movie - because he can't eat enough to pack on the pounds. The Holes star, who plays Jones' sidekick in...

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Connery Won't Be In Indiana Jones Iv

8th June 2007

SIR SEAN CONNERY has announced he will not be returning for the next film in the INDIANA JONES franchise. The 76-year-old had been tipped to reprise his role from 1989's Indiana Jones And The Last...

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Allen To Return To Indiana Jones Franchise

22nd May 2007

Actress KAREN ALLEN is reportedly set to return to the INDIANA JONES franchise for the much-anticipated fourth film - as the mother of the movie adventurer's sidekick. Allen played Harrison Ford's love interest, Marion Ravenwood,...

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Lucas Writes Connery Into Jones Script

13th May 2007

GEORGE LUCAS is so desperate to enlist SIR SEAN CONNERY in the new INDIANA JONES film, he's written him into the script without the actor yet agreeing to appear in the movie. Lucas, who has...

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Labeouf Confirms Indiana Jones Role

13th April 2007

After weeks of speculation and denials, actor SHIA LaBEOUF has confirmed he'll play adventurer INDIANA JONES' "sidekick" in the much-anticipated fourth instalment of the film franchise. In recent interviews, the Holes star has insisted the...

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Lucas: 'Fourth Indiana Jones Will Be Old-age Appropriate'

5th April 2007

Movie mogul GEORGE LUCAS is slowing down the pace of the fourth INDIANA JONES movie because he knows HARRISON FORD isn't as fit as he once was. The producer accepts 64-year-old Ford isn't quite as...

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Lucas Is Still Trying To Sign Connery For Jones Movie

5th April 2007

Movie mogul GEORGE LUCAS refuses to give up on recruiting SEAN CONNERY for the fourth INDIANA JONES movie, despite the Scottish star's reluctance to sign on as the adventurer's father. Connery has been linked to...

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Winstone Lined Up For Indiana Jones Sequel

29th March 2007

Hollywood tough guy RAY WINSTONE has signed up to play HARRISON FORD's sidekick in the upcoming INDIANA JONES sequel. The British star will join Ford, who is reprising his role as the intrepid adventurer, with...

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Blanchett In Indiana Jones Negotiations

16th March 2007

Hollywood star CATE BLANCHETT is in negotiations to star in the fourth INDIANA JONES movie. The project will see HARRISON FORD reprising his role as the intrepid adventurer, with STEVEN SPIELBERG again in the director's...

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Chewbacca Tops Sideman Poll

9th March 2007

Movie wookie CHEWBACCA has topped a new internet poll created to find the ultimate Celebrity Sideman. The STAR WARS character, portrayed by Brit PETER MAYHEW, beat BURT REYNOLDS' sidekick VICTOR PRINZIM (DOM DeLUISE) in THE...

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Indiana Jones Scores New Son

8th March 2007

Actor SHIA LaBEOUF is set to star in STEVEN SPIELBERG's upcoming INDIANA JONES sequel - as the archaeologist's son. HARRISON FORD is reprising his role in the movie, which is set to begin filming in...

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Ford Gets Fit For Fourth Indiana Film

27th February 2007

HARRISON FORD has taken on a gruelling fitness regime to get into shape for the return of INDIANA JONES later this year. After an 18 year break from the action adventure franchise, Ford, 64, is...

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Glover: 'No More Lethal Weapon'

13th February 2007

DANNY GLOVER has categorically ruled out a fifth LETHAL WEAPON film, despite the recent resurgence of interest in 1980s action movies. The star, who played ROGER MURTAUGH in the police thriller which spawned three sequels,...

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Screenwriter Plans Pirates Of The Caribbean 4

12th February 2007

JOHNNY DEPP, ORLANDO BLOOM and KEIRA KNIGHTLY are on course for a fourth PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie, according to the film's writer. TERRY ROSSIO reveals plans are afoot to make another sequel for the...

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The Things They Say 3918

30th January 2007

"They're gonna do INDIANA JONES again, they're doing DIE HARD again and I'm doing BEVERLY HILLS COP, so the geezers are back!" EDDIE MURPHY....

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Guiness' Jedi Knight Cloak To Go Under The Hammer

29th January 2007

SIR ALEC GUINNESS' Jedi knight cloak is expected to fetch more than GBP50,000 ($98,000) when it is auctioned next month (FEB07). The STAR WARS outfit is part of a London sale of some of cinema's...

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Connery Considers Returning As Indiana Jones' Dad

26th January 2007

SEAN CONNERY will reprise his role as INDIANA JONES' father in the fourth installment of the film franchise - if he likes the script. After months spent refusing to comment about the new movie, which...

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Hollywood Accused Of Islamophobia

25th January 2007

Hollywood films like RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, ALADDIN and THE SIEGE are depicting "exaggerated and ridiculous" stereotypes of Muslims and perpetuating Islamophobia, according to a British report published today (25JAN07). The report by the...

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The Things They Say 3669

2nd January 2007

"I'm delighted to be back in business with my old friends. I don't know if the pants still fit, but I know the hat will." Sixty-four-year-old HARRISON FORD on reprising his role as INDIANA JONES...

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Lucas Sets Indiana Shoot Date

30th December 2006

The much-anticipated fourth INDIANA JONES installment will be filmed next year (07), writer/producer GEORGE LUCAS confirms. The filmmaker promises the sequel will be the most exciting chapter to date after finalising the script with director...

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Moore Pleads For 'Caring' Buyer For Elstree Studios

15th November 2006

Acting veteran SIR ROGER MOORE has issued a plea for a "caring" buyer to come forward and save London's world famous Elstree Film Studios. The famous studios - where STAR WARS and the INDIANA JONES...

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Darabont 'Lucas To Blame For Indiana Jones Delay'

7th November 2006

Screenwriter FRANK DARABONT has blasted GEORGE LUCAS for the delays behind the fourth INDIANA JONES movie. The highly anticipated sequel was ready for filming back in 2004, but despite a script from Darabont that impressed...

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Lucas: 'I Don't Want To Make Movies Anymore'

3rd November 2006

Director GEORGE LUCAS wants to quit film-making to concentrate on more lucrative TV projects. The STAR WARS creator says making movies is too risky nowadays, because the average cost of shooting and marketing a blockbuster...

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Kidder Pretended Superman Was Indiana Jones

2nd November 2006

Actress MARGOT KIDDER pretended CHRISTOPHER REEVE was HARRISON FORD for her romantic scenes in the SUPERMAN films - because she wasn't attracted to her co-star. The movie star, who played Superman's girlfriend LOIS LANE in...

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Ford: 'I'm Fit Enough To Play Indiana Jones'

22nd October 2006

Movie star HARRISON FORD has reassured fans of INDIANA JONES he's still fit enough to play the action hero one more time - at 64. The actor was bombarded with questions about the much publicised...

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'Playboy' Jones

28th August 2006

INDIANA JONES writer GEORGE LUCAS intended the adventurous archeologist to be portrayed as a JAMES BOND-style womaniser but was overruled by director STEVEN SPIELBERG and actor HARRISON FORD. Lucas, who also created the STAR WARS...

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Connery To Return For Indiana Jones?

27th August 2006

Hollywood veteran SIR SEAN CONNERY would only consider coming out of retirement for a fourth INDIANA JONES film. The JAMES BOND legend has discussed reprising his role as Indiana Jones' father in the blockbuster series...

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Judge Rules Against Sanitised Movies

12th July 2006

A US federal judge ended a six-year trial on Monday (11JUL06) by ruling it is illegal for distribution companies to release sanitised versions of movies, because it infringes the rights of film-makers. Directors including STEVEN...

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Portman To Play Indiana Jones' Daughter?

10th July 2006

NATALIE PORTMAN is being lined up to play INDIANA JONES' daughter in the fourth and final movie adventure to star HARRISON FORD as the daredevil archaeologist. THE PERFECT STORM star KAREN ALLEN, who is expected...

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Father's Day Honours For Top Movie Dads

17th June 2006

AMERICAN PIE star EUGENE LEVY, SIR SEAN CONNERY, STEVE MARTIN, GENE HACKMAN and ALEC BALDWIN have been handed Father's Day (18JUN06) honours for their comical portrayals of dads on the big screen. The quintet form...

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