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The Things They Say 18866

9th November 2010

"If there's something that the three of us can agree on then I'd love to do it. George is working on something now, but I haven't really seen anything on paper. We've talked a little...

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Indiana Jones 5 To Be Confirmed Soon Hopes Harrison Ford

9th November 2010

The possibility of making a new INDIANA JONES film is currently being explored by director GEORGE LUCAS according to HARRISON FORD, and the Hollywood actor says he hopes the 66-year-old is 'working hard' on making...

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The Things They Say 18425

14th October 2010

"I have dressed up as a pet. It was for Halloween. I dressed as a dog in a hot dog suit. And people said, 'Hey, I know you!' People still recognised me in the suit!"...

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Eric Stoltz Mcfly Wasn't Funny Enough For Back To The Future

13th October 2010

It has recently been revealed that the actor ERIC STOLTZ was originally cast to play 'Marty MCFly' in the 'Back to the Future' trilogy and filmed five weeks' worth of scenes before he was replaced...

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Shia Labeouf Angry With Indy 4

29th September 2010

Shia LaBeouf has blasted his film 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' for "dropping the ball".The actor felt the film - the fourth instalment in the adventures of the titular archaeologist, directed...

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Harrison Ford Wants Connery Indy Return

15th September 2010

Harrison Ford is trying to lure Sean Connery out of retirement.The 68-year-old actor is keen for Connery, 80, to reprise his role as his father in 'Indiana Jones 5', a part he played in 1989's...

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Best Value Actress Anne Hathaway

1st September 2010

Anne Hathaway is the best value actress in Hollywood.The 27-year-old actress - who has starred in 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Valentine's Day' this year- represents the best value for money of any actress, according to...

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Best Value Actor Shia Labeouf

1st September 2010

Shia LaBeouf is the "best value" actor in Hollywood.The star - who has featured in 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' and the third film in the 'Transformers' franchise during this year alone - represents the...

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Labeouf Eyes Indiana Jones Return

23rd August 2010

SHIA LABEOUF is set to swing back into action in the fifth INDIANA JONES instalment - the actor has confirmed he's in talks to return to the franchise.Harrison Ford reprised his role as the heroic...

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The Things They Say 16842

10th June 2010

"I don't like talking about it. It makes the guy who got the job look like the second choice. I'm sure Harrison Ford is sick of hearing about this." TOM SELLECK on missing the chance...

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Indiana Jones To Tackle Bermuda Triangle

9th June 2010

INDIANA JONES will reportedly tackle the Bermuda Triangle in the upcoming fifth installment of the adventure franchise.Harrison Ford reprised his role as the heroic archaeologist in 2008's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal...

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Labeouf: 'We Dropped The Ball On Indiana Jones'

17th May 2010

SHIA LABEOUF was disappointed by the recent INDIANA JONES revival - insisting moviemakers "dropped the ball" and let fans of the franchise down.The young actor joined the cast when Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison...

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The Things They Say 16390

5th May 2010

"Charlie's obsessed with INDIANA JONES at the moment. I think it's magnificent, to a degree. I really don't want any more critiques about my abilities and HARRISON FORD's abilities. It's kind of starting to p**s...

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Ford Is Favreau's Cowboy

8th April 2010

Director JON FAVREAU has confirmed INDIANA JONES star HARRISON FORD will swing into action in upcoming blockbuster COWBOYS AND ALIENS.Robert Downey Jr. reportedly pulled out of the project to concentrate on filming a sequel to...

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The Things They Say 15593

3rd March 2010

"Steven and George and I are sort of agreed on a germ of an idea and we're seeing what comes of it. The process works like this... we come to some basic agreement and then...

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Raiders Of The Lost Ark Named Best Action Movie

29th January 2010

INDIANA JONES adventure RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK has been named the best action movie of all time in a new online survey.Editors of picked the 1981 Harrison Ford blockbuster as their number one,...

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The Things They Say 14981

13th January 2010

"I'd love to see a development of the relationship between him and his son and him and his new wife. I think it'd be fun." HARRISON FORD would love to swing back into action for...

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Leading Egyptologist Attacks Beyonce For Lack Of Interest At The Pyramids

12th November 2009

BEYONCE has come under fire for her lack of knowledge about ancient Egypt - by the country's INDIANA JONES.Revered historian Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s chief Egyptologist, reportedly called the pop star a "stupid person" while speaking...

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Ford To Swing Back Into Action As Indiana Jones?

15th September 2009

HARRISON FORD has announced he'll bring INDIANA JONES back to the big screen for a fifth time - if he's impressed by the film's script.The veteran actionman cracked his whip as the archaeologist hero in...

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Indiana Jones Stuntman Dies

18th August 2009

A stuntman working on an INDIANA JONES attraction at a Florida theme park has been killed in a freak accident while rehearsing a scene for the spectacular show.According to a spokeswoman for Disney's Hollywood Studios...

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Indiana Jones Swings Back Into Action

16th June 2009

SHIA LABEOUF has confirmed movie bosses are planning to bring INDIANA JONES back for a fifth time - a new film in the archaeologist adventurer series is in the works.LaBeouf joined Harrison Ford in the...

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Ford Handed Labeouf Indiana Jones' Hat

16th May 2009

HARRISON FORD had a very special wrap gift for his movie son after completing INDIANA JONES & THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL - he tossed SHIA LABEOUF his sweaty hat. Ford, George Lucas and Steven...

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Ford Willed Injured Labeouf Back To Work

15th April 2009

SHIA LABEOUF has INDIANA JONES to thank for getting him back to work after a car crash left him with a shattered hand - because actor HARRISON FORD insisted he shouldn't take time off to...

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007 Tops Movie Heroes Poll

28th March 2009

Superspy JAMES BOND has been named Hollywood's top hero ahead of INDIANA JONES, SUPERMAN and HARRY POTTER in a new U.S. magazine poll. Bond, who has been played on screen by Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce...

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Indiana Jones Named 2008'S Top Movie

5th January 2009

INDIANA JONES + THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL was the world's biggest hit outside America in 2008. The sequel raked in $469.5 million (GBP335.4 million) - $4 million (GBP2.85 million) more than The Dark...

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Fascinating Fact 6444

26th November 2008

The light sabre weapon wielded by LUKE SKYWALKER in STAR WARS is expected to fetch $180,000 (GBP120,000) at an auction of famous Hollywood props next month (Dec08). It will go under the hammer, along with...

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Fascinating Fact 6285

2nd November 2008

Hollywood star HARRISON FORD dressed up as a pea pod for Halloween (31Oct08), complete with green tights and green facepaint. The INDIANA JONES star was spotted out in Los Angeles with his girlfriend CALISTA FLOCKHART,...

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Ford Denies Labeouf Will Take On Indiana Role

13th October 2008

Actor HARRISON FORD has denied reports his INDIANA JONES sidekick SHIA LaBEOUF will replace his role as the action hero in a new installment of the franchise film. LaBeouf starred alongside the 66-year-old actor as...

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Lucas Thinking About A Fifth Indiana Jones Movie

6th October 2008

GEORGE LUCAS is working on a fifth INDIANA JONES movie, according to the film franchise's star, HARRISON FORD. The actor insists Lucas was inspired by the worldwide success of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of...

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The Things They Say 9667

28th September 2008

"INDIANA JONES was going to be a success whether I was in it or not. You could have put FREDDIE PRINZE JR. in my part. Put FRANKIE MUNIZ in Transformers and it still would have...

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