The box office for last week's opening of Titanic in China continues to grow with each new report. It was originally estimated that the film debuted with an impressive $58 million in ticket sales. That figure was revised on Monday to a sensational $67 million. Then on Tuesday, IMAX boosted that figure to a mind-blowing $74 million, of which, it said, $7 million came from 64 IMAX theaters across the country. It claimed a per-screen average of $109,375. (In the U.S. the new 3D version has averaged $38,000 per IMAX screen.) In a statement, Greg Foster, IMAX Chairman and President of Filmed Entertainment, said, "As the record-breaking results demonstrate, Chinese movie-goers have a huge appetite for Titanic 3D, Jim Cameron's one of a kind filmmaking and are passionate about seeing it in the most immersive way."