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Ice-t's Newfound Love For Cops

25th August 2005

ICE-T has radically changed his views about the police since giving up crime for music and acting - because now he needs them to protect his millions. The rapper accepts criticism over his hypocrisy...

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Ice-t Loves Bangkok's Bootlegs

23rd August 2005

Rap veteran ICE-T has a particular fondness for Bangkok - because he can buy hordes of bootleg merchandise in the Thai capital. The hip-hop star, real name TRACY MARROW, made his first visit to...

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Ice-t's Holiday With A Little Work Thrown In

6th July 2005

Hip-hop star-turned-actor ICE-T has an ulterior motive for his current Australian tour - he's always wanted to holiday in the Antipodean country. The LAW AND ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT star has left hot summer...

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Notorious Big To Be Honoured By Vh1

29th June 2005

Hip-hop icon NOTORIOUS BIG will receive a posthumous award at music TV station VH1's Hip-Hop Honors show on 22 September (05). Notorious will be alongside a host of hip-hop royalty including groundbreaking rappers BIG...

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Rappers To Appear In Violent Dvds

27th April 2005

Rappers 50 CENT, ICE-T and BLACK ROB are among a host of hip-hop notables who have signed up to appear in two new violent DVDs. The stars will be featured in the latest installments...

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Ice-t Bored Of Oscars

28th February 2005

Outspoken rapper ICE-T is bored with the OSCARS and only attends because he wants to get his hands on all the free gifts dished out to celebrities. The GOTTA LOTTA LOVE star's wife COCO...

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Axl Rose Plays Dj On Grand Theft Auto Videogame

27th October 2004

Reclusive rocker AXL ROSE features as DJ TOMMY 'THE NIGHTMARE' SMITH on one of eight in-game radio stations players can listen to on new GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS videogame. PUBLIC ENEMY founder...

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Hasselhoff Turns To Rap

18th October 2004

Former BAYWATCH hunk-turned-London theatre star DAVID HASSELHOFF is turning his attentions to rap music in a bid to become a chart sensation. The actor, who is a pop superstar in Germany and Switzerland, has...

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Body Count Star Loses Lymphoma Battle

26th August 2004

ICE-T's masked guitarist DENNIS MILES has lost his battle with lymphoma. The BODY COUNT star was 45. Miles, who was known as D-ROC, took to wearing a hockey mask on his face following the...

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Ice-t: Coco Is My Sharon Osbourne

23rd July 2004

Rapper ICE-T credits his wife COCO with ensuring his career runs so smoothly - because she's taken on the SHARON OSBOURNE role in their relationship. The 46-year-old - whose real name is TRACY MORROW...

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Ice-t And Eliacin Desperate To Inspire 'Indie' Films

25th June 2004

Rapper ICE-T and film maker PAUL ¬“PAULIE PAUL¬” ELIACIN hope their film UP IN HARLEM will inspire a new generation of independently funded movies. The movie - which hit stores on Tuesday (22JUN04)...

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Ice-t Took Up Acting To Buy Sports Cars

14th June 2004

Rapper ICE-T had just one reason for taking up acting - he wanted extra cash to buy a range of sports cars. Ice-T, who now stars in TV show LAW + ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS...

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Ice-t Rubbishes Hasselhoff Reports

14th June 2004

LATEST: Rapper ICE-T has broken the hearts of DAVID HASSELHOFF fans around the world after lashing out at reports he plans to produce a hip-hop album for the former BAYWATCH star. Rumours surfaced last...

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Ice-t's Lesbian Dogs

14th June 2004

Rapper ICE-T finds his fiancee COCO's two pet dogs fascinating - because they're lesbians. The hip-hop star and actor and his wife-to-be have noticed their four-legged companions have developed quite a liking for each...

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Hasselhoff To Become A Rap Star

20th May 2004

BAYWATCH actor DAVID HASSELHOFF is being transformed into a rap superstar - by pal ICE-T. The two men have formed a close friendship after becoming neighbours in Los Angeles, and Ice-T is determined to...

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Ice-t Weighs In On Janet Controversy

1st April 2004

Rapper-turned-actor ICE-T insists everybody should get over JANET JACKSON's infamous boob flash - because the public wouldn't have reacted so strongly if MADONNA did it. Jackson sparked a round of relentless controversy in her...

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Jackson Family Keeping An Eye On Tv Drama

25th March 2004

MICHAEL JACKSON's lawyers will be tuning into next week's LAW + ORDER: SVU (SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT) episode when it appears on TV in America (30MAR04) because they fear it mirrors the pop superstar's child molestation...

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Farrell Plans Another Lollapalooza

23rd January 2004

JANE'S ADDICTION star PERRY FARRELL is planning another LOLLAPALOOZA festival trek across America this summer (04) even though high costs led to cancellation of shows last year (03). The touring festival featured Jane's Addiction,...

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Ice-t Wants Lovechild As A Tax Bonus

27th November 2003

Rapper ICE-T has upset the mother of the lovechild he refuses to acknowledge - by asking her if he can claim the two-year-old as a tax deduction. MARIE SANCHEZ was furious when the COP...

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Get Drunk And Energised With Ice-t's New Tipples

13th November 2003

Rapper-turned-actor ICE-T's new alcoholic beverages each serve a vital purpose - one gives you "stamina", the other "gets you drunk real quick". The BODY COUNT star - who has joined the likes of NELLY,...

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Ice-t Sells Up

29th August 2003

Rapper ICE-T is celebrating after making a healthy $800,000 (GBP500,000) profit on his Hollywood Hills mansion. The COP KILLER mogul bought his place in 1992 for $1.2 million (GBP750,000) and after a few clever...

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Ice T Letches Over Unimpressed Fan

25th August 2003

Veteran rapper ICE T's womanising ways are not always well received by the targets of his affection - one fan was recently left "embarrassed" when he handed her a sexy thong. The hip-hop star...

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Ice T Amazed At Success

13th August 2003

Gangsta rap hero ICE T is still astounded at how his meteoric career has turned out so successfully. The BODY COUNT legend, one of the most influential men in hip-hop, is currently touring Europe...

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Murder Inc Associate Cuts Plea Deal

12th August 2003

A MURDER INC associate has quietly cut a plea deal with authorities investigating alleged ties between the music label and New York's drug trade. Court papers show that JON RAGIN - a convicted drug...

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Ice T: I Always Wanted To Escape The Killing Fields

8th August 2003

Rapper ICE T loves to live in his 'normal' home - because it's far as possible from the gangster world he comes from. The BODY COUNT founder finds visitors to his home are always...

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Ice T Moves Into The Drinks Market

4th August 2003

Rapper ICE T is launching his own brand of malt liquor this month (AUG03) - much to the objection of many of his hip-hop contemporaries. Several rap legends, including PUBLIC ENEMY founder CHUCK D,...

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Ice-t Prepares For Move To New York

23rd May 2003

Rapper and actor ICE-T is securing his move from Los Angeles to New York by putting his Hollywood Hills home on the market. The hip-hop star, real name TRACY MARROW, is asking $2.2 million...

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Terrified Husband Tapes Threatening Ice.t

17th April 2003

A terrified husband has given up all hope of getting his estranged wife back - because tough-guy rapper ICE-T has reportedly threatened to kill him if he tries. Arizona businessman EDDIE WILLIAMS is still...

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