Rapper/actor Ice-T has opened up about his criminal past, revealing he continued to steal even after finding fame.
The hip-hop star was a street thief in Los Angeles as a teen and admits it was difficult to turn his back on crime even after scoring his first hit album Rhyme Pays in 1987.
But Ice-T realised the error of his ways after a terrifying incident when he tried to steal a convertible roof from a parked Porsche - to replace his own sports car's damaged top - and got caught by a group of fans.
In his new book Ice: A Memoir of Gangster Life and Redemption-from South Central to Hollywood, the star writes, "I was just ratcheting into the ­canvas tarp when I heard screams coming from the window of an apartment above. I thought I'd been busted.
"It sank in when I realised a group of 10 or so kids were shouting things like, 'Ice-T! Ice-T! Yo, sign this Ice!' Instead of running, I hung around to sign for them. But that was the point it sank in that I couldn't do this any more. I was too ­famous to keep stealing."