The UK complains about ‘99s’ costing the earth these days, but they’ve got nothing on these Italian ice creams we’re about to tell you about.

Roger Bannister (presumably not the one who broke the 4 minute-mile in the 60’s), his brother Steven and their wives Wendy and Joyce were flabbergasted after being charged a whopping 16 euros each (£13.50) for four ice creams at the Antica Roma bar in the Italian capital. The bar’s excuse was that the ice-creams were large, but this still didn’t sit well with the tourists – who, by the way, didn’t even do any sitting, because such establishments are known to double or even triple their prices for such a service, according to the Telegraph. "We're not talking about one or two scoops, they are really big," a manager of the place said. "No one forced them to order big ice creams. We also serve small ones which only cost 2.50 euros. But if you want a lot of ice cream then it is worth the price. And the prices are displayed everywhere."

However their countrymen weren’t as supportive of their prices. "It's a scandal and it should be treated as such," said Matteo Costantini, a city councillor. "It's not the first time that things like this have happened." Indeed it hasn’t, in the city’s Piazza Novona restaurant, a pair of Japanese tourists were charged a mighty 695 euros for their meal.