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Death Claims Another Buena Vista Social Clubber

28th March 2007

BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB star FAUSTINO ORAMAS has lost his battle with liver cancer in Cuba. He was 95. The singer's death was announced on Cuban state radio yesterday (27MAR07). Oramas, aka El Guayabero, was...

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Buena Vista Singer Leyva Dies

23rd March 2006

PIO LEYVA, a singer with the BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB, has died at the age of 88. The Cuban performer suffered a heart attack on Wednesday (22MAR06), his family confirmed. Leyva performed on more than...

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Cuban Star Nicola Dies

9th August 2005

Cuban singing veteran NOEL NICOLA has died of cancer in Havana, Cuba. He was 58. The much loved pioneer passed away on Sunday (07AUG05) and was buried the next day (08AUG05) - the same...

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Cuban Singer Ferrer Is Buried

9th August 2005

LATEST: BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB star IBRAHIM FERRER was buried yesterday (08AUG05) in his native Havana, Cuba. The 78-year-old Cuban singer died on Saturday (06AUG05) just days after ending a tour in Europe and...

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Cuban Singer Ferrer Dies

7th August 2005

Acclaimed Cuban singer IBRAHIM FERRER died in a Havana hospital yesterday (06AUG05) after suffering multiple organ failure. He was 78. Ferrer achieved international fame following the release of the 1997 album BUENA VISTA SOCIAL...

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Cuban Stars Denied Visas For Grammys

6th February 2004

A host of Cuban musicians nominated at this year's GRAMMY AWARDS have been refused visas to attend the American ceremony this weekend (08FEB04). BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB star IBRAHIM FERRER, percussionist AMADITO VALDES, veteran...

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Political Squabbles Affect Latin Grammys

3rd September 2003

Bad relations between America and Cuba is expected to block a handful of Cuban musicians from attending tonight's (03SEP03) LATIN GRAMMY AWARDS in Miami, Florida. Among the stars unlikely to make the event are...

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Shortlist's Long List Announced

12th August 2003

The 86 nominees for the 2003 SHORTLIST MUSIC PRIZE include moody rockers INTERPOL, the YEAH YEAH YEAHS, Cuban crooner IBRAHIM FERRER, PETE YORN, NICK CAVE + THE BAD SEEDS and RADIOHEAD. Judges...

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Cuba Pays Respects To Compay Segundo

15th July 2003

Thousands of mourners filed past the coffin of BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB star COMPAY SEGUNDO in Havana, Cuba today (15JUL03). The Cuban public paid their last respects to the music legend, whose coffin was...

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Buena Vista Social Club Star Segundo Dies

14th July 2003

BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB star COMPAY SEGUNDO has died aged 95. Segundo came to international prominence in 1999, when he featured alongside artists including IBRAHIM FERRER and RY COODER in WIM WENDERS' massively popular...

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