I Used To Be Darker premiered during January's Sundance Film Festival and now everyone else is given a sneak peek into the complicated, real-life folds of the Matthew Porterfield-directed family drama. The independent movie has also been shown at a handful of smaller film festivals, including the Berlin International Film Festival and Poland's New Horizons Film Festival where it has been hailed for its originality and even won 'best narrative feature' at the former.

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Starring Kim Taylor, Ned Oldham, Hannah Gross and Deragh Campbell, I Used To Be Darker features a married couple (Taylor & Oldham) who are two musicians on the verge of break-up, trying to sort things out amicably for the sake of their college freshman daughter, Abby (Gross). Their northern Irish niece Taryn, played by Campbell, runs away from her home and seeks refuge with her aunt and uncle.

Abby and Taryn foster a close friendship, trying to take their minds of their disintegrating family with rock concerts and boys. However, soon enough all characters must face their troubles, accept their losses and learn to move on in life.

Director Porterfield (Hamilton, Putty Hill) co-wrote the screenplay with Amy Belk in the latter's film debut. Porterfield won 'best director' at this year's Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema and earned praise during his film's screening at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

Reviewing the film at January's Sundance, Variety's Ronnie Scheib described it as "A movie of careful entrances and exits, Matt Porterfield's I USED TO BE DARKER chronicles the dissolution of a marriage through the eyes of a runaway cousin who drops in unannounced. This outsider presence, catching only fragmented snatches of the overcharged emotions engulfing the family, allows the film ample room to distance an otherwise tense situation."

Steve Dollar at Green Cine Daily respects the movie's subtle nuances and gentle characterisation: "Everything is geared towards a subtlety, a hushed ambience that allows the viewer to hear the characters think," he wrote.

I Used To Be Darker will open in Baltimore on the 27th September and will expand across the rest of the USA from the 4th October.

I Used To Be Darker
Will Be Released In The USA Soon.