Brian Conley has admitted he quit anti-depressants before appearing on 'I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!'.

The comedian abandoned his course of medication before entering the Australian jungle earlier this month, despite having relied on them for 15 years, and says ITV were unhappy with his decision as they stated it was a legal requirement for him to remain on the tablets in order to appear on the show.

He explained on 'Daybreak': ''They said if I did not comply with these regulations then I would not be on the show.

''It all got very serious when it was legally binding.''

After struggling with ''extreme'' malnutrition and exhaustion, 51-year-old Brian decided it was time to seek help and departed the jungle to admit himself into hospital for sedation.

He shared: ''It is under extreme circumstances and I started to feel really bad because in the end, very shortly after that, I did have to leave.

''I had an examination and they found I had malnutrition and was suffering from exhaustion.

''They sedated me in hospital and gave me a tablet that would probably knock out a horse for two days. I woke up with a saline drip in my arm thinking, 'What on earth has happened here?'''

However, after having suffered without them, Brian now feels ''proud'' of his progress and even believes he doesn't need the drugs anymore.

He added: ''I couldn't lie to them. I've taken these tablets for 15 years... ever since I've left I'm not taking these tablets. I feel proud that I got through it... you're looking at someone who doesn't need anti depressants.''

Meanwhile Limahl was the second camp mate to leave the show last night (22.11.12) after receiving the least public votes.