Hurts star Adam Anderson had an ''eightsome'' on tour.

The electronic duo's guitar and synthesizer player admits he and frontman Theo Hutchcraft go wild when they are playing gigs in Eastern Europe and their decadent rock 'n' roll behaviour culminated in a booze-fuelled orgy.

Adam boasted: ''Things got debauched in Kiev when I had an eightsome. When you're on tour, you're like a child. You feel you can do anything you want. Decadence is quite addictive, and in Eastern Europe mad s**t just happens. I suppose an eightsome is possible in Halifax, but you've got to put in a bit more legwork, haven't you?''

The 'Wonderful Life' hitmakers also reminisced about various 'The Hangover' style nights which once resulted in the pair waking up in a blood-covered hotel full of naked girls after an all-night binge.

Theo added in an interview with ShortList magazine: ''There was this one gig in Iceland. I invited everyone at the after-party back to our hotel. We went round every room, emptying the mini bars into plastic bags. The corridors were full of naked Icelandic girls having sprinting races. People were being sick everywhere. I woke up afterwards with three girls asleep on my floor and blood all over the walls ... Apparently someone had cut their foot on a bottle and was wiping it on the wall. We trashed the place by accident. We couldn't even remember doing it.''