The upcoming sequel to graphic Dutch horror movie The Human Centipede has been banned from release in the U.K. after British censors deemed the film "unacceptable" to be shown to the public.
The original film, about a German doctor who kidnaps three tourists and surgically joins them mouth to anus to form a human centipede, received mixed reviews upon its limited release last year (10), and now the follow-up The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) is causing controversy over its sexually violent plotline.
The disturbing new movie, written and directed by Tom Six, was due for release on Dvd this year (11), but it will not hit the U.K. market following a ruling by officials at the British Board of Film Classification.
In the decision, officials declared the horror "sexually violent and potentially obscene", adding, "There is a strong focus throughout on the link between sexual arousal and sexual violence and a clear association between pain, perversity and sexual pleasure.
"It is the Board's conclusion that the explicit presentation of the central character's obsessive sexually violent fantasies is in breach of its Classification Guidelines and poses a real, as opposed to a fanciful, risk that harm is likely to be caused to potential viewers."
The censors also insisted any kind of edit would fail to pass Bbfc standards to even receive an age rating, as the movie featured "unacceptable material" throughout.
Filmmakers have six weeks to appeal the decision.