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Hefner: 'Playboy Mansion Assault Never Happened'

13th August 2007

Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER has dismissed allegations a sexual assault recently took place at his famous Los Angeles mansion, insisting the complaint was made up by a woman trying to hide her sexual exploits from...

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Playboy Mansion Assault Investigation Ends

11th August 2007

An investigation into an alleged sexual assault that took place at Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER's famous Los Angeles mansion has been dropped. Police started their questioning on Monday (06Aug07) and concluded their report on Friday...

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Sex Assault Probe At Playboy Mansion

9th August 2007

Los Angeles police are investigating claims of a sexual assault at HUGH HEFNER's Playboy Mansion. Cops are refusing to reveal details of the probe. LAPD spokesman Jason Lee says, "For reasons of law and confidentiality...

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Hefner: 'I Used Playboy To Press For Social Change'

1st August 2007

HUGH HEFNER is urging Playboy readers to look beyond the magazine's overt sexuality and see the good it has done society. The publishing magnate boasts helping the civil rights movement by inviting the late James...

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Leo Dicaprio Tipped For Hefner Biopic

12th July 2007

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has been tipped to play Hugh Hefner is the forthcoming biopic of the Playboy founder's life.DiCaprio is considered to be a long-term friend of Hefner and a regular visitor to his...

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Hefner's Girls Upset About Monte Carlo Arrest

20th June 2007

Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER's girlfriends have blasted Monte Carlo police for eating into their party time after arresting and detaining them for breaking into royal property. Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt were promoting...

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Is Hefner's Number One Girl Pregnant?

20th June 2007

HUGH HEFNER's number one girlfriend HOLLY MADISON has sparked reports she's pregnant with the 81-year-old's fifth child by crying off TV interviews in Monaco with a morning sickness and refusing to party with her fellow...

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Hefner Blames Hilton's Mum For Keeping Paris Clothed

20th June 2007

Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER has revealed PARIS HILTON's mother KATHY is the only thing that stands in the way of the hotel heiress baring all in the pages of his magazine. Hefner claims Hilton has...

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Wilson Ashamed Of Playboy Ruse

14th June 2007

LUKE WILSON has revealed he once sobbed down the phone to Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER after getting kicked out of a party at the publisher's famous mansion for impersonating his brother. The actor reveals he...

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Hefner's Girlfriends In Trouble In Monte Carlo

14th June 2007

Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER's girlfriends have upset officials in Monte Carlo, Monaco after illegally entering royal grounds without permission. Pretty blondes Kendra, Holly and Bridgette were promoting their reality TV show The Girls Next Door...

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Hefner 'Betrays' Girlfriend Over Magazine Article

7th June 2007

Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER has upset girlfriend KENDRA WILKINSON by failing to stand up for the blonde beauty over an unflattering magazine article. Wilkinson was reportedly furious when the June (07) issue of America's Elle...

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Big Brother's Girls Get A Man About The House

2nd June 2007

Big Brother 8 saw its first male contestant enter the house last night, much to the amusement of the formally all-female assemble.Ziggy, a former boy-band member of the now defunct Northern Line, entered the house...

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Hefner's Pyjama Fetish

22nd May 2007

Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER owns more than 200 pairs of silk pyjamas, preferring to wear them than normal daytime clothes. The tycoon reveals his favourite outfit consists of pyjamas and a custom-made smoking jacket -...

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Hefner Wants Face Lift

21st May 2007

Playboy tycoon HUGH HEFNER is planning to have a face lift - and insists it's perfectly acceptable for men to undergo cosmetic surgery. The 81-year-old magazine boss admits he has already gone under the surgeon's...

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Hefner: 'Dicaprio Loves My Parties'

18th April 2007

Hollywood actor LEONARDO DiCAPRIO is a regular at HUGH HEFNER's infamous Playboy mansion parties, but prefers to attend in disguise. Hefner revealed the Titanic star causes the most excitement when he parties at the Homby...

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Sister Wanted Anna Nicole Buried Next To Marilyn

5th April 2007

ANNA NICOLE SMITH's sister contacted Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER and asked him to give up his burial plot alongside MARILYN MONROE for her dead sibling. The tycoon, who hopes to be buried next to the...

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Lennon Stubbed Cigarette Out On Hefner's Matisse

2nd April 2007

JOHN LENNON damaged a valuable HENRI MATISSE painting by using it as an ash tray during a wild party at the Playboy mansion in 1974, HUGH HEFNER claims. The French artist's works have sold for...

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Lennon Almost Got Beaten Up At Playboy Mansion

29th March 2007

Former BEATLE JOHN LENNON almost got beaten up during a mid-1970s visit to HUGH HEFNER's Playboy mansion - when he put out a cigarette on a priceless painting. Lennon was in Los Angeles in 1974...

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Paris Hits Vegas With Desperate Housewives Star

27th March 2007

Paris Hilton has been out on the town with Desperate Housewives star Josh Henderson again, intensifying speculation she has a new admirer.The heiress went on a whirlwind tour of Las Vegas nightspots, celebrating the birthday...

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Who's The Daddy Britney?

23rd March 2007

Internet gambling websites are taking bets on who will the father of BRITNEY SPEARS' next child. The TOXIC singer is mother to seven-month-old JAYDEN JAMES and 19-month-old SEAN PRESTON with estranged husband KEVIN FEDERLINE. Gambling...

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Electra: 'I Was Shy Before Playboy'

22nd March 2007

Actress CARMEN ELECTRA overcame her shyness by posing nude for Playboy magazine. The former BAYWATCH star was insecure about her figure before stripping off for HUGH HEFNER's publication in the 1990s - and admits the...

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Fascinating Fact 3006

20th March 2007

Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER likes his girlfriend HOLLY MADISON to dress up as MURDER, SHE WROTE actress ANGELA LANSBURY in the bedroom....

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Hefner Considers Monogamy, Dismisses Marriage

16th March 2007

Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER has rubbished reports he plans to marry his long-term girlfriend HOLLY MADISON, even though he is considering a monogamous relationship with her. The legendary 81-year-old womaniser currently has three girlfriends who...

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Rejection Turned Hefner Into Womaniser

9th March 2007

Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER believes he only became a womaniser after he was rejected by his childhood sweetheart. Hefner, 81 next month (09APR07), dated the unnamed girl during his teens, and despite teaching him the...

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Hefner: 'I Bedded 11 Women At Once'

8th March 2007

Legendary womaniser HUGH HEFNER once enjoyed an orgy with 11 women. The Playboy icon, who has slept with more than 1,000 women, boasts the figure is his current love-making record. He says, "One of my...

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The Things They Say 4230

7th March 2007

"When we were at the Playboy mansion they said: 'Do you know Uncle Hef takes pictures of naked girls?' I said: 'Oh my God, let's get out of here!'" Actress PAMELA ANDERSON pretends to act...

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Anna Nicole Smith Dies Aged 39

9th February 2007

Former Playboy bunny Anna Nicole Smith has died aged 39.Ms Smith was found to be unresponsive in her hotel room in Florida overnight at and was pronounced dead just one hour later in hospital.The blonde...

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Hefner Pays Tribute To Anna Nicole

9th February 2007

Playboy magazine boss HUGH HEFNER has paid tribute to his former Playmate, ANNA NICOLE SMITH, after hearing the actress/model had passed away in Florida. Smith was found unconscious in her hotel room at the Seminole...

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Hefner Ready To Settle Down

1st February 2007

Legendary womaniser HUGH HEFNER is finally ready to settle down, insisting he has finally found a girl he can be faithful to. The 80-year-old Playboy icon is ready to abandon his hedonistic ways and plan...

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Kelly Osbourne Rejected By Playboy

24th January 2007

Kelly Osbourne is unlikely to be appearing in Playboy any time soon after its owner made a public statement rejecting her.The 22-year-old curvaceous daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne recently said that she would like...

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