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Claire Danes' Awards Double Dates

5th November 2014

Claire Danes uses awards season to have ''double dates'' with her friends.The 'Homeland' actress - who has 23-month-old son Cyrus with husband Hugh Dancy - insists there is no rivalry between herself and fellow TV...

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Claire Danes Says Motherhood Is Challenging

3rd September 2014

Claire Danes admits she sometimes resents being a mother.The 'Homeland' actress, who has a 21-month-old son, Cyrus, with husband Hugh Dancy, also says marriage is hard, but insists she is besotted with both of the...

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Sam Worthington And Hugh Dancy Leading Deadline Gallipoli Miniseries

17th June 2014

Sam Worthington, Hugh Dancy, Charles Dance and Rachel Griffiths have joined the cast of war mini-series Deadline Gallipoli.The project will chronicle the battle in Turkey fought by Australian and New Zealand troops during World War...

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The Things They Say: 4209943

23rd May 2014

"We are currently shut out of our own home because of renovations. This was meant to be small, and we're looking at a year and a half. You start out thinking, 'I guess we could...

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'Legends Of Oz: Dorothy's Return' Knocks The Sparkle From Emerald City [Trailer]

By Lauren James | 9th May 2014

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return is released today in the USA, giving American families a new look at the classic tale of Dorothy,Toto, Kansas and the magical land of Oz in an exciting new animated...

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The Things They Say: 3980497

4th December 2013

"Well, it's true that you often kind of forget to see the person you're most intimate with, but occasionally I'll come to and sort of think, 'Oh my God! You're really, really good-looking! I'm embarrassed...

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Claire Danes Finds Motherhood Exhausting

3rd December 2013

Claire Danes finds motherhood ''more exhausting'' than being pregnant.The 'Homeland' star, whose son, Cyrus, is set to turn one on December 17, is besotted with the little boy but struggles to keep him occupied now...

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Claire Danes Is Unconcerned With Beauty

3rd December 2013

Claire Danes isn't concerned with looking ''beautiful'' on screen.The 34-year-old actress portrays CIA agent Carrie Mathison in 'Homeland' and she insists she isn't bothered about appearing glamorous in her roles as she is focused on...

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Claire Danes Needed A Vodka Shot After Meeting Barack Obama

By Elinor Cosgrave | 16th November 2013

Claire Danes appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday wearing an abundance of red and discussed meeting President Barack Obama. Claire Danes outside the Ed Sullivan Theatre before The Late Show with...

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Claire Danes Is Besotted With Son

4th November 2013

Claire Danes is ''infatuated'' with her son.The 'Homeland' actress is so besotted with her 11-month-old son Cyrus - who she has with her husband Hugh Dancy - that she can't focus on anything else when...

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Claire Danes Had Teenage Struggles

12th October 2013

Claire Danes was a ''messed up'' teenager.The 34-year-old actress - who has son Cyrus, 10 months, with husband Hugh Dancy - shot to fame appearing in 'My So-Called Life' when she was just 15 years...

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Claire Danes: Motherhood Is A Great Chapter Of My Life

10th October 2013

Claire Danes loves motherhood so much, it makes her want to cry.The 'Homeland' actress enjoys every minute she spends with 10-month-old son Cyrus, her child with husband Hugh Dancy, and insists it isn't tough being...

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Claire Danes Relies On Husband's Advice

4th October 2013

Claire Danes relies on her husband's advice to keep her out of therapy. The 34-year-old actress says her British actor spouse Hugh Dancy's more measured response to emotional problems has counter-acted her desire to share...

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Claire Danes Lifts Best Actress Emmy For Second Time Ahead Of 'Homeland' Return

By Lauren James | 24th September 2013

Claire Danes has to find some new room on her crowded mantelpiece after Sunday's Emmy Awards where she pulled off the remarkable achievement of winning two consecutive Emmy awards for the evening's most coveted female...

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Damian Lewis Is Respectful With Love Scenes

21st September 2013

Damian Lewis is respectful to the husbands of actresses he shares love scenes with.The 'Homeland' star doesn't let his on-screen romance with Claire Danes become awkward and he explained he even spoke to her partner...

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'Baby-centric' Claire Danes

19th September 2013

Claire Danes' life ''is baby-centric right now.''The 34-year-old actress has eight-month-old son Cyrus with husband Hugh Dancy, 38, and is loving life as a new mum.She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Everything is baby-centric right...

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Claire Danes Didn't Want To Leave 'Mommy Bubble'

1st August 2013

Claire Danes didn't want to leave her ''mommy bubble'' to return to work. The 34-year-old actress and her husband Hugh Dancy, welcomed son Cyrus in December and Claire admitted she was reluctant to leave the...

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Claire Danes' Son Helps Her Unwind

31st July 2013

Claire Danes' baby helps her unwind after filming 'Homeland'.The Emmy Award-winning actress has revealed she brings six-month-old son Cyrus with her to the show's set because he helps her relax after a long day of...

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Claire Danes Almost Quit Acting

28th July 2013

Claire Danes came close to quitting her acting career.The 34-year-old actress, who stars as CIA agent Carrie Mathison in hit TV series 'Homeland', struggled during a ''grim'' two years where she was jobless, unable to...

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Primetime Emmy Award Nominations: Will Netflix Triumph With 'Arrested Development'?

By Elinor Cosgrave | 17th July 2013

The Primetime Emmy Award nominations will be announced on Thursday (18th July). Speculation surrounding the awards is high, with Netflix's Arrested Development predicted to triumph. The awards will be announced by Kate Mara and Aaron...

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Renewed At Last: Nbc's 'Hannibal' Will Return For Season 2

By Victoria Pavlova | 31st May 2013

It’s coming up to the end of review season and NBC’s “Hannibal” has made the cut. The news of the series, based on the Hannibal Lecter character popularized in Silence of the Lambs, being renewed...

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Matthew Rhys Is Mr. Darcy

27th May 2013

British actor Matthew Rhys has seen off competition from stars including Dan Stevens, Eddie Redmayne and Hugh Dancy to win the coveted role of Mr. Darcy in a Pride And Prejudice spin-off.The Americans star has...

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The Things They Say: 3666194

16th May 2013

"Terrible policy for a marriage... 'Please don't tell me what you did today' is not a good line." Actor Hugh Dancy tries his best to avoid receiving Homeland spoilers from his wife and show star,...

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Hannibal Pulled Off The Air In Utah

1st May 2013

Executives at a Utah Tv network have pulled Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen's new drama Hannibal off the air - because they're convinced it's too bloody for viewers.Bosses at Salt Lake City's Ksl-Tv have cancelled...

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Lena Dunham And Frank Ocean Among Time 100 Gala Honourees For 2013 [Photos]

By Holly Williams | 24th April 2013

Frank Ocean at the TIME 100 Gala in New York It was the annual TIME 100 Gala on Tuesday night (April 23rd 2013) celebrating this year's most influential faces from world leaders to movie stars...

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Nbc Pulling Next Week's Episode Of Hannibal, Due To Potentially Offensive Violent Content

By Victoria Pavlova | 21st April 2013

NBC announced this Friday that it would be pulling an episode of its serial killer drama Hannibal, set to air this Sunday. Reason being that in light of the recent incidents of violence in America,...

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Claire Danes Buys $6.8 Million Home

17th April 2013

Claire Danes has splashed out $6.8 million on a new townhouse in Manhattan, New York.The 34-year-old 'Homeland' star and her British actor husband Hugh Dancy, 37 - who welcomed their first child Cyrus in December...

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Claire Danes Wows On The Red Carpet

14th January 2013

New mother Claire Danes was one of the best-dressed at last night's (13.01.13) Golden Globe Awards.The blonde beauty - who gave birth to son, Cyrus, last month - showed off her post-baby body in a...

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Claire Danes 'Delirious' At Awards

14th January 2013

Claire Danes felt ''delirious'' at the Golden Globe Awards.The 33-year-old actress - who picked up the Best Actress in a TV Drama Series honour at last night's (13.01.13) ceremony for her work on 'Homeland' -...

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Hugh Dancy Forgot His Name Meeting Barack Obama

8th January 2013

Actor Hugh Dancy was so nervous when he found himself in front of U.S. President Barack Obama he blanked out and forgot his name.Dancy and his Homeland star wife Claire Danes were recently invited to...

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