TERRENCE HOWARD still has nightmares about flying after he was arrested and jailed when a racist stewardess accused him of manhandling her while he attempted to take his young daughter to the toilet during a flight.

The CRASH actor ignored the in-flight fasten seatbelt sign because his child was desperate to relieve herself, but on his way to the bathroom he was confronted by a rude stewardess, who insisted he sit down and belt up.

As Howard continued to try and get past the stewardess, his daughter wet herself and the fuss that ensued prompted the pilot of the plane to get involved.

The pilot apologised and Howard felt sure the matter was over and the stewardess would be disciplined - but when the plane landed, it was him who was in trouble.

He recalls, "There were five marshals there that took me to jail because she said I grabbed her and shook her... I get arrested for assaulting somebody on a plane, which I never did.

"I spent a week in jail, my children are separated from me, the FBI investigates it and she drops the whole thing, like... everything's good.

"But for the next five years, anytime you look up IMDB (website the Internet Movie Database), when you look up Terrence Howard, the first thing you read was, '...was recently released from prison for assaulting a flight attendant.'"