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Perry Spurred By Stern

5th May 2005

AEROSMITH star JOE PERRY failed to summon the courage to release his latest solo material, until radio star HOWARD STERN inspired him to open himself up to fans. Twenty-one years after last releasing a...

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Schwarzenegger Lambasted Over Sexist Joke

25th April 2005

California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has been branded a sexist again - after mocking pre-menstrual stress during a shocking live radio interview. The actor-turned-politician sparked outrage last year (04) when he called his Democrat rivals...

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Love Courted For Dj Role

11th March 2005

COURTNEY LOVE is in negotiations with bosses at America's satellite radio leader SIRIUS to front her own talk show. The radio heads want the outspoken former HOLE star to join their waveband of celebrity...

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Bunton Uses Brown's Vibrator

27th January 2005

Ex-SPICE GIRL EMMA BUNTON has shattered her innocent image - by branding the vibrator her former bandmate MELANIE BROWN gave her "one of the most useful gifts" she's received. The WANNABE star, nicknamed BABY...

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Romijn Ready For Marriage Again?

21st January 2005

LATEST: Model-turned-actress REBECCA ROMIJN has hinted she's ready to marry boyfriend JERRY O'CONNELL, just days after the actor publicly announced his desire to walk her down the aisle. The FEMME FATALE star - who...

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Romijn To Marry O'connell?

14th January 2005

JERRY O'CONNELL is so smitten with new love REBECCA ROMIJN, he wants to whisk her down the aisle. The pair have been dating since Romijn split from husband JOHN STAMOS last year (04)....

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Stars Create Christmas Cards

21st December 2004

Handmade holiday cards created by such stars as JAY-Z, JESSICA SIMPSON and shock jock HOWARD STERN are being auctioned off on website eBAY. Proceeds from the CARDS FOR CHARITY project benefit the LUSTGARTEN FOUNDATION...

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Stern's Sidekick Heading To Tv

23rd November 2004

Shock jock HOWARD STERN's radio sidekick ROBIN QUIVERS is set to move into the world of television, after signing a deal for her own daytime talk show. Quivers has signed the deal with SONY...

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Stern Thanks Trump's Reality Tv Contestant For Romance

19th November 2004

American shock jock HOWARD STERN has a former contestant on DONALD TRUMP's reality show THE APPRENTICE to thank for his romance with model BETH OSTROSKY. The two have been together for circa four years...

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Duff's Heart Is On Her Sleeve

1st November 2004

Teen pop star HILARY DUFF's secret is out - GOOD CHARLOTTE frontman JOEL MADDEN is more than just a good friend. The singer and actress has been keen to keep the romance away from...

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Stern Angry Exchange With Powell On Air

27th October 2004

New York radio star HOWARD STERN has accused FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (FCC) Chairman MICHAEL POWELL of nepotism live on air. The shock jock interrupted Powell's interview on San Francisco's KGO-AM 810 to accuse him...

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Hilton And Stern's Sex Talk

20th October 2004

Hotel heiress PARIS HILTON has agreed to discuss sex on controversial DJ HOWARD STERN's radio show. Despite complaining she wants to put her saucy image behind her - following her notorious amateur porn video...

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Lohan Rants On The Radio

13th October 2004

Teen actress LINDSAY LOHAN called into a Los Angeles radio show yesterday morning (12OCT04) to slam "upsetting" rumours being spread about her. The MEAN GIRLS star broke up an interview between rocker-turned-TV host MARK...

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Stern Lands Satellite Deal

6th October 2004

American shock jock HOWARD STERN is heading for outer space after signing a deal to air an uncensored daily show on satellite radio network SIRIUS. The outrageous DJ will broadcast his top-rated morning programme...

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Fbi Investigate Rock's Baby Blackmail

12th September 2004

Hollywood funnyman CHRIS ROCK has prompted the FBI to investigate a blackmail conspiracy which has conned several stars into paying for a child that isn't theirs. The HEAD OF STATE actor told American DJ...

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Stern Launches Autobiographical Cartoon

19th August 2004

Controversial DJ HOWARD STERN is making a shocking new cartoon series about his wild teenage years growing up on New York's Long Island. Cable channel SPIKE TV has ordered 13 episodes of the animated...

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Anderson Dumped Michaels After Orgy

5th August 2004

PAMELA ANDERSON dumped former lover BRETT MICHAELS after she walked in on him in the middle of an orgy with groupies. The BAYWATCH actress, 37, ended her relationship with the POISON rocker after her...

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Anderson's 'Sex-with-ex' Kid Rock

5th August 2004

Hollywood babe PAMELA ANDERSON has confirmed reports she has reunited with her ex-fiance KID ROCK - but only for one night. The BAYWATCH star and Michigan rap-rocker called off their one-year engagement last summer...

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Public Enemy Star Wants More Tv + Radio Controls

30th July 2004

Outspoken PUBLIC ENEMY star CHUCK D is calling for America's TV and radio programmers to stick to stricter guidelines when it comes to what hits the airwaves. Despite being behind hard-hitting rap hits like...

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Stern's Girl Takes Aim At Stallone's Ex

13th July 2004

HOWARD STERN's girlfriend BETH OSTROSKY has vowed to beat "living daylights" out of actress ANGIE EVERHART for declaring herself the best the American shock jock has ever had. Everhart, former fiancee of SYLVESTER STALLONE,...

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Stern To Be Sued For Anal Sex Talk

2nd July 2004

Controversial DJ HOWARD STERN is reportedly being fined $1.5 million (GBP833,333) for shocking sexual comments he made live on-air. INFINITY BROADCASTING - which airs Stern's show - is allegedly being sued by the...

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Stern's Show Returns To Airwaves In Five Cities

2nd July 2004

Controversial radio presenter HOWARD STERN will return to the airwaves in five out of the six American cities where his programme was pulled off air due to his "indecent" remarks. Stern's show will now...

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Stern: I Was Fired For Criticizing Bush

1st July 2004

Controversial DJ HOWARD STERN accuses media company CLEAR CHANNEL of sacking him for attacking American President GEORGE W BUSH. In February (04), Clear Channel pulled Stern from six of the stations it owns after...

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Schneider Slams Ebert On Air

25th June 2004

Comedy star ROB SCHNEIDER has attacked American movie critic ROGER EBERT claiming he hates his films because he was unpopular in school. The DEUCE BIGALOW: MALE GIGOLO actor has been plagued by bad reviews...

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Dj Stern 'Indecency' Settlement

11th June 2004

Shock DJ HOWARD STERN's indecency case has ended after the biggest American radio chain agreed to pay out in a record settlement. CLEAR CHANNEL COMMUNICATIONS - who dropped Stern earlier this year (04) after...

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Smith Demands Apology From Unrepentant Stern

5th May 2004

ANNA NICOLE SMITH was banished from shock jock HOWARD STERN's Manhattan, New York radio studio yesterday morning (04MAY04) after turning up with a TV crew and demanding an apology. The busty blonde had hoped...

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Howard's Stern Words Inspires Nicole Smith's Weight Loss

30th April 2004

American shock jock HOWARD STERN's string of abuse aimed at the size of the busty blonde actress ANNA NICOLE SMITH inspired her to lose more than 32 kilogrammes (five stone). The former model lost...

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Stern Enjoys Rising Ratings

29th April 2004

American shock jock HOWARD STERN has made ratings gains in the top radio markets - despite recent battles with regulators. In the winter quarter ratings from ARBITRON, Stern was up 22 per cent in...

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Radio Bosses Fight Stern Fine

27th April 2004

American shock jock HOWARD STERN's radio show is at the centre of yet another battle - this time for comments made in 2001. VIACOM INC's radio unit is currently contesting a $27,500 (GBP15,270) fine...

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Stern Backs Porky's

20th April 2004

Shock-jock HOWARD STERN has commissioned a remake of original 'high school' movie PORKY'S. The seminal teen film is being rewritten by CRAIG MOSS and STEVE SCHOENBURG, after the pair were approached by the controversial...

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