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Margera Reignites Rumours Of Simpson Affair

21st September 2006

LATEST: JACKASS star BAM MARGERA has re-ignited rumours he slept with JESSICA SIMPSON while she was still married after appearing on the HOWARD STERN radio show on Tuesday (19SEP06). Margera's former fiance, JENN RIVELL, told...

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Van Halen Finds A Cure For Cancer?

12th September 2006

Rocker EDDIE VAN HALEN has been making secret medical breakthroughs in cancer research after being diagnosed with cancer of the tongue. In an interview with satellite radio talkshow king HOWARD STERN last week (08SEP06), the...

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Cher's Son Slams Cruise

1st September 2006

CHER's son ELIJAH BLUE ALLMAN has slammed his mother's former lover TOM CRUISE, insisting he should stop talking about his personal life because "people aren't buying into his whole act". The BELIEVE singer dated Cruise...

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Hilton Furious With Cher's Son

28th August 2006

PARIS HILTON is furious with CHER's son for claiming the two had sex and worrying he caught a sexually transmitted disease from her. ELIJAH BLUE ALLMAN, Cher's son by rocker GREGG ALLMAN, went on the...

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Rowling Earns More Than Hollywood Stars

14th August 2006

HARRY POTTER author JK ROWLING earns more than the highest paid Hollywood stars, according to America's Forbes magazine. The publication has calculated the British writer banks $140 (GBP77) every minute - equal to $200,000 (GBP111,000)...

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Nbc To Air Film About Child Stars Of Hit Series Diff'rent Strokes

8th August 2006

NBC said Monday that it plans to broadcast its warts-and-all movie about the turbulent lives of the one-time three child stars of the TV series Diff'rent Strokes on Sept. 4. Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges,...

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Cbs's Quarterly Report Raises Eyebrows

4th August 2006

CBS's net profits rose to $781 million in the last quarter, a rise of 4 percent from a year ago, but of that amount $292 million came from its sale of Paramount Parks, its theme...

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Stern Confused By Anderson/rock Marriage

19th July 2006

New York shock jock HOWARD STERN was left baffled when PAMELA ANDERSON rang up to announce her impending marriage - because she forgot to mention who the groom was. The pair have been friends for...

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The Things They Say 2462

18th July 2006

"SURI CRUISE is actually SURI STERN-CRUISE. I impregnated her." New York shock jock HOWARD STERN insists he's the real father of KATIE HOLMES' baby daughter.

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Diamond Sells T-shirts To Save Home

18th June 2006

Former SAVED BY THE BELL actor DUSTIN DIAMOND is selling autographed T-Shirts in a bid to save his home. The 29-year-old needs to raise $250,000 (GBP135,000) to save his Milwaukee, Wisconsin house from a foreclosure...

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Ledger Apologies To Stern Over Snub

15th June 2006

HEATH LEDGER has apologised to New York shock jock HOWARD STERN after snubbing him at a Manhattan restaurant recently. Sirius radio presenter Stern was furious when Ledger and fiancee MICHELLE WILLIAMS ignored him and his...

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Lee Roth Goes Bluegrass

7th June 2006

Rocker DAVID LEE ROTH is hoping to bounce back from his failed DJing career by revamping his old VAN HALEN hits, bluegrass style. The JUMP singer has re-recorded his biggest hits for a quirky new...

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Lee Roth Concentrates On Van Halen Reunion

26th May 2006

LATEST: Rocker DAVID LEE ROTH is determined to bring VAN HALEN back together after getting sacked from his DJing job for CBS Radio. The out-of-work JUMP singer, who replaced HOWARD STERN in January (06), was...

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Stamos Dated And Ditched Richards

25th May 2006

US TV star JOHN STAMOS dated DENISE RICHARDS after her split from CHARLIE SHEEN, but ditched her because of her two young children. The actor made the revelation on HOWARD STERN's satellite radio show last...

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Moore Slams Valderrama 'Lies'

16th May 2006

Singer/actress MANDY MOORE has hit back at claims she lost her virginity to actor WILMER VALDERRAMA, insisting he's lying about his conquest. The actor appeared on the raunchy HOWARD STERN radio show last month (APR06),...

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Cbs Battle With Stern 'Close To Settlement'

12th May 2006

CBS Radio is close to settling the lawsuit filed against its former shock jock HOWARD STERN following his move to Sirius Satellite Radio earlier this year (06). CBS sued Stern, his company One Twelve Inc,...

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Stern Laughs Off Analogue Return Rumours

10th May 2006

Shock jock HOWARD STERN has turned down a "major deal" to return to analogue radio, because he is disgusted by the format's censorship laws. The controversial radio star was fined repeatedly for the inappropriate nature...

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Stern To Return To Analogue Radio?

9th May 2006

Shock jock HOWARD STERN yesterday (08MAY06) told listeners on his Sirius Satellite Radio show he has been offered a "major deal" to return to analogue radio. Stern didn't disclose which network has made the offer,...

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Lee Roth Leaves Radio Show Bitter

22nd April 2006

LATEST: DAVID LEE ROTH didn't go quietly when he announced his last show as a morning show DJ yesterday (21APR06), revealing live on-air he felt "booted" and "tossed". The former VAN HALEN star signed off...

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Roth Dumped As Dj

21st April 2006

Rocker DAVID LEE ROTH's short-lived career as a daily radio show host has come to an abrupt end, just four months after the former VAN HALEN star replaced shock jock HOWARD STERN. The JUMP singer's...

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Love Hewitt Denies Valderrama Tryst

13th April 2006

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT has dismissed claims she had a fling with Hollywood lothario WILMER VALDERRAMA, insisting she never had sex with him. The GHOST WHISPERER star is furious that Valderrama appeared on the raunchy HOWARD...

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Electra Shocked By On Air Arousal

11th April 2006

Former BAYWATCH star CARMEN ELECTRA could lose her Max Factor cosmetics contract after indulging in raunchy antics with a vibrating chair on a live US radio broadcast. The busty beauty, who is the new face...

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Stern Speaks Of Spitting Horror

4th April 2006

LATEST: New York radio host HOWARD STERN has spoken of his terrifying confrontation with a homeless man who spat in his girlfriend BETH OSTROSKY's face at the weekend. The shock jock, 52, and Ostrosky, 33,...

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Stern Threatened By Crazed Fan

3rd April 2006

New York radio host HOWARD STERN had a shock on Saturday night (01APR06), when a crazed fan threatened him on a Manhattan street, before spitting on his girlfriend BETH OSTROSKY. The shock jock, 52, and...

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Valderrama Defends Spilling Sex Secrets

29th March 2006

LATEST: Actor WILMER VALDERRAMA insists he did nothing wrong when he talked about intimate sexual escapades with top Hollywood stars on shock jock HOWARD STERN's radio show on Monday (27MAR06). The THAT '70S SHOW star...

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Stern Slams Moonves On Letterman

14th March 2006

American shock jock HOWARD STERN blasted former employer, CBS/Infinity chairman LES MOONVES, during an appearance on talk show host DAVID LETTERMAN's show, calling him a "jerk" and a "bully". Stern appeared on LATE SHOW WITH...

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Van Halen Frontman Threatens Radio Resignation

9th March 2006

Former VAN HALEN frontman and radio DJ DAVID LEE ROTH has warned station bosses at WFNY he will quit if they continue insisting he copy shock jock HOWARD STERN in a bid to boost ratings....

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The Things They Say 1477

2nd March 2006

"Bulldogs are so ugly, I had to give her the most feminine name I could find!" Shock radio jock HOWARD STERN on the christening of his bulldog, BIANCA ROMIJN-STAMOS.

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Stern Faces Multi-million Dollar Lawsuit

28th February 2006

American shock jock HOWARD STERN is facing a possible $500 million (GBP294 million) lawsuit, for allegedly breaching his contract with US broadcasting giant CBS. CBS/Infinity chairman LES MOONVES is determined to sue the radio superstar, insisting...

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Fascinating Fact 1074

24th February 2006

Shock jock HOWARD STERN is keen to become the new ROBERT REDFORD after launching a film festival in his name. The top three films in the Howard Stern Film Festival competition will receive cash prizes....

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