Howard Kurtz, the Washington correspondent for the Daily Beast and Newsweek, has parted company with the news companies following Wednesday's (May 1) story on NBA player Jason Collins. The news was announced on Twitter Tina Brown, editor-in-chief of Newsweek and The Daily Beast, on Thursday (May 2) afternoon.

Brown's Twitter statement said that her publication had 'parted ways' with Kurtz, but did not specify the details. According to a source speaking with the Huffington Post, it is believed that Kurtz was fired by the joint company following his blunder. Kurtz' story on Jason Collins coming out in a Sports Illustrated article published earlier this week said that Collins never admitted to having been engaged to a woman - despite the fact that Collins has definitely admit to being previously engaged.

The Daily Beast soon removed the story after Kurtz was routinely mocked online for his blunder, and now it looks as though Kurtz has felt the full repercussions of his error by being ousted from the company. Whilst the firing may seem harsh to some, it is actually a response to a series of mistakes made by Kurtz in recent times. Previously, it was found out that Kurtz had never spoken to Rep. Darrell Issa after publishing a purported interview with the politician. He also admitted to misquoting Rep. Nancy Pelosi in another story.

Although it is believed that Kurtz has a larger role in the company than just being a contributor, his apparent dismissal indicated that he has little else to do with the company other than his often incorrect stories. Still, Kurtz' Twitter response seems to indicate that the split was an amicable one, writing 'Newsweek and the Beast are great brands, but the time had come for me to move on to other opportunities.'