'How I Met Your Mother' is currently in its final season but that doesn't mean that the end is near.

CBS are exploring the option of a spinoff series once season 9 of 'HIMYM' has concluded.

Deadline report, CBS is looking to extend the shows franchise as the network is beginning talks with the shows production company '20th Century Fox TV'.

The premise of the spinoff series will take a female turn on the original storyline.

'How I Met Your Father' is believed to be the title of the new series which will feature a new set of friend in New York City. The big difference is a female is now in search for her future husband and the report also hints that the new cast may be introduced in the final episode of 'HIMYM'.

The proposed link between the two gangs will be Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lilly and Robin's favourite place to hang out, 'MacLaren's Pub'.

The spinoff is the brainchild of 'HIMYM' creators/executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and Up All Night creator/exec producer Emily Spivey.

They will co-write and executive produce the new series and the trio also comes from the same background of working on New York-based late-night shows.

Craig Thomas spoke to Entertainment Weekly earlier this year and said a spinoff was something he was "thinking about," adding, "There's a world where the universe of the show can keep existing in a way that feels coherent to what's come before, but new enough to be worth watching."

'How I Met Your Mother' is currently broadcasting its 9th and final season on CBS on Mondays at 8pm ET.

How I met Your Mother
The 'How I met Your Mother' might be welcoming some new faces in its season finale