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Honey Lawsuit Dismissed

28th December 2014

A lawsuit filed by a dancer against producers behind Jessica Alba's 2003 movie Honey has been dismissed.Honey Rockwell sought damages and a share of box office revenue from producers of the dance movie in the...

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Fascinating Fact: 4372832

14th September 2014

Actress Nikki Reed performed Honey with estranged husband Paul Mcdonald on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson on Friday (12Sep14). The Twilight star filed for divorce from MCDonald in May (14) after almost three...

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Suri Cruise's Dog Disappears

26th August 2014

Suri Cruise has lost her dog. The eight year old - the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes - has been left devastated after her new Chihuahua Honey disappeared in Beverly Hills, and a...

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Dancer Sues Over 2003 Film Honey

19th June 2014

A dancer has sued the producers behind Jessica Alba's 2003 movie Honey over allegations the plot was inspired by her life.In a new lawsuit, Honey Rockwell claims the filmmakers used her story as the basis...

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Jolie Felt Awkward Filming Sex Scenes In Directorial Debut

9th December 2011

Angelina Jolie struggled to direct a naked love scene in her new movie In The Land Of Blood & Honey - because she felt awkward asking her stars to strip off and pretend to be...

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Fascinating Fact 8309

6th November 2009

Former EURYTHMICS star DAVE STEWART has teamed up with Oscar winner A.R. RAHMAN to create the music for a new high-energy movie about an urban dance competition. HONEY filmmaker BILLE WOODRUFF will direct the film,...

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Got To Get You Onto My Ipod

15th August 2007

John Lennon's solo back catalogue is to come to Apple's iTunes store after an agreement was reached with the late singer's wife Yoko Ono.Lennon's work had not appeared on iTunes before, but as from today...

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Billie Fears Eye Damage From Photo Shoot

10th August 2007

Actress Billie Piper was taken to a specialist eye hospital yesterday, a day after she took part in a professional photo shoot with a powerful camera.The Sun reports that the former Dr Who star was...

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Jamie And Jools Oliver 'Naturally Happy Couple'

18th April 2007

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools have been voted the most naturally fitting couple in the UK.The Olivers beat the daytime TV couple Richard and Judy Finnegan and Prince Charles and his...

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Stage Set For Frasier Reunion

14th April 2007

The cast of Emmy award-winning US sitcom Frasier could be set to reunite on Broadway.David Hyde Pierce revealed that he has discussed the prospect of starring in a play with co-stars Kelsey Grammer  who...

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Posh Goes Blonde

28th February 2007

Victoria Beckham has only been in the US for a couple of weeks and she has already adopted a more sun-kissed look.Gone is the brunette bob and in place is a trim head of honey...

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Twins For Desperate Housewife

22nd February 2007

Marcia Cross of Desperate Housewives fame has given birth to twins.The 44-year-old, who plays Bree Van De Kamp in the hit show, had the children with husband Tom Mahoney, who she married last summer.Cross' representative,...

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Korean Singer Commits Suicide

26th January 2007

South Korean pop star U-NEE has committed suicide by hanging herself at her home in the city of Incheon. The 26-year-old - real name HUR YEON - was found dead by her grandmother on Sunday...

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Curtis: 'Notting Hill Could Have Been So Different'

29th August 2006

British director RICHARD CURTIS' 1999 movie NOTTING HILL nearly saw JULIA ROBERTS' character losing HUGH GRANT to another woman - but the film-maker couldn't face an unhappy ending. Curtis was originally keen for a more...

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Brown: 'No Regrets About Brothel Upbringing'

5th July 2006

Soul star JAMES BROWN credits his childhood in a whore house with instilling common sense. The PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE singer grew up under the care of his aunt HONEY, who ran a brothel in Augusta,...

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Duvall Chides Church For Cat Collection

23rd June 2006

SIDEWAYS star THOMAS HADEN CHURCH was mortified when co-star ROBERT DUVALL made fun of him for owning five female cats. The pair were filming the western mini-series BROKEN TRAIL when his gruff co-star questioned him...

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Carey: 'Why Can't Mottola Leave Me Alone?'

2nd June 2006

MARIAH CAREY fears her former husband TOMMY MOTTOLA is still obsessed with her, even though they divorced in 1997. Mottola still keeps track of Carey through her record label, but the pop beauty wishes he...

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Carey Rejects Madonna 'Cabaret' Ideas

1st June 2006

MARIAH CAREY has dismissed suggestions her upcoming tour will be a theatrical extravaganza inspired by MADONNA, insisting her biggest priority is song choice. The HONEY hitmaker sparked concern among die-hard fans after her musical director...

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Carey Insures Legs For $1 Billion

29th May 2006

MARIAH CAREY has insured her legs for $1 billion (GBP555 million) after agreeing to front shaving giant Gillette's Legs Of A Goddess campaign. The HONEY hitmaker's upcoming tour may take its toll on her body,...

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Frances Bean Loves Mariah Carey

18th January 2006

KURT COBAIN and COURTNEY LOVE's daughter FRANCES BEAN has no respect for her rock heritage - she wants MARIAH CAREY to perform at her 16th birthday party. Despite her late father being the most...

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Carey Infuriated By Slow Builders

5th January 2006

Pop star MARIAH CAREY has become so infuriated by slow building work in her New York apartment she has pleaded for progress during radio interviews. The HONEY hitmaker, 35, is desperate to move back...

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Carey Laughs Off Engagement Rumours

13th December 2005

LATEST: Curvy superstar MARIAH CAREY has laughed off reports she is engaged to marry record executive MARK SUDACK. The HONEY hitmaker, 35, was reported to have accepted Sudack's proposal following her five wins at...

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Carey Looks For Love In London

29th September 2005

Single superstar singer MARIAH CAREY is looking for love in London. Carey is planning to move to the British capital, and claims one of the main attractions is the city's male population. According...

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Hudson's Cries 'All The Time'

12th August 2005

ALMOST FAMOUS star KATE HUDSON is so emotional, she once wept while watching HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS. The 26-year-old actress admits that many things make her cry, and the 1989 RICK MORANIS...

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Mariah Carey's Tour Masseuse

26th July 2005

Pampered superstar MARIAH CAREY takes a professional masseuse on tour with her to keep her supple and relaxed at all times. The HONEY hitmaker angrily refutes allegations she is a demanding diva -...

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Madonna Kept 'Far Away' From Mariah

6th July 2005

MADONNA was desperate to stay away from MARIAH CAREY at the Live 8 concert in London, and ordered aides to keep a distance between the two. The pair were among a starstudded list of...

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Alba's Sexy Routine

27th June 2005

Hollywood siren JESSICA ALBA had to repay director ROBERT RODRIGUEZ's decision to cast her in smash hit movie SIN CITY by choreographing her own sexy dance routine. The HONEY actress was so desperate to...

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Alba Shocked By Sin City Nudity

20th May 2005

Screen sensation JESSICA ALBA was thrilled to be picked to play sexy NANCY CALLAHAN in comic book film SIN CITY - until she realised how often she was expected to appear naked. Alba, 24,...

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Carey Gets Vogue Make-over

17th May 2005

MARIAH CAREY is destined for a major style overhaul - courtesy of VOGUE magazine editor ANDRE LEON TALLEY. The pop beauty's passion for low-cut tops and short skirts has come under frenzied media scrutiny...

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Mariah Has To 'Do Stairs'

6th April 2005

Pop star MARIAH CAREY has rubbished reports she is a diva who refuses to use stairs - insisting she has to because she is terrified of elevators. But the HONEY hitmaker refuses to let...

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