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The Simpsons Sex Tape Becomes A Porn Hit

12th January 2011

Cartoon couple MARGE and HOMER SIMPSON have become hot porn property - the animated pair has come to life for a new X-rated sex movie.Top adult stars like Briana Blair, Evan Stone and Andy San...

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Usher Accused Of Simpsons Rip Off

30th December 2010

Usher has been accused of copying Homer Simpson.The 32-year-old singer has angered fans of popular US TV show 'The Simpsons' with lyrics that sound familiar to a Christmas tune the cartoon dad once sang.In his...

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Michael Cera Inspired By Homer

2nd August 2010

Michael Cera based his portrayal of Scott Pilgrim on Homer Simpson.The actor portrays the titular character in forthcoming movie 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World' and looked to the slow-witted doughnut-loving animated character for inspiration on...

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Homer Simpson Is Named Top Character

27th May 2010

THE SIMPSONS' dumb dad HOMER SIMPSON has topped a new list of the best TV and movie character of the last 20 years.The yellow cartoon character with a love of doughnuts beat out boy wizard...

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Mr. Burns Is Tv's Worst Boss

10th May 2009

The man who pays HOMER SIMPSON's wages has topped a new magazine poll to find the worst U.S. TV boss. The Simpsons' C. Montgomery Burns has beaten celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, Tony Soprano and Donald Trump...

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Simpsons Creator Defends Muslim Plot

10th January 2009

THE SIMPSONS creator MATT GROENING has defended a controversial storyline in the comedy cartoon which sees HOMER SIMPSON accuse his Muslim neighbours of terrorism. In a forthcoming episode of the long-running show, dad Homer Simpson...

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Mark Leckey 'Chuffed' After Turner Prize Win

2nd December 2008

British artist Mark Leckey has won the Turner Prize for his works which include a film featuring cartoon characters Felix the Cat and Homer Simpson.The 44-year-old was awarded the prestigious accolade by singer Nick Cave...

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Stars Stand Up To Cancer

6th September 2008

US stars who have battled cancer including actors Christina Applegate and Patrick Swayze have taken part in a charity telethon.The hour-long Stand Up to Cancer event was broadcast simultaneously on three networks and starred more...

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Fascinating Fact 5894

29th August 2008

HOMER SIMPSON is to undergo a colonoscopy in a skit to raise money for the Stand Up To Cancer charity. The sketch, in which doctors scan THE SIMPSONS character's bowels and see his wedding ring,...

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Fascinating Fact 5327

17th May 2008

British pop star LILY ALLEN has a HOMER SIMPSON tattoo on her right wrist....

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The Simpsons Recreate Album Cover In Promotional Stunt

19th December 2007

The creators of THE SIMPSONS MOVIE have recreated the cover of PINK FLOYD's 1977 album ANIMALS, as a promotional act for the film's DVD release today. A giant inflatable Spider Pig, HOMER SIMPSON's pet in...

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Animated Oscar Race Begins

9th November 2007

Bees, Shrek and Homer Simpson are among those in the running for an Academy Award in the best animated feature film category, it has been announced.The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has revealed...

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Beckhams Up For Comedy Award

6th September 2007

The Beckhams may have been taking themselves seriously during their big move to America, but it seems that no-one else has been.Victoria and her husband David have been nominated for funniest double act at Loaded...

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Pagan 'Anger' At Giant Homer Sketch

17th July 2007

Homer Simpson has attracted the wrath of Britain's pagan community with the latest public display of his love for doughnuts.A giant image of the popular cartoon character has been painted next to a famous hillside...

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Fascinating Fact 3586

17th July 2007

A 180 foot (55 metre) tall image of cartoon favourite HOMER SIMPSON has sparked controversy after it was painted on to a hillside in Dorset, England ahead of the release of the forthcoming The Simpsons...

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Homer And The Fonz Make Tv Land's Catchphrase Hit List

28th November 2006

HOMER SIMPSON's "D'oh!" and THE FONZ's "Aaay" have been immortalised in a new list of US TV catchphrases. Bosses at cable network TV Land came up with the Hot 100 TV terms for a new...

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Fox Tv To Blink On Radio

22nd August 2006

Fox TV has become the first buyer to buy "blink" commercials -- one- to three-seconds long on Clear Channel Radio stations. It will use the time to promote the premieres of Prison Break, House and...

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Ramsay's Kitchen To Appear On Simpsons

6th August 2006

Celebrity chef GORDON RAMSAY is set to cook up a storm when he appears on long-running cartoon sitcom THE SIMPSONS. The HELL'S KITCHEN star will teach bumbling HOMER SIMPSON how to cook in the episode,...

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The Simpsons Plan Star Studded-season

24th July 2006

THE SIMPSONS is planning a star-studded 18th season by rounding up celebrities including NATALIE PORTMAN, KIEFER SUTHERLAND and THE WHITE STRIPES to voice character, often themselves, on the show. The premiere episode, THE MOOK, THE...

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Simpsons Movie Scheduled For 2007 Release

1st April 2006

The movie version of cult animated TV series THE SIMPSONS will hit cinema screens in 2007. Twentieth Century Fox is fulfilling the wish of many a Simpsons fan by taking America's favourite family to the...

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Sutherland And Moore Join The Simpsons

12th January 2006

KIEFER SUTHERLAND and MANDY MOORE are the latest stars adding their voices to cult cartoon series THE SIMPSONS. Sutherland will play an Army colonel in an upcoming episode, which will see HOMER SIMPSON mistaken...

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Homer Attracts Literary Greats

18th December 2005

Inarticulate cartoon hero HOMER SIMPSON is to be joined by a host of celebrated authors tonight (18DEC05) in a special THE SIMPSONS episode poking fun at literary culture. The yellow slob will be graced...

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Homer To Drive Motorists Crazy

23rd November 2005

Cartoon slob HOMER SIMPSON is getting into gear to be one of the voices of a novel 'stars in your cars' satellite navigation system, directing drivers to their destinations. The yellow anti-hero will groan...

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Homer Plans To Rock On In 2005

10th December 2004

Cartoon hero HOMER SIMPSON has teamed up with America's TV GUIDE magazine to pen a Christmas letter to his fans, in which he suggests he's about to quit his job and tour the world in...

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Clooney's Krisy Kreme Diet

9th November 2004

Hollywood star GEORGE CLOONEY is emulating animated fatty HOMER SIMPSON in a bid to bulk up for a forthcoming film role. The actor plays an overweight soldier in cold war thriller SYRIANA and has...

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Aguilera To Star In The Simpsons

25th October 2004

DIRRTY singer CHRISTINA AGUILERA is getting animated again - this time in hit TV series THE SIMPSONS. The sexy star was recently turned into a cartoon jellyfish in the remake of hit song CAR...

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Homer Simpson's Voice Wins Emmy

19th August 2004

The man behind cartoon legend HOMER SIMPSON's voice has won an EMMY-award for his work on animated series THE SIMPSONS. DAN CASTELLANETA - who also provides voices for KRUSTY THE CLOWN, GRAMPA SIMPSON, BARNEY...

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The Simpsons Tackles Tv Indecency

19th July 2004

JANET JACKSON's SUPER BOWL breast flash in February (04) has now prompted hit cartoon THE SIMPSONS to weigh in on America's broadcast decency debate. Simpsons bosses have enlisted figure skater MICHELLE KWAN and basketball...

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The Simpsons Hit The Bar

20th April 2004

The characters of hit cartoon series THE SIMPSONS have been immortalised as hand-painted, plastic drinking tools. HOMER SIMPSON and BARNEY are beer-bottle openers, KRUSTY THE CLOWN is a wine-bottle opener, MR BURNS is a...

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Gandolfini Throws Doughnuts At Devito

8th April 2004

JAMES GANDOLFINI's wacky antics are proving such a distraction on the set of his new film, they're preventing co-star DANNY DeVITO from rehearsing his scenes. THE SOPRANOS actor, 42, has developed a passion for...

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