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Howard Stern Fought Back Tears At Joan Rivers' Funeral

8th September 2014

Howard Stern had tears in his eyes as he made his speech at Joan Rivers' funeral.The comedian and television and radio personality - who delivered the eulogy at the memorial service at the Temple Emanu-El...

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Fascinating Fact: 4226131

2nd June 2014

Actress Susan Sarandon and actor Ansel Elgort teamed up to show off their ping-pong skills in a table tennis game against U.S. breakfast show hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on the Today show...

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Today Staff Loves Lauer

26th April 2013

Kathie Lee Gifford, who hosts the fourth hour of NBC's Today show with Hoda Kotb, collected the signatures of hundreds of Today show staffers to support Matt Lauer against accusations that he engineered the firing...

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Nbc Deny That Hoda Kotb Was Sent To Olympics To Help Failing Figures

2nd August 2012

The Internet has been rife with the news that Hoda Kotb was sent to cover the London Olympics for Today, as Savannah Guthrie's work on the programme somewhat resembled a sinking ship with no hope...

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Hoda Kotb Flies To London To Help Save Today's Olympic Coverage

1st August 2012

Hoda Kotb has been flown to London by Nbc to help rejuvenate Today's coverage of the Olympics, as the show continues to suffer from faltering viewing figures. This is bad news for Savannah Guthrie, who...

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Ann Curry's 'Today' Replacement: Savannah Guthrie Or Hoda Kotb?

25th June 2012

With news that Nbc are now widely reported to be seeking a replacement for current 'Today' co-host Ann Curry, the press are pondering who is looking most likely to land the job, with the network...

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"Fired" Curry Shows Up For Work

21st June 2012

Amid widespread reports that she had been fired as cohost of NBC's Today show, Ann Curry surprised many by showing up for work on the show as usual. The New York Times , which first...

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Betty White Given Easy Going During Comedy Roast?

18th May 2012

At 90 years-old you may think that Betty White might not be able to stand a good old fashioned comedy roast, but first, the long-time comic didn't get all she received in life without enduring...

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Today Show The Internet Version

7th March 2011

NBC's Today show plans to produce a one-time-only, live, online special on Tuesday from 7 30 a.m. to 8 30 a.m. to promote a new website address It will be hosted by fourth-hour Today...

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Hoda Kotb Talks Cancer And Kathie Lee In Revealing Memoir

13th October 2010

HODA KOTB has spoken about her battle with breast cancer as well as her relationship with 'Today Show' co-host KATHIE LEE GIFFORD in a revealing new memoir. The 46-year-old presenter's book 'Hoda: How I Survived...

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