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Eva Longoria Lost Out On Hitch Role To Eva Mendes

11th May 2012

Actress Eva Longoria is convinced her role on Desperate Housewives was fated - because she landed the job the day after losing out to Eva Mendes for Will Smith's romantic comedy Hitch.The Latin beauty tried...

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The Things They Say 24285

8th February 2012

"I have a girl crush on them. I'd kill to have half the careers they've had after 40." Hitch star Eva Mendes is in awe of her Hollywood heroines, Julianne Moore and Annette Bening.

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The Things They Say 10557

15th December 2008

"He's funnier in person because his jokes get a little more daring. To this day, he doesn't call me Eva. He calls me Reva Melendez. He has this character he does named Redondo, an interviewer...

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Mendes Relaxes With Bongos

16th April 2007

Latina beauty EVA MENDES loves to relax by playing her bongos. The HITCH actress, 33, was introduced to the instrument by her Cuban parents and finds playing them calming and uplifting. She says, "You don't...

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James To Be A Dad Again

19th March 2007

HITCH star KEVIN JAMES and his wife, model STEFFIANA DE LA CRUZ, are expecting their second child together. They are expecting another girl in July (07). Their first daughter, SIENNA-MARIE, was born in 2005....

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Mendes Hails Ferrera

3rd March 2007

EVA MENDES was so thrilled when fellow Latina AMERICA FERRERA received a Golden Globe nomination, she asked for her phone number to personally congratulate her. Mendes, who has a Cuban background, loves the ABC comedy...

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Mendes: 'Kangaroo Poo Was Foul'

28th February 2007

Hollywood actress EVA MENDES claims kangaroo tail tops the list as the worst thing she has ever eaten. The HITCH star experienced the traditional Aboriginal cuisine while she was in Australia making new movie GHOST...

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Mendes Eyed Convent Career

27th February 2007

Sexy Hollywood star EVA MENDES dreamed of being a nun as a child. The 32-year-old actress, whose films include 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS and HITCH, was ready to pledge her allegiance to God, until she...

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Mendes: 'I've Sold My Soul To The Devil'

8th February 2007

EVA MENDES has no problem playing a character who sells her soul in new movie GHOST RIDER, because she feels like she does business with the devil on a regular basis in Hollywood. The HITCH...

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Mendes: 'I'm A Cheap Date'

1st February 2007

Actress EVA MENDES may be an A-list celebrity but she insists she's still an affordable date, despite her high expectations. The HITCH star, who is reported to be in a long-term relationship with Peruvian director...

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Mendes' Embarrassment At Jagger Meeting

31st January 2007

HITCH star EVA MENDES will never forget the moment she met THE ROLLING STONES frontman SIR MICK JAGGER, because she embarrassed herself by professing her love for the ageing rocker. The Latin beauty ran into...

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Mendes Thanks Berry For Great Shape

27th January 2007

Sexy actress EVA MENDES has HALLE BERRY to thank for her slimline look after her fellow Revlon spokesperson turned the HITCH star onto her fitness coach. Berry introduced Mendes to trainer HARLEY PASTERNAK when Mendes...

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Mendes Determined To Give Up Nailbiting In 2007

30th December 2006

Latina siren EVA MENDES is so determined to stick to her annual New Year's resolution she has enlisted the help of hypnosis to conquer her nailbiting problem. The actress reveals she has set herself the...

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Newton: 'It's Hard Being Horrible To Will'

13th December 2006

THANDIE NEWTON failed to bond with her co-star WILL SMITH on the set of THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS, and admits they "never got to know each other". Newton and Smith's characters are at odds in...

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German Actors Smash Smith's Premiere Record

24th October 2006

Hollywood star WILL SMITH's world record for the most movie premiere appearances in a 12 hour period was smashed by two German actors on Sunday (22OCT06). Last year (05), Smith gained a place in the...

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Mendes Downs Beer For Seduction Scene

31st August 2006

HITCH star EVA MENDES was so terrified of filming a scene where she seduces BILLY CRUDUP - she had to down an entire beer immediately before the cameras rolled in order to give enough courage....

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Mendes Mad About Red Bull

29th August 2006

HITCH star EVA MENDES was so addicted to energy drink Red Bull her friends had to stage an intervention to get her to cut down on the caffeine-rich beverage. The star found herself working non-stop...

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Valletta Released From Rehab

28th August 2006

LATEST: Supermodel AMBER VALLETTA has completed a stint at The Meadow rehabilitation facility in Wickenburg, Arizona, for stress and non-substance-related issues. The New York Daily News reported on Thursday (24AUG06) that the 32-year-old had checked...

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Valletta In Rehab?

24th August 2006

Model-turned-actress AMBER VALLETTA has reportedly checked into the Meadows rehabilitation centre in Arizona, suffering "stress" and "image issues". The HITCH star, 32, is also struggling with a non-substance related addiction, reports the New York Daily...

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Mendes Wants Super Powers

29th July 2006

Actress EVA MENDES' role in comic book movie GHOST RIDER has left her yearning for a real life super power. Mendes plays NICOLAS CAGE'S Love interest ROXANNE SIMPSON in the film, based on the Marvel...

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Longoria Thrilled She Missed Out On Spanglish

15th April 2006

EVA LONGORIA has PAZ VEGA to thank for her part in DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, because if the Spaniard hadn't won the lead in SPANGLISH, the Latina would have missed out on the role of a lifetime....

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Rai Too Busy For Will Smith

28th March 2006

Bollywood superstar AISHWARYA RAI is too busy to make a movie with WILL SMITH, following the Hollywood star's recent proposition during his trip to India. The BRIDE AND PREJUDICE star, 32, first caught the eye...

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Mendes Denies Phoenix Romance

1st March 2006

Screen beauty EVA MENDES has hit out at rumours she is dating WALK THE LINE star JOAQUIN PHOENIX. The HITCH actress, who is already in a longterm relationship, sparked rumours of a romance with...

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Smith, Carey, Green Day And Potter Lead Kids' Choice Nods

8th February 2006

WILL SMITH, MARIAH CAREY, GREEN DAY, MADAGASCAR and HARRY POTTER are leading the nominations at this year's (06) Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards, with two nods each. Rapper/actor Smith is up for Favourite Movie Actor...

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Crash A Winner With Civil Rights Group

11th January 2006

Racial conflict drama CRASH leads nominations for America's largest civil rights group's - the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) - annual Image Awards, garnering six nods in all. The movie,...

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Smith Thanks Mandela For Comedy Insight

29th December 2005

WILL SMITH credits NELSON MANDELA with his string of successful comedies, because the political leader inspired him to use his gift to spread happiness. The HITCH actor vowed to make serious, moral movies after...

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Mendes Wants Socks For Christmas

1st December 2005

Sexy actress EVA MENDES has kept her wish list simple for the approaching Christmas holidays - she just wants socks. The HITCH beauty is desperate for something to keep her feet warm, but can...

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Witherspoon Tops Movie Hair Poll

25th October 2005

REESE WITHERSPOON has topped a new Best Hair poll for her look as a ghost in romantic comedy JUST LIKE HEAVEN. The actress beat ALFIE star NIA LONG's locks in ARE WE THERE YET?...

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The Things They Say 384

11th October 2005

"I have the hugest overbite... (My siblings) used to call me 'Bugs'. But I've never fixed my bite. (It) makes me me." HITCH beauty EVA MENDES has learned to accept her teeth....

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Cruise And Smith Look For A Supermovie

13th June 2005

Box-office megastars TOM CRUISE and WILL SMITH are secretly looking for a film project to team up on. In a recent MTV NEWS special, Cruise admitted the two blockbuster superstars are on the hunt...

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