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An Alliance Is Forged As Katy Perry Offers To Pen Hillary Clinton's 2016 Campaign Song

By Victoria Pavlova | 25th June 2014

Hillary Clinton might be hitting the 2016 campaign trail soon and she’s got an unlikely ally along the way. Katy Perry, songstress, label boss and cupcake enthusiast has offered to pen a campaign song for...

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Hillary Clinton Miniseries: “Speculation, Demands, And Declarations”

By Jack de Aguilar | 19th August 2013

If you’re waiting patiently for the proposed Hillary Clinton Miniseries on NBC, then your virtue is to be tested further, as it might never come to fruition. NBC Entertainment president Robert Greenblatt has confirmed it...

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Would Carey Mulligan Make A Good Hillary Clinton?

By Lauren James | 7th June 2013

It has been rumoured that The Great Gatsby actress, Carey Mulligan, is favoured to play the US Secretary of State and former first lady, Hillary Clinton, in an upcoming biopic entitled Rodham, according to sources...

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Who's Front Running The Campaign To Play Hillary Clinton On The Silver Screen?

By Contributor | 28th May 2013

The race to play Hillary Clinton is on! We’ve even thrown our names into the hat! It’s most likely though that the winning actress to play the US politician and wife of former President Bill...

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Filthy Rich: Hacker Exposes Personal Finances Of Ashton Kutcher, Jay-z, Hillary Clinton

By Michael West | 13th March 2013

Ever wondered what Ashton Kutcher’s bank account totals? What about how much Jay-Z spends on his plastic each month? Well, a mysterious hacker has ensured those details are a whole lot easier to find after...

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Will Ben Affleck Run For Massachusetts Senator Seat?

By Hayley Avron | 21st December 2012

Ben Affleck may be playing down rumors that he’s planning to run for senate but that hasn’t stopped the gossip. The Argo director was recently in Washington to discuss the issues of violence plaguing Congo...

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M-yawn-mar Address: Hillary Clinton Falls Asleep During Barack Obama Speech

By Contributor | 22nd November 2012

If any proof were needed that the jubilation of four years ago when Barack Obama was first elected US President hasn’t quite been reciprocated this time round, then just have a look at how hard...

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2012'S 'Most Fascinating People' According To Barbara Walters

By Lorna Greville  | 20th November 2012

We at Contact Music deal in the business of 'interesting people'. We write about them day in, day out, but there's one person that has anointed herself for the past twenty years as the right...

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Why Is Hilary Clinton Staring At Christina Aguilera’S Cleavage?

By Michael West | 4th October 2012

We guess the headline just about says it all. Yes, while President Obama was debating with Mitt Romney in Denver this week, Hilary Clinton was staring into the deepest darkest depths of Christina Aguilera’s cleavage....

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Monica Lewinsky Rumoured To Be Getting $12million For Bill Clinton Memoirs

By Contributor | 20th September 2012

At the time it was probably among one the biggest public scandals that a US President could've faced, but times move on and we've pretty much all gotten over the fact that former President Bill...

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