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Duff And Madden Split?

28th November 2006

HILARY DUFF and GOOD CHARLOTTE rocker JOEL MADDEN have ended their relationship, according to media reports in the US. Madden made a guest DJ appearance at Chicago, Illinois club Enclave on Wednesday (22NOV06) night and...

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Duff: 'I Make Up With Madden In Front Of Paparazzi'

27th November 2006

Pop star and actress HILARY DUFF welcomes the constant presence of the paparazzi, because it helps solve arguments between her and boyfriend JOEL MADDEN. Duff and GOOD CHARLOTTE frontman Madden are forced to smile in...

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Duff Hailed A Heroine By Hurricane Relief Charity

17th November 2006

Pop star and actress HILARY DUFF is being hailed a heroine by Hurricane Katrina charities after buying 200,000 meals for two refugee shelters in Houston, Texas. Duff bought the meals through charity USA Harvest and...

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Duff 'Stalker' Pleads 'Not Guilty'

8th November 2006

LATEST: The 18-year-old Russian immigrant accused of threatening to kill singer-turned-actress HILARY DUFF has pleaded not guilty to stalking charges. MAKSIM MIAKOVSKY denied planning to harm Duff at an event she was scheduled to attend,...

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Duff Praises Bulgarian Eating Habits

7th November 2006

Singer/actress HILARY DUFF has fallen in love with Bulgaria - thanks to the quality fruit and vegetables on offer. Duff, who is currently filming in the Eastern European country with JOHN CUSACK, was impressed by...

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Man Jailed After Allegedly Threatening To Kill Duff

6th November 2006

LATEST: An 18-year-old Russian immigrant has been jailed after threatening to kill singer-turned-actress HILARY DUFF. Alleged stalker MAKSIM MIAKOVSKY was arrested on Friday (03NOV06) at the Residence Inn hotel in Manhattan Beach, California. He was...

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Carter: 'I Cheated On Duff'

16th October 2006

US pop star AARON CARTER has revealed he cheated on former girlfriend HILARY DUFF, even though he insists she was his first and most intense love. The 18-year-old is currently starring with brother NICK and...

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Duff Seeks Restraining Order Against Russian 'Stalker'

13th October 2006

HILARY DUFF and JOEL MADDEN have filed an application for a restraining order against two men, alleging they are stalking the teen singer/actress. Duff, 19, and Madden, 26, filed papers in Los Angeles Superior Court...

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Duff In Video Game Role

6th October 2006

HILARY DUFF has had her gaming dreams realised after signing up with her beloved Chihuahua LOLA to appear in new video game THE SIMS 2: PETS. Duff is an avid gamer and is hooked on...

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Duff Offers Financial Advice To Teenagers

4th October 2006

Singer/actress HILARY DUFF has used the opportunity as guest editor of US magazine Seventeen to hand out financial advice. Duff, who turned 19 last week (28SEP06), recently edited the October (06) issue of the teenage...

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Fascinating Fact 2187

29th September 2006

Actress/singer HILARY DUFF tried 115 different variations of her fragrance, With Love...Hilary Duff, before settling on a blend of mangosteen fruit, amber and cocobolo woods.

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Stars Hand Over Handbags For Charity

14th September 2006

SARAH JESSICA PARKER, HILARY DUFF, REESE WITHERSPOON and SELMA BLAIR and are among the 23 fashionable females who are selling off their designer handbags for charity. The ladies have handed over their MARC JACOBS, PRADA...

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The Things They Say 2892

13th September 2006

"I think coats, because people get cold." Sensible HILARY DUFF reveals her fashion tips for the autumn (06) season.

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Duff Adjusts To Madden's Sober Lifestyle

12th September 2006

HILARY DUFF has had to make major adjustments to accommodate longtime boyfriend JOEL MADDEN's sober lifestyle and insists compromising is the key to their successful relationship. The 18-year-old isn't legally allowed to drink in the...

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Duff Approves Of Madden's Girlfriend Monk

11th September 2006

Australian pop star SOPHIE MONK is dating GOOD CHARLOTTE singer BENJI MADDEN - and she has won the approval of teen queen HILARY DUFF, the long-time girlfriend of his twin brother BENJI. While they've yet...

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Madden Dating Monk?

6th September 2006

GOOD CHARLOTTE star BENJI MADDEN is dating Australian actress and pop star SOPHIE MONK, according to media reports in the US. Celebrity gossip columnist PEREZ HILTON claims Madden is seeing the DATE MOVIE star,...

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Fascinating Fact 2049

2nd September 2006

HILARY DUFF can add 'journalist' to her resume after signing up to guest edit style magazine Seventeen's October (06) issue.

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Duff Endorses Cosmetic Surgery

31st August 2006

HILARY DUFF insists she would consider having cosmetic surgery in later life, because she always wants to feel good about her body. The MATERIAL GIRLS star, 19, is confused by young actresses who go under...

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Duff Slams 'Dumb' Diets

30th August 2006

Actress HILARY DUFF has hit out at Hollywood's preference for stick-thin leading ladies, and refuses to adopt a strict diet to lose weight. The LIZZIE MCGUIRE beauty admits the business puts huge pressure on young...

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Fascinating Fact 1995

23rd August 2006

HILARY DUFF's new movie MATERIAL GIRLS was made by MADONNA's production company Maverick. Duff and sister HAYLIE did a cover version of the song Material Girl for the film.

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Duff Donates To Disaster Recovery

23rd August 2006

HILARY DUFF will make an appearance in New Orleans, Louisiana next Tuesday (29AUG06) to mark the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Duff has donated 2.5 million meals for Katrina relief through nonprofit organisation USA Harvest...

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Benji Madden Goes For Younger Girl

18th August 2006

GOOD CHARLOTTE rocker BENJI MADDEN is reportedly following in the footsteps of his twin brother and bandmate JOEL, by romancing an underage girlfriend. Joel caused controversy by dating HILARY DUFF when he was 24 and...

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Duff Sisters Design Barbie Clothes For Japanese Dolls

17th August 2006

HILARY DUFF has added doll clothing designer to her impressive resume after being asked to create a new line for Barbies in Japan. The pop star/actress and sister HAYLIE, both huge Barbie fans, have been...

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Fascinating Fact 1964

17th August 2006

HILARY DUFF's boyfriend JOEL MADDEN and his twin brother BENJI have cameo roles in the pop star's new movie MATERIAL GIRLS as thugs who steal her character's car.

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Fascinating Fact 1878

2nd August 2006

Singer/actress HILARY DUFF comforted the families of soldiers serving abroad with a free concert in North Carolina last night (01AUG06). More than 7,000 people attended the Hilary Duff Rocks For The Troops show in Fayetteville.

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The Things They Say 2494

23rd July 2006

"It was cool because I got to design the whole bottle and go into the lab and figure out the scents that I wanted to use." Pop star HILARY DUFF boasts about her new perfume...

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Lohan Stops Reading Tabloids

20th July 2006

LINDSAY LOHAN has stopped reading tabloid stories about herself, because they are almost always untrue. The 20-year-old is baffled by the weird and wacky rumours about her private life, who she is dating, and who...

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Duff Shocked By Hometown Pals

1st July 2006

HILARY DUFF is thrilled she was able to move to Hollywood and have a successful career, because she feared she might end up like some of her former friends. The 18-year-old singer/actress relocated from...

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Duff Devastated By 'Puff' Story

30th June 2006

HILARY DUFF was mortified when a magazine ran an unflattering photo of her and claimed she was "puffing up". The WHY NOT singer was shooting a movie at the time and was snapped out...

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Duff Dumped Bad Friends

28th June 2006

Singer/actress HILARY DUFF was forced to get rid of some of her friends after they continued to betray her. The WHY NOT? singer decided she needed to surround herself with a strong support system after...

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