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Duff Ditches 'Good Girl' Label In New Movie

28th April 2008

HILARY DUFF is hoping her role in new movie WAR, INC. will kill her good-girl image once and for all. The 20-year-old has wrestled with the label since rising to fame as a clean-cut teen...

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Duff To Star In 90210 Remake?

25th April 2008

Singer/actress HILARY DUFF is reportedly in talks to join the cast of a new BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 spin-off series. A contemporary series of the hit 1990s TV show has been commissioned by U.S. network CW....

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Megan Fox Voted World's Sexiest Woman

24th April 2008

Transformers star Megan Fox has been voted the 'sexiest woman in the world' in the annul FHM poll. Last year's winner Jessica Alba was pushed into second spot by new entry Fox.Glamour model Keeley Hazell...

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The Things They Say 8059

21st April 2008

"They get the teeth, the lips, eyebrow shape - everything. They would send over boxes of Barbie heads that looked like me. It was so bizarre." HILARY DUFF on the meticulous styling that went into...

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Duff Denies Lohan Rivalry

17th April 2008

Actress/singer HILARY DUFF has denied reports she and LINDSAY LOHAN don't get on - insisting any feuds between the pair were confined to their teens. Duff was accused of stealing Lohan's then boyfriend, pop star...

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Duff Hates 'Good Girl' Label

17th April 2008

Actress/singer HILARY DUFF hates her mantle as a well-behaved pop star - because she's not out to "prove herself". The 20-year-old was criticised by Avril Lavigne for being a "goody-goody", but Duff laments 'good' and...

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Fascinating Fact 5057

21st March 2008

HILARY DUFF is set to play a Russian pop star in the upcoming movie WAR, INC. She will join a host of stars including JOHN CUSACK, JOAN CUSACK, MARISA TOMEI, and BEN KINGSLEY in action...

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Duff Confuses Fans Over Love/hate Relationship With Swearing

7th February 2008

Singer/actress HILARY DUFF hates girls who swear - but loves uttering profanities herself because they make her feel good. But the Lizzie Maguire star has confused her young fans on the issue of using rude...

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The Things They Say 6866

21st January 2008

"I want an athlete. It's, like, the trend... I'm a big (Anaheim) Ducks fan." Teen sensation MILEY CYRUS has her sights set on dating an ice-hockey player, like pal HILARY DUFF, who is romancing New...

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Fascinating Fact 4672

18th January 2008

Singer/actress HILARY DUFF is launching her second fragrance, Wrapped With Love. The new perfume is said to be a "new expression of Hilary's charismatic personality".

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Duff Denies Lip-syncing

15th January 2008

Pop star HILARY DUFF is hitting back at reports she was caught lip-syncing during a concert in Mexico on Saturday (12Jan08), insisting "faulty equipment" sparked the misunderstanding. The So Yesterday singer was caught bending over...

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The Things They Say 6606

21st December 2007

"(I look up to) HILARY DUFF, because she's someone that I got to watch, and I'm like, 'Hey, she's a normal girl." Teen sensation MILEY CYRUS admires her fellow teen star-turned-singer.

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Clarkson Slams 'Early' Greatest Hits

16th December 2007

Singer KELLY CLARKSON has slammed artists like HILARY DUFF and MANDY MOORE - because they have released greatest hits albums too soon. The 25-year-old has enjoyed a string of hit songs since winning TV talent...

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Bar Manager Covers Forgetful Duff's Bill

13th December 2007

A generous Canadian restaurant manager has paid HILARY DUFF's bar bill after the pop star left without settling up. Rather than turn the incident into a big fuss, Glowbal Grill + Satay Bar boss Jeffery...

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Duff Reads Hockey Book To Wow Comrie

13th December 2007

Actress/singer HILARY DUFF is so determined to impress her hockey star boyfriend MIKE COMRIE, she's reading a book called HOCKEY FOR DUMMIES. The 20-year-old is getting serious with her sportsman lover, who she's been dating...

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Duff Not Ready For Marriage

6th December 2007

Singer HILARY DUFF has ruled out marriage in the near future, insisting she's far too young to exchange vows. The 20-year-old is currently serious about U.S. ice-hockey star Mike Comrie, but isn't prepared to settle...

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Brit Actor Boards Enterprise

20th November 2007

Yet another actor has been added to the steadily expanding cast of Lost creator JJ Abrams' upcoming Star Trek feature film.After Winona Ryder was confirmed as Amanda Grayson, the human mother of Mr Spock, British...

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Duff: 'Britney Has No Excuse'

2nd November 2007

Actress/singer HILARY DUFF has slammed tabloid fixtures like BRITNEY SPEARS and LINDSAY LOHAN for their reckless behaviour, insisting the pressures of showbiz is "no excuse". The 20-year-old - who credits her mother for keeping her...

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Duff Happy To Have Sacrificed Childhood For Career

16th October 2007

Former teen star HILARY DUFF doesn't regret missing out on her childhood, because she has gained the career that she has always wanted. The teenager has been working non-stop since she shot to fame at...

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Duff Auctions Lunch

8th October 2007

Actress/pop star HILARY DUFF is auctioning off the chance to dine with her as part of a fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Fans will be able to bid on a...

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Bbc Kids' Shows To Stay Put

24th September 2007

The BBC has denied recent reports suggesting a move to BBC Two for children's TV.The Guardian had claimed that after-school programming would be moved from BBC One on weekday afternoons for the first time in...

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Duff's Boyfriend Hands Her The Keys To $100,000 Motor

24th September 2007

HILARY DUFF's generous new boyfriend, hockey star MIKE COMRIE, has handed the pop star the keys to a new Mercedes Benz - as an early birthday gift. The So Yesterday singer was stunned when she...

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Fascinating Fact 3893

7th September 2007

HILARY DUFF's actress sister HAYLIE is dating A CLOCKWORK ORANGE star MALCOLM MCDOWELL and MARY STEENBURGEN's son CHARLIE. The hunky 24-year-old is also former CHEERS star TED DANSON's stepson....

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Duff Banned From Buying Porsche

20th August 2007

HILARY DUFF has been banned from buying her dream car by her business manager - because she's a terrible driver. The actress wants to get behind the wheel of a Porsche Cayenne 4x4, but her...

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The Things They Say 5407

20th August 2007

"I'm just one little person with so much money. I've got so much it's scary. It's amazing to think that I can take care of myself financially, as well as everyone around me. That's a...

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Duff For President?

20th August 2007

Actress/singer HILARY DUFF insists she knows the secret to a successful career as a politician - introduce a five-day weekend. The 19-year-old Material Girls star was posed a question on how to address problems in...

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Duff Terrifies Pals With Driving Skills

18th August 2007

Singer/actress HILARY DUFF is such a bad driver, her friends and family avoid getting into the car when she is behind the wheel. The Lizzie MCGuire star may be able to sing, act and...

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The Things They Say 5351

9th August 2007

"It has gotten older as I've gotten older. Kids don't want to bring their parents to the concerts. I love that, because I remember when I got to do that. But it also cuts ticket...

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Fascinating Fact 3666

2nd August 2007

Singers HILARY DUFF and NICK CANNON will host the ninth annual Teen Choice Awards on 26 August (07) at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles....

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Duff Dating Hockey Player?

1st August 2007

Singer/actress HILARY DUFF is reportedly dating U.S. hockey star MIKE COMRIE. The 19-year-old star and New York Islanders ace Comrie, 26, enjoyed a night out at Los Angeles restaurant Katsuya on Friday (27Jul07). The sportsman...

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