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Jet Li Is Content With Success

4th November 2004

JET LI is thrilled to have become a star in mainstream Hollywood, but he's not afraid of failure. The kung-fu star has successfully transferred his Far Eastern success to America, with martial arts movie...

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Dead Man's Shoes And Drake For Brit Indie Awards

27th October 2004

SHANE MEADOWS' critically acclaimed thriller DEAD MAN'S SHOES is leading the way at this year's (04) BRITISH INDEPENDENT FILM AWARDS with eight nominations. Dead Man's Shoes, which was awarded the HITCHCOCK D'OR accolade at...

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Ziyi's Freudian Slip

14th October 2004

Chinese actress ZHANG ZIYI's fledging English has seen her make some embarrassing slips of the tongue during interviews. The CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON beauty got nervous speaking in the foreign language while promoting this...

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Ziyi Ran Away From Dance School

13th October 2004

Chinese star ZHANG ZIYI ran away from the dance school she attended as child and only returned when the police picked her up. The shy HERO actress found the other pre-teen pupils' habit of...

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Weinstein Champions Middle Eastern Cinema

6th October 2004

MIRAMAX mogul HARVEY WENSTEIN is determined to bring Middle Eastern movies to Hollywood. Weinstein recently made Chinese movie HERO and the Bollywood-influenced BRIDE AND PREJUDICE, but is eager to broaden his horizons even further....

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Wimbledon Proves A Smash UK Hit

29th September 2004

KIRSTEN DUNST and PAUL BETTANY's tennis movie WIMBLEDON has topped the British movie chart on its first week of release. The film managed to knock last week's most popular movie, the TOM CRUISE-starring COLLATERAL,...

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Resident Evil Sequel Top Us Box Office

13th September 2004

Actress MILLA JOVOVICH's sci-fi sequel RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE has ended JET LI film HERO's two-week reign at the top of the American box office, earning $23.7 million (GBP13.1 million). KIM BASINGER's thriller CELLULAR, the...

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Zhang Ziyi Hurt Her Idol

10th September 2004

Chinese actress ZHANG ZIYI cut her idol MAGGIE CHEUNG's hand while filming a gruelling fight scene for the smash hit martial arts movie HERO. The CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON beauty had to swoop down...

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Jet Li Thanks Tarantino For Hero Success

8th September 2004

Martial arts hero JET LI is so thrilled with the success of his movie HERO in America, he's taken out a full-page advertisement thanking QUENTIN TARANTINO for transporting it from China. The film, which...

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Jet Li's Hero Still Surprising Movie Experts In America

6th September 2004

Chinese martial arts movie HERO continues to shock Hollywood by notching up a second week as the country's top film. The ZHANG YIMOU film, which is set in the third century BC and stars...

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Jet Li's Career Kept Going By Tibetan Monk

1st September 2004

Martial arts hero JET LI has a Tibetan monk to thank for his movies success - because he would have quit showbusiness years ago if they'd never met. The ROMEO MUST DIE star, who...

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Jet Li's Hero Attacked

31st August 2004

JET LI's acclaimed movie HERO has been slammed by Chinese officials, who accuse it of pushing a political agenda. The film, which opened at $18 million (GBP10 million) in America over the weekend (27-29AUG04)...

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Mcfadden Wins Delta Duet

31st August 2004

Ex-WESTLIFE hunk BRIAN McFADDEN has finally completed his duet with Australian beauty DELTA GOODREM - weeks after her ill-health threatened to jeopardise their collaboration. The FLYING WITHOUT WINGS star was delighted when former NEIGHBOURS...

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Jet Li's Hero Tops American Box Office

30th August 2004

Actor JET LI's acclaimed martial arts movie HERO has fought its way to the top of the American box office, with an opening haul of $17.8 million (GBP9.8 million). ANACONDAS: THE HUNT FOR THE...

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Tarantino Brings Jet Li's Film To America

19th August 2004

Cult movie-maker QUENTIN TARANTINO is being hailed a hero by the producers of JET LI's new movie HERO, after turning the low-budget film into a must-see summer hit in America. The director, a huge...

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Carey's Plagiarism Accusation

17th August 2004

MARIAH CAREY is facing charges from two songwriters who allege the singer plagiarised one of their tunes in a case reinstated by the California appeals court. SETH SWIRSKY claims the American star's 1999 tune...

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Iglesias' Love For Kournikova

17th March 2004

Spanish pop hunk ENRIQUE IGLESIAS has spoken of his love for his "beautiful, fun and adventurous" girlfriend, tennis star ANNA KOURNIKOVA. The sexy Russian is accompanying Enrique as he tours Australia - and the...

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Iglesias And Kournikova Engaged?

17th March 2004

Pop idol ENRIQUE IGLESIAS is reportedly engaged to his tennis star lover ANNA KOURNIKOVA. The Russian blonde flashed a $5.4 million (GBP3 million) diamond ring on her engagement finger as she strolled around Melbourne,...

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Iglesias Pays Tribute To Madrid Terror Victims

15th March 2004

Spanish pop heart-throb ENRIQUE IGLESIAS paid tribute to the 200 victims of Thursday's (11MAR04) terrorist attack in Madrid at his first ever Sydney gig last night (14MAR04). The Madrid-born star held a minute's silence...

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Enrique's Unimaginative Gift For Anna

28th December 2003

Latin heart-throb ENRIQUE IGLESIAS was so short on ideas for girlfriend ANNA KOURNIKOVA's Christmas presents - he plumped for the traditional sexy underwear. The HERO hitmaker went on a last minute dash to a...

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Enrique's Hefty Fan

17th December 2003

Hunky ENRIQUE IGLESIAS knows how to keep his girlfriend happy - by picking overweight fans to receive his on-stage attentions. The HERO heart-throb was performing at a recent Christmas concert in Florida, America, when...

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Enrique: I Won't Wed Anna

4th December 2003

Pop hunk ENRIQUE IGLESIAS has given some clues to the end of his relationship with ANNA KOURNIKOVA - he wants to spend at least eight more years "playing" before he gets married. The Spanish...

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Iglesias Wants Kournikova's 'Toughness'

13th November 2003

Pop star ENRIQUE IGLESIAS loves his tennis star girlfriend ANNA KOURNIKOVA's fighting spirit - and only wishes he was as tough himself. The HERO hunk has been dating the luscious Russian blonde for...

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David Bowie: I Know Nyc Better Than London

13th October 2003

Veteran rocker DAVID BOWIE's knowledge of New York is superior to that of his hometown London, because he's lived in the Big Apple for so many years. London has changed so much over the...

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Enrique Iglesias Exposed As A Love Cheat

5th October 2003

Latino singer ENRIQUE IGLESIAS has been exposed as a love cheat by unknown British model MIA MYERS - who claims he cheated on tennis babe ANNA KOURNIKOVA with her. Blonde Mia claims the steamy...

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Julio Iglesias Expects Russian Grandchildren

27th June 2003

Veteran crooner JULIO IGLESIAS is thrilled about his son ENRIQUE's romance - and is even expecting grandchildren from the union. HERO hunk Enrique is dating sexy Russian tennis ace ANNA KOURNIKOVA, and Julio -...

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Iglesias Sells Home To Be With Anna

24th June 2003

Pop hunk ENRIQUE IGLESIAS is selling his dream home - so he can move in with lover ANNA KOURNIKOVA. The HERO heart-throb is getting rid of his $12 million (GBP7.5 million) waterfront mansion so...

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