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Morrissey Befriends The Fonz

2nd March 2006

Former THE SMITHS frontman MORRISSEY has formed an unlikely friendship with HAPPY DAYS actor HENRY WINKLER. The former ARTHUR 'FONZIE' FONZARELLI has become one of the singer's biggest fans. Winkler says, "Morrissey recently came...

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Happy Days Musical Debuts With New Kid On The Block

11th February 2006

Classic TV comedy HAPPY DAYS has been turned into a stage musical starring former NEW KID ON THE BLOCK JOEY McINTYRE. McIntyre will resurrect ARTHUR 'FONZIE' FONZERELLI, the character originally brought to life by...

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Fascinating Fact 884

24th January 2006

THE VILLAGE star BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD's godfather is actor HENRY WINKLER, who co-starred with her father, RON HOWARD, on HAPPY DAYS....

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Fascinating Fact 143

8th September 2005

HAPPY DAYS are here again on the set of hit comedy ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - SCOTT BAIO will replace former sitcom co-star HENRY WINKLER on the show, which is narrated by another ex-Happy Days regular RON...

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Fascinating Fact 65

25th August 2005

HAPPY DAYS star HENRY WINKLER is back on the Paramount soundstage where he played THE FONZ on TV almost 20 years after the cult sitcom wrapped shooting new comedy show OUT OF PRACTICE....

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Tilly Joins Winkler In New Sitcom

2nd August 2005

Actress JENNIFER TILLY is set to become HENRY WINKLER's new girlfriend in an upcoming sitcom about a family of doctors. In OUT OF PRACTICE, Tilly will portray the young lover of Winkler, who is...

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Happy Days Star Discovered He's Dyslexic At 31

30th May 2005

Former HAPPY DAYS star-turned-children's author HENRY WINKLER found out he was dyslexic when he was 31. The actor, who played THE FONZ in the hit 1970s sitcom, struggled at school, but never had an...

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The Fonz Boasts About Hostage Help

30th May 2005

HENRY WINKLER's greatest boast is his cool HAPPY DAYS character THE FONZ helped keep up the morale of US hostages in Beirut in the late 1980s. The actor came face to face with TERRY...

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Degeneres Crowned Queen Of Daytime Tv

22nd May 2005

ELLEN DeGENERES was crowned queen of daytime TV on Friday night (20MAY05) - picking up two DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS for her chat show THE ELLEN DeGENERES SHOW. DeGeneres attended the New York ceremony at...

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Happy Days Stars Reunite

13th January 2005

The cast members of classic comedy HAPPY DAYS are reuniting for a 30th anniversary TV reunion. RON HOWARD, HENRY WINKLER, TOM BOSLEY, MARION ROSS, SCOTT BAIO, ERIN MORAN, DON MOST and ANSON WILLIAMS will...

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Tearful Dallas Memories For Principal

7th October 2004

An upcoming DALLAS reunion TV special was extra hard for VICTORIA PRINCIPAL to tape, because her beloved onscreen father-in-law couldn't be there to remember the soap. The actress, who gave the eulogy at JIM...

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Happy Days To Return

10th September 2004

Smash hit 1970s American TV show HAPPY DAYS is set to return for a one-off special later this year (04). The two hour reunion HAPPY DAYS 30, which will feature original cast members including...

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Happy Days' Precious Leather Jacket

2nd February 2004

HAPPY DAYS character THE FONZ's leather jacket was such a valued piece of clothing it was locked away in a vault between shows. Only HENRY WINKLER was allowed to wear the famous jacket in...

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Heather Graham Latest Recruit In Arrested Development

9th January 2004

AUSTIN POWERS star HEATHER GRAHAM has signed up to appear in PORTIA DE ROSSI's new critically-acclaimed comedy series ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. The sexy blonde has signed on to guest star in an upcoming episode of...

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Stars Help Keep Ritter's Sitcom Alive

24th October 2003

Stars from beloved TV shows HAPPY DAYS, THE ROCKFORD FILES, CHEERS, SEINFELD and LAVERNE + SHIRLEY are helping to keep the late JOHN RITTER's hit sitcom alive by taping a string of guest and regular...

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John Ritter's Show To Go On

17th September 2003

Bosses of JOHN RITTER's TV show 8 SIMPLE RULES FOR DATING MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER have announced plans to continue with the show - despite the star's sudden death last week (ends15SEP03). LLOYD BRAUN, chairman...

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Tributes For Ritter

14th September 2003

Tributes continue to pour in for actor JOHN RITTER, who died from a heart attack on Thursday night (11SEP03), with JAMIE LEE CURTIS crediting her role in new DISNEY comedy FREAKY FRIDAY to him....

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Henry Winkler's Heartache At Wife's Cancer

21st August 2003

HAPPY DAYS star HENRY WINKLER has spoken out about the trauma of his wife's battle against breast cancer. The actor, best known for his role as THE FONZ, was left devastated last year (02)...

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