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Affleck + Damon's Horror Pick Lands Late-night Release

9th August 2006

The horror movie that BEN AFFLECK and MATT DAMON picked as the winner of their third PROJECT GREENLIGHT reality TV series winner is to be released as a late-night frightener. JOHN GULAGER's creepy FEAST won...

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Henry Rollins' Talk Show Hopes

12th July 2006

Punk star-turned-actor HENRY ROLLINS is thrilled to have been given his own talk show because it finally gives him "a voice". The new show, which airs in the US, is called THE HENRY ROLLINS SHOW...

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Rollins To Play Reality Tv Host In Horror Film

2nd June 2006

Punk star HENRY ROLLINS is set to add reality TV show host to his impressive resume after signing on to play an action man in a new horror sequel. The ROLLINS BAND frontman will play...

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Rollins Reforms Rollins Band For Summer X Tour

31st May 2006

Punk icon HENRY ROLLINS has reunited the classic line-up of his ROLLINS BAND for a summer (06) tour. The group, which will hit the road with X for the As The World Turns tour, hasn't...

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The Things They Say 2098

26th May 2006

"TOM CRUISE went on a love-fuelled publicity rampage, revealing that his heretofore mysterious Church Of Scientology was nothing more than a faith with a chip on its shoulder against depressed mothers and the concept of...

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Rollins Rages On

20th April 2006

BLACK FLAG star HENRY ROLLINS is so determined to express anger through his music he is prepared to sack his band if they fail to get grumpy. The singer-turned-writer insists he is still an "angry...

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Rollins Hangs Out With Shatner

6th April 2006

Former BLACK FLAG frontman HENRY ROLLINS has an unlikely best friend - STAR TREK's WILLIAM SHATNER. The pair met when musician BEN FOLDS produced Shatner's album and invited Rollins to sing a duet. Rollins explains,...

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Rollins Needs To Prepare For Tour

31st March 2006

HENRY ROLLINS has delayed his next tour to later this summer (06) - so he and his ageing band can prepare themselves for physical demands of going on the road. The 45-year-old rocker insists he...

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Reading Rollins Sparks Government Investigation

21st February 2006

Rocker HENRY ROLLINS is under investigation by the Australian government after he was spotted reading AHMED RASHID's bestselling book JIHAD: THE RISE OF MILITANT ISLAM IN CENTRAL ASIA on a recent flight to Brisbane, Australia....

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The Things They Say 1323

15th February 2006

JACK WHITE has guitar tone like a motherf**ker. It's massive." Rocker HENRY ROLLINS is a big fan of THE WHITE STRIPES....

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Rollins: 'Stop Questioning My Sexuality'

20th July 2005

Punk icon HENRY ROLLINS is furious when his sexuality is questioned - because he's never met anyone as blatantly "un-gay" as himself. The former BLACK FLAG frontman is constantly being interviewed by homosexual magazines...

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Rollins Plans Another Trip To See The Troops

28th May 2005

Punk icon HENRY ROLLINS is heading off on his fifth tour for US troops after surviving a mortar attack in Iraq last year (04). The former BLACK FLAG frontman will head off to Japan,...

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Rollins: 'Cosby Turned Me On To Comedy'

21st February 2005

Rocker-turned-funnyman HENRY ROLLINS was inspired to become a comedian after listening to BILL COSBY's routines - because he always kept his act clean. While Rollins, who is also an author and actor, found inspiration...

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Rollins Survives Mortar Attack In Iraq

3rd December 2004

Punk icon HENRY ROLLINS impressed US troops stationed in Iraq when he survived his first mortar attack without even stopping an autograph signing session. The former BLACK FLAG tough guy was on a UNITED...

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Rollins Blasts Movie Stars

24th November 2004

American punk icon HENRY ROLLINS is taking issue with JOHN TRAVOLTA, BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER LOPEZ on his new TV movie show because he thinks their films are dreadful. The former BLACK FLAG star...

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Rollins Says No To New Silence Role

23rd November 2004

Punk poet-turned-actor HENRY ROLLINS has turned down the chance to play the villain in the latest SILENCE OF THE LAMBS film - because the film won't top 1986's MANHUNTER. The former BLACK FLAG frontman...

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Shatner's Cult Album Re-released

4th November 2004

WILLIAM SHATNER's infamous 1968 album THE TRANSFORMED MAN is to be re-released in time for Christmas (04), just three years after it was deleted from sale. Experts at retrospective record label RHINO have revisited...

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Krs-one: '9/11 Was Justice For Black People'

14th October 2004

Rapper KRS-ONE horrified other panelists during this month's (OCT04) NEW YORKER FESTIVAL when he claimed the September 11th atrocities were "justice" for black Americans and the hip-hop community. The star, whose real name is...

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Shatner Teams Up With Folds For New Album

20th September 2004

STAR TREK legend WILLIAM SHATNER has recorded his first album for 35 years with the help of producer and performer BEN FOLDS. The album HAS BEEN features eleven tracks with variety of collaborators including...

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Punk Star Rollins Calls For Fans To Vote

14th September 2004

American punk icon HENRY ROLLINS is urging his fans to vote in the American presidential election in November (04) after witnessing the horrors in Iraq first hand. The former BLACK FLAG frontman recently spent...

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Rollins Stirred By Baghdad Visit

13th September 2004

Punk star HENRY ROLLINS has praised the attitude of American troops in Iraq after spending an emotional week with them. The former BLACK FLAG singer - who is also a successful author, stand-up comic...

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Ramones Party Attracts Big Name Acts

18th August 2004

Rock heavyweights THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, PEARL JAM frontman EDDIE VEDDER and wild rocker HENRY ROLLINS have confirmed plans to perform at the RAMONES 30th anniversary party. The celebration bash will be held...

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Rollins Caught Up In Gruesome Beheading

16th June 2004

Los Angeles punk icon HENRY ROLLINS is still reeling after being caught up in the beheading of a Hollywood screenwriter. The former BLACK FLAG star lives across the street from RAWHIDE writer ROBERT LEES,...

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Last Dj Singer Petty Is A New Dj

6th June 2004

TOM PETTY is the latest rocker to turn DJ after signing up to present a new series on music history for satellite radio network XM RADIO. Petty's new show, TOM PETTY'S BURIED TREASURES, will...

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Rollins For President

31st March 2004

America's heavy rock fans have voted HENRY ROLLINS as the preferred replacement for President GEORGE W BUSH, in a new magazine poll. The former BLACK FLAG star beat OZZY OSBOURNE and KORN singer JONATHAN...

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Shatner Prepares To Release New Album

26th February 2004

Former STAR TREK actor WILLIAM SHATNER is preparing to release a new album of country and rock tracks. The Canadian-born screen star has just finished months of recording his untitled release in Nashville, Tennessee,...

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Rollins To Rock Into Shape

18th January 2004

Hard-core rocker HENRY ROLLINS is set to shock his fans with his latest escapade - making a fitness video. The superfit FOOL singer is in negotiations with a video production company to make an...

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William Shatner Back With New Album

23rd December 2003

Veteran STAR TREK actor WILLIAM SHATNER is set to unleash his second solo album as a singer. The 72-year-old, famed for playing CAPTAIN KIRK in the sci-fi franchise, has just finished recording the offering,...

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Rollins Plays Down Acting Abilities

25th June 2003

Veteran punk rocker HENRY ROLLINS has a realistic view of his acting abilities - he only gets parts in Hollywood movies because he has the audacity to audition. The multi-talented muscle-man, who also performs...

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