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Colbert Gets Lucky As Video Goes Viral

9th August 2013

eacting to the cancellation of their scheduled appearance on his late-night show, Stephen Colbert berated the rock group Daft Punk, then launched into a hilarious music video to end all music videos featuring Daft Punk's...

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Fascinating Fact 4271

10th November 2007

Comic actor BILLY CRYSTAL once sat next to former U.S. Secretary Of State HENRY KISSINGER on a trans-Atlantic flight - the politician thought he was singer BILLY JOEL.

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Spacey Struggles With Beyond The Sea

13th July 2004

KEVIN SPACEY struggled behind the scenes of new BOBBY DARIN biopic BEYOND THE SEA because the film was a joint venture between British, German and American producers. The OSCAR winner stars as the MACK...

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