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Mirren's Rape Ordeals

1st September 2008

DAME HELEN MIRREN was the victim of sex crimes in her youth - because she didn't have the courage to stand up to men who wanted sex with her. The veteran British actress has admitted...

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Rihanna Beats Keira Knightley In Sexy Stomach Poll

7th August 2008

Chart-topping star Rihanna has been applauded for more than her music after a new survey claimed she had the world's 'sexiest stomach'.The Barbadian, who held the UK number one spot for ten weeks in 2007,...

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Mirren's Biggest Regret Is Snubbing The Who

1st August 2008

Actress DAME HELEN MIRREN will always regret not accepting a personal invitation from rockers THE WHO to join them onstage at a gig. The Queen star was once asked by the group's late drummer Keith...

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The Things They Say 8965

23rd July 2008

"It doesn't mean anything; I don't think about it. It takes me by surprise when people call me it - I completely forget." Actress DAME HELEN MIRREN is surprised when people call her by her...

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The Things They Say 8941

21st July 2008

"She let everybody stand out in the parking lot with her Oscar. The drivers were out there getting their pictures taken with her award and she just said, 'Oh, just put it back when you're...

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Mirren Nearly Quit Acting For Marriage

14th July 2008

Oscar-winner DAME HELEN MIRREN nearly turned her back on acting because she wanted to dedicate her life to her husband TAYLOR HACKFORD. The Queen star married director Hackford in 1997 after an 11-year romance -...

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Clooney Tops Holiday Wish-list

12th July 2008

GEORGE CLOONEY and SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY have topped a poll of stars people would most like to take a vacation with. Pop superstar Madonna, U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and Angelina...

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Mirren's Second-hand Wardrobe

3rd July 2008

Oscar winner DAME HELEN MIRREN has revealed her fashion secret - shopping at second-hand clothes stores. The Queen star, 62, is often hailed for her stylish wardrobe, but she admits most of her favourite outfits...

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Four Weddings Wins British Film Poll

30th June 2008

Four Weddings and a Funeral has beaten Life of Brian in a poll to find Britain's best film.The Virgin Media Shorts survey found Richard Curtis' 1994 blockbuster Four Weddings and a Funeral was more popular...

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Mirren Finally Meets Real Queen

21st June 2008

DAME HELEN MIRREN has finally come face to face with Britain's royal leader THE QUEEN two years after she won an Oscar for playing her on film. The Academy Award winner Mirren was forced to...

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Lydon Understands The Queen After Watching Mirren's Portrayal

13th June 2008

Punk icon JOHN LYDON has a newfound respect for British monarch QUEEN ELIZABETH II after watching HELEN MIRREN portray her on the big screen. The Sex Pistols star, who once sneered at royalty in the...

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The Things They Say 8477

3rd June 2008

"I play a madam of a brothel in Nevada in the 70s. JOE PESCI plays my husband. Can you imagine me and Joe Pesci married? The mind boggles." DAME HELEN MIRREN on her latest movie...

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Mirren Cast After Streep's Rejection

12th May 2008

Oscar-winning actress DAME HELEN MIRREN was only cast in a new epic movie because MERYL STREEP turned down her part. The star plays the wife of War And Peace author Leo Tolstoy in new movie...

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Mirren Takes On Royal Role To Name Cruise Ship

17th April 2008

Oscar-winner DAME HELEN MIRREN revisited her role as British royalty when she was invited to officially name the U.K.'s biggest ever cruise liner at a ceremony in Southampton, England, on Wednesday (16Apr08). The Queen actress...

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Russian Heritage Proves Mirren Was Born To Act

13th April 2008

DAME HELEN MIRREN considers herself to have been born to act - because her Russian ancestors created the country's first ever theatre. The actress, who has a Russian father and whose real name is Illiana...

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Mirren Mistaken For Russian Native

8th April 2008

DAME HELEN MIRREN loves visiting Russia - because she is often mistaken for a native. The Oscar-winning actress, 62, who is half Russian on her father's side, admits locals assume she hails from their country,...

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The Things They Say 7860

4th April 2008

"I took his first photo." DAME HELEN MIRREN boasts about kickstarting ex-boyfriend LIAM NEESON's acting career by taking his first headshots.

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The Things They Say 7858

3rd April 2008

"It works, you know, bathing in milk - your skin feels fantastic." DAME HELEN MIRREN on her saucy milk bath portrait, which features in her new autobiography IN THE FRAME: MY LIFE IN WORDS +...

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Mirren's Moon Regret

2nd April 2008

DAME HELEN MIRREN turned down the chance to perform onstage with late THE WHO drummer KEITH MOON, after he broke into her West End theatre dressing room. The British actress was performing in a 1974...

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The Things They Say 7808

1st April 2008

"I couldn't get my head around how to write it. So I thought it might be fun to write an autobiography as a collection of short stories, so each piece worked separately. Around each picture,...

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Mirren Scoops Best Nude Gong

26th March 2008

Oscar-winning actress HELEN MIRREN has won another award to add to her collection - for taking her clothes off. The Queen star was named as the top celebrity by the Naturist Society in the U.S....

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Helen Mirren Praised By Naturist Society

26th March 2008

HELEN MIRREN's on and off screen antics have seen her rewarded for her naturist tendencies.The actress, whose credits include ELIZABETH I and GOSFORD PARK, has bared all in the hit movie CALENDER GIRLS and is...

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Fascinating Fact 5080

25th March 2008

Rock matriarch SHARON OSBOURNE has been voted the ultimate plastic surgery success. The 55-year-old, who has undergone a variety of cosmetic procedures, came top in a poll by TV channel FX who named the star...

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Mirren Unfazed By Diana's Death

24th March 2008

Oscar-winner HELEN MIRREN was unaffected by the death of late royal DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES - insisting she doesn't even remember where she was when she heard the tragic news. The 62-year-old landed an Academy...

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Mirren Has No Regrets Over Children

19th March 2008

DAME HELEN MIRREN refused to join Britain's Women's Institute (WI) organisation - because she didn't want to have children. The Oscar winner admits she struggled to play Tricia Stewart in the 2003 movie Calendar Girls,...

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The Things They Say 7632

17th March 2008

"Being a sexual object is mortifying and irritating... and when it starts falling away, it's an incredible relief."" HELEN MIRREN is glad she's no longer identified for sexy roles in films like CALIGULA.

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The Things They Say 7630

16th March 2008

"Sometimes Americans show a terrible cruelty toward their own people, like what happened post-Katrina, in the wealthiest country in the world - which is extraordinary to me." Oscar winner and New Orleans, Louisiana resident HELEN...

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Mirren Understands Queen's Dislike For Diana

16th March 2008

Playing THE QUEEN gave Oscar-winner HELEN MIRREN a greater sense of why England's reigning monarch disliked her late daughter-in-law DIANA. The hit film revolved around the Queen's response to the news of Diana's death in...

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The Things They Say 7623

16th March 2008

"I'm not permanently positive; I'm not some ghastly cheerful person." HELEN MIRREN on her bouts of mild depression.

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Mirren Avoids Airport Encounters

15th March 2008

HELEN MIRREN hates getting recognised at airports - because her luggage is so "scruffy". The Oscar-winning British actress insists her encounters with fans are usually "sweet", but she'd rather they leave her alone when she's...

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