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Amelle Berrabah 'Hate Mail' Tears

26th October 2009

Amelle Berrabah broke down after receiving hand-delivered "hate mail".The Sugababes singer - who was admitted to hospital in Germany with nervous exhaustion last week - was horrified when fans of former bandmate Keisha Buchanan embroiled...

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Mutya Buena's Babes Campaign

19th October 2009

Mutya Buena is begging her former bandmates to reform the original line-up of the Sugababes.The singer has spent hours on the phone in the past few days, trying to convince Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy...

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'Exhausted' Amelle Berrabah Hospitalised

16th October 2009

Amelle Berrabah has been hospitalised with nervous exhaustion.The Sugababes singer will take a three-week break from the band to stay at a private health facility after recent stresses within the band - which saw original...

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Jade Ewen's Babes Nerves

10th October 2009

Jade Ewen says meeting her Sugababes bandmates was like going on a blind date.The 21-year-old star - who replaced the group's last remaining founding member Keisha Buchanan last month - was "nervous and over-polite" when...

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Keisha Buchanan Set For Cruz Help

6th October 2009

Keisha Buchanan is set to launch her solo career with the help of Taio Cruz.The former Sugababes singer is to pair up with the 'Break Your Heart' hitmaker - who previously penned tracks for the...

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Sugababes Lose It At Shoot

5th October 2009

The Sugababes are not speaking to each other, according to reports.Just 12 days after Jade Ewen replaced founding member Keisha Buchanan, the group had a huge argument during a photo shoot in North London.The rift...

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Sugababes Were 'Jealous' Of Keisha

30th September 2009

Keisha Buchanan was reportedly forced out of the Sugababes because her bandmates were "jealous" of her.The 24-year-old singer - who was the last original member of the girl group - quit the band last week...

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Jade Ewen Harassed By Keisha Fans

29th September 2009

New Sugababes singer Jade Ewen is being harassed by fans of departed member Keisha Buchanan.The former Eurovision contestant - who replaced Keisha, the band's last original member, last week - had to shut down her...

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Jade Ewen's 'Intimidating' Band

27th September 2009

Jade Ewen admits she is finding it "intimidating" being the new member of the Sugababes.The singer - who replaced original member Keisha Buchanan after she quit the girl group last week - wants to prove...

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Depressed Sugababe Amelle Berrabah

25th September 2009

Amelle Berrabah says working with Keisha Buchanan was like "treading on eggshells".The brunette beauty admits relations with her former Sugababes bandmate - who was asked to leave the group earlier this week when Amelle and...

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Range Breaks Silence Over Sugababes Rift

24th September 2009

HEIDI RANGE has broken her silence over the axing of her former SUGABABES bandmate KEISHA BUCHANAN - insisting the trio "couldn't work together any more".Buchanan, a founding member of the hit U.K. girl band, was...

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Sugababes 'Couldn't Move Forward'

24th September 2009

Heidi Range says the Sugababes "couldn't work together anymore" with Keisha Buchanan in the band.The blonde singer admits tensions within the girl group reached breaking point last week and insists the only way they could...

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Buena Slams Range Over Sugababes Scandal

23rd September 2009

Singer MUTYA BUENA has hit out at her former SUGABABES bandmate HEIDI RANGE - insisting she should have supported KEISHA BUCHANAN by leaving the girl group.Buchanan announced her departure from the band on Monday (21Sep09),...

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Suga Sniper Heidi Range

23rd September 2009

Heidi Range got Keisha Buchanan kicked out of the Sugababes.The blonde singer is alleged to have secretly made a deal with bandmate Amelle Berrabah to push out Keisha - the last remaining founding member of...

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Keisha Buchanan Leaves Sugababes

22nd September 2009

Keisha Buchanan has left Sugababes.The singer insists it was not her decision to leave the trio - of which she was the only remaining founder member - but the announcement she is to be replaced...

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Amelle Berrabah Quits Sugababes

19th September 2009

Amelle Berrabah has reportedly quit the Sugababes.The 25-year-old singer is believed to have left the pop trio - which also includes Keisha Buchanan and Heidi Range - and will be replaced by UK Eurovision entrant...

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Amelle Berrabah Vanished After Row

11th September 2009

Amelle Berrabah went missing following a huge argument with her Sugababes bandmate.The singer "vanished" after having a blazing row with Keisha Buchanan and her family feared she had been kidnapped as they couldn't contact her...

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Robbie Williams' Swine Flu Scare

18th August 2009

Robbie Williams feared he had swine flu.The 'Angels' singer sparked health concerns after revealing he was having a medical check up to discover if he had contracted the potentially-fatal virus after suffering from flu-like symptoms.He...

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Sugababes Wedding Confusion

25th July 2009

Sugababes are bemused by the wedding invitations they receive.The 'Hole in the Head' trio are constantly asked to attend the nuptials of other celebrities, even if they barely know them.Singer Amelle Berrabah said: "We've been...

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Sugababes' Lazy Album

25th July 2009

The Sugababes were "too complacent" with their last album.The girl group admit 'Catfights and Spotlights' took them in the wrong musical direction, but still don't believe it deserved the lukewarm reception it received.Singer Keisha Buchanan...

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Sugababes' American Energy

10th July 2009

Sugababes say working in America has energised them The trio have been recording their seventh album in the US after signing with Jay-Z's Roc-a-Fella label and say they loved the chance to work with singers...

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Amelle Berrabah Hot For Pitt

6th July 2009

Amelle Berrabah has a crush on Brad Pitt.The Sugababes singer, who split from long-term partner Freddie Fuller earlier this year, loves watching the 45-year-old Hollywood hunk's movies.She said: "Even though it is such a cliche...

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Sugababes' Shocking Songs

1st July 2009

Amelle Berrabah says people will be shocked by the Sugababes' new song.The 25-year-old singer, who features in the British girl group alongside Heidi Range and Keisha Buchanan, is thrilled with the different direction the band...

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Rihanna Advises Sugababes

18th June 2009

Rihanna has become the "fourth Sugababe".The 'Umbrella' singer has been advising the British trio - who have signed a record deal with Jay-Z's Roc-a-Fella label - while they are recording in America and has struck...

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Girl Trio Sugababes Sign To Jay-z's Record Label

1st May 2009

Sugababes have become the first British pop act to sign for Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella Records.The three-piece agreed a deal with the hip-hop star in London last month, it has been announced.Currently working on their seventh album,...

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Sugababes Give Impromptu Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack Gig

28th January 2008

The remaining Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack contestants were treated to an impromptu performance by the Sugababes last night.After being ordered to remain in the bedroom for hours on end, the confused housemates emerged to find...

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Jealous Buchanan Made Sugababe Bandmate's Life Hell

28th September 2007

SUGABABE star KEISHA BUCHANAN was jealous of "beautiful, blonde, stage school" bandmate HEIDI RANGE when she first joined the band - and "made her life hell". Buchanan, 23, admits she was rude to Range because...

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Sugababe Helps Search For Killer

30th August 2007

SUGABABES star HEIDI RANGE is pleading for the killer of 11-year-old English boy RHYS JONES to hand himself into police. Jones was fatally shot while playing soccer in a Croxteth, Liverpool car park in broad...

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Buchanan Tries To Rekindle Sugababes Friendship

1st May 2007

Sugababe KEISHA BUCHANAN is trying to make peace with her former bandmate MUTYA BUENA after colleagues HEIDI RANGE and AMELLE BERRABAH quarreled with the British singer. Berrabah took over from original group member Buena when...

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Buena Hits Out At Former Sugababes Bandmates

6th April 2007

Singer MUTYA BUENA has hit out at her former SUGABABES bandmates for failing to support her solo career. The 21-year-old claims neither HEIDI RANGE or KEISHA BUCHANAN have contacted her about the forthcoming release of...

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