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Klum Makes A Big Splash

10th April 2007

German supermodel HEIDI KLUM ended up all wet at a weekend photoshoot to promote her new jewellery line when she slipped and fell in a swimming pool. The stunning blonde made a big splash at...

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Aguilera Tops Hot Blondes List

7th March 2007

CHRISTINA AGUILERA has topped a new magazine poll to find Hollywood's Hottest Blonde. The pop superstar beat REESE WITHERSPOON and KATE HUDSON to land the top spot on the new In Touch hot list. The...

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Seal Loses Appeal Against Ex-manager

28th February 2007

British pop star SEAL may have to pay up to $1.95 million (GBP1 million) to his former manager JOHN WADLOW after losing an appeal to pay commission from his first two albums. The KISS FROM...

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Nemkova Lands Model Reality Show

15th February 2007

Supermodel PETRA NEMKOVA is set to challenge peers HEIDI KLUM and TYRA BANKS with her own reality TV show about the catwalk world. The Czech Republic stunner, who is dating singer/songwriter JAMES BLUNT, will mentor...

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Klum Conforms To Seal's Style

25th January 2007

Supermodel HEIDI KLUM was shocked by some of the clothing choices her husband SEAL made when they first met, but has since grown to love his eclectic style. Klum, 33, has a keen eye for...

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Lowe Confirms New Relationship

19th January 2007

LATEST: HILARY SWANK's estranged husband CHAD LOWE has confirmed he has found love again with producer KIM PAINTER. Lowe, 39, and Painter, 33, were first spotted together at the 15 November (07) Los Angeles premiere...

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Red Carpet Upsets Klum

17th January 2007

HEIDI KLUM cursed the brand new red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards on Monday (15JAN07) because the bottom of her white designed gown was covered with red lint and fluff by the time the...

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Seal Uses Klum's Family As Role Model

12th January 2007

SEAL insists one of the greatest benefits that came along with marrying supermodel HEIDI KLUM was becoming part of her extended family. The 43-year-old had a traumatic childhood and has spoken out in the past...

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Hard Childhood Inspired Seal To Write Song

4th January 2007

Grammy-award winning singer SEAL was inspired to write a song for the WILL SMITH film THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS based on his own traumatic upbringing as a child. Seal's lyrics focus on a father's need...

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The Things They Say 3637

20th December 2006

"My husband has nine names, though he can only remember four of them." HEIDI KLUM on singer husband SEAL - aka SEAL HENRY OLUSEGUN OLUMIDE ADELO SAMUEL....

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Klum: 'Giving Birth Is Easy'

15th December 2006

German supermodel HEIDI KLUM insists giving birth is "easy", after having three children in the space of just two and a half years. Klum has spent the majority of the past three years pregnant and...

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Project Runway Star Bennett Gives Birth

4th December 2006

Designer LAURA BENNETT, a finalist on the third season of HEIDI KLUM's PROJECT RUNWAY reality TV series, has become a mum for the sixth time. The flame-haired stylist welcomed son FINN into the world on...

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Seal Confirms Baby 'Blessing'

23rd November 2006

Singer SEAL has confirmed his second child with supermodel wife HEIDI KLUM, calling the boy's arrival a "blessing". JOHAN RILEY FYODOR TAIWO SAMUEL was born in Los Angeles late yesterday afternoon (22NOV06) - a brother...

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Klum To Release First Single

14th November 2006

German supermodel HEIDI KLUM is trying her hand at singing, with a debut single set for release later this week (begs13NOV06). The catwalk beauty already boasts successful forays into fashion design and TV presenting. Now...

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Cobain Traumatised By Internet Gossip

1st November 2006

COURTNEY LOVE's 14-year-old daughter FRANCES BEAN COBAIN was mortified when she logged onto an internet gossip site and read horrible comments about her appearance. Love desperately tried to convince her not to take the comments...

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Macpherson Praises 'Beautiful' Klum

30th October 2006

ELLE MACPHERSON is happy to call supermodel rival HEIDI KLUM 'The Body', after originally accusing the German beauty of stealing the name. Australian MACpherson, who has been called The Body for 20 years, threatened legal...

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Klum's Project Runway Pal Expecting

25th October 2006

Pregnant supermodel HEIDI KLUM has passed on her maternal instincts - a judge on her hit reality TV show PROJECT RUNWAY is now expecting Fashion expert NINA GARCIA has announced she and her husband,...

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Klum Breaks Tv Network Records With Runway Finale

20th October 2006

Supermodel HEIDI KLUM's hit reality show PROJECT RUNWAY smashed US cable channel Bravo records on Wednesday night (18OCT06) when the design contest finale drew 5.4 million viewers. The show ranks as the network's top-rated and...

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Sebelia Wins Project Runway

19th October 2006

Los Angeles-based designer JEFFREY SEBELIA was crowned the winner of the third season of US reality fashion competition PROJECT RUNWAY during the show's finale on Wednesday night (18OCT06). The 36-year-old was up against fellow designers...

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Macpherson Drops Klum Lawsuit

11th October 2006

ELLE MACPHERSON has dropped plans to file a lawsuit against German beauty HEIDI KLUM, after being inspired by a meeting with Buddhist spiritual leader the Dalai Lama. MACpherson accused fellow supermodel HEIDI KLUM of stealing...

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The Things They Say 3024

2nd October 2006

"HEIDI KLUM is an alien. She was on the catwalk in a bikini a week after giving birth." British pop star JAMELIA is stunned at how quickly mother-of-two Heidi Klum loses her post-baby weight.

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Mischa Claims Top Style Prize

15th September 2006

MISCHA BARTON was crowned America's style queen at Life + Style magazine's second Stylemaker's Awards in Los Angeles last night (14SEP06). The pretty actress beat out wild-child LINDSAY LOHAN and JENNIFER LOPEZ to claim the...

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The Things They Say 2908

14th September 2006

"I don't get emotional at all. I have to say I'm very German when it comes to the judging. I strictly look at the clothes." HEIDI KLUM doesn't let her personal feelings get in the...

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The Things They Say 2858

8th September 2006

"(It's) trash that is funny for five minutes if you're with other people." Designer KARL LAGERFELD doesn't have much respect for supermodel HEIDI KLUM's design competition reality show PROJECT RUNWAY.

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Klum And Seal Take Turns Being Boss

3rd September 2006

Celebrity couple HEIDI KLUM and SEAL make their marriage work by taking turns being "boss". The pair insist with two children and their busy careers, it's the only way to keep their relationship strong. Seal...

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Fascinating Fact 2030

31st August 2006

Supermodel HEIDI KLUM and husband SEAL have just purchased a $2,500 (GBP1,400) Havanese puppy from a Los Angeles pet store for their children LENI, two, and HENRY, 11 months. The trendy breed is a member...

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The Things They Say 2750

25th August 2006

"Trash that is funny for five minutes if you're with other people." Fashion designer KARL LAGERFELD slams HEIDI KLUM's PROJECT RUNWAY show.

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The Things They Say 2694

20th August 2006

"It's actually kind of nice to have a 'patchwork family.'" Model HEIDI KLUM loves her multi-coloured family.

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Klum: 'Seal Prefers Me Pregnant'

17th August 2006

German supermodel HEIDI KLUM was delighted to discover she is pregnant for the third time, because her husband SEAL prefers her with a bump. The 33-year-old has been pregnant for the majority of the past...

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Macpherson And Klum Fight Over 'The Body'

11th August 2006

ELLE MACPHERSON has accused fellow supermodel HEIDI KLUM of stealing her nickname, after the German catwalk queen called herself "The Body" in a television commercial. Australian MACpherson has used the moniker since it was employed...

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