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Pamela Anderson Cried Over Playboy Nerves

23rd December 2010

Pamela Anderson cried and was sick when she first posed for Playboy.The 43-year-old beauty was stunned when the adult publication asked her to bare all for them but she quickly overcame her nerves about stripping...

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Nelly: 'Playboy Mansion Is Everything It's Made Out To Be'

5th January 2005

Urban star NELLY has urged celebrities to accept an offer to visit HUGH HEFNER's PLAYBOY mansion if they're ever invited there - because its raunchy reputation is totally accurate. The DILEMMA singer was stunned...

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Anderson's First Gay Experience

26th November 2004

Blonde stunner PAMELA ANDERSON's didn't believe homosexuals existed until she arrived in Hollywood during Gay Pride day at the beginning of her modelling career. The former BAYWATCH beauty recalls her first visit to PLAYBOY...

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Sinatra: I Stripped For Publicity

27th September 2004

Ageing singer NANCY SINATRA decided to pose naked in PLAYBOY at the age of 54 because she needed the publicity. The THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKIN' star, now 64, at first refused to...

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Britney Wanted By Hefner

7th January 2004

Fresh from her annulled marriage this weekend (03JAN04) pop star BRITNEY SPEARS has a fresh offer of romance - from PLAYBOY magazine publisher HUGH HEFNER. Hefner, 77, well known for his love of women,...

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Mccarthy's Missing Underwear Spoils Her Playboy Bash

9th December 2003

JENNY McCARTHY regretted not wearing any underwear when she hosted the PLAYBOY 50th ANNIVERSARY TV special - because she wanted to leave some panties behind as a souvenir. The former Playmate was allowed special...

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Alt Fights For Canadian Citizenship

9th September 2003

Supermodel CAROL ALT is fighting the Canadian Government over red tape hassles that are preventing her from becoming a citizen. The New York-born 42-year-old, who was once described by PLAYBOY boss HUGH HEFNER as...

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Playboy Exploits Of Top Movie Stars

24th August 2003

A PLAYBOY bunny has revealed the sexual exploits of some of Hollywood's biggest actors - including LEONARDO DiCAPRIO, COLIN FARRELL and TOBEY MAGUIRE. ZOE GREGORY-PAUL claims all three hunks are regular partygoers at HUGH...

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