Boxer Hector 'macho' Camacho has died four days after he was injured in a drive-by shooting in Puerto Rico.

The 50-year-old sportsman was admitted to the Centro Medico trauma center in San Juan on Tuesday (20Nov12) after he was shot in the head while sitting in a parked car outside a bar in his hometown of Bayamon.

Doctors declared him clinically brain dead on Thursday (22Nov12) and he remained on life-support until he suffered a cardiac arrest early on Saturday morning (24Nov12).

He was subsequently take off the life-support machine and died shortly afterwards. An investigation has been launched into the shooting, which also killed 49-year-old Adrian Mojica Moreno, who died at the scene.

Camacho took up boxing as a teenager and after success as an amateur, he rose to fame in the 1980s, winning the Super Featherweight Champion and Lightweight Champion World Boxing Council titles. He was also crowned the World Boxing Organization's Light Welterweight Champion twice in 1989 and 1991.

During his long career in the ring, he fought some of the sport's most high-profile stars, including Sugar Ray Leonard, Felix Trinidad, Oscar De La Hoya and Roberto Duran.

However, his sporting career was overshadowed by personal problems, including drug addiction and a 2007 conviction for the burglary of a computer store in Mississippi.

He hit headlines again this year (12) following his arrest on child abuse charges. Camacho turned himself in to police in Florida following an incident with his young son last year (11), when he was accused of stomping on the youngster during an altercation at his ex-wife's home.

Camacho survived a previous shooting in 2011 when he was injured in an attempted car-jacking.

Legends from the world of boxing have taken to to pay tribute to Camacho following his death.

In a post, Mike Tyson writes, "Rip Hector Camacho. Condolences to the Camacho family", while Sugar Ray Leonard adds, "My prayers and heart goes out to Camacho's family! God Bless."

Lennox Lewis laments, "Rip Hector 'MACho' Camacho. You will be missed. Prayers and condolences go out to his family. tragic."

Rapper LL Cool J revealed a personal link to the fighter, stating, "Rip MACho Camacho. When I was a kid you took a pic (picture) with my mother. I always respected that. I pray your family will make it through w/ (with) grace."

Comedian George Lopez told fans, "Live your life, Cause in the end it's always Macho Time. R I P Hector Camacho", while Tv presenter/actor Mario Lopez added, "Rip... Hector 'MACho' Camacho. Great fighter & colorful character. Some of the best ring entrances ever.. Funky & cool."