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Blair Witch Star Hoping To Turn Pot-growing Story Into Tv Series

17th January 2012

The Blair Witch Project star Heather Donahue is hoping to turn her medical marijuana business into a quirky new TV drama.The actress quit showbusiness to grow marijuana legally in California and she has just written...

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The Blair Witch Project Star Donahue Turns Pot Grower

16th December 2011

The Blair Witch Project star Heather Donahue is set to open up about her new life as a marijuana gardening specialist in her upcoming memoir.Student filmmaker Donahue shot to stardom as the lead character in...

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Fascinating Fact 7664

10th July 2009

THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT star HEATHER DONAHUE is to chronicle her efforts to set up a farm in northern California in a new book.

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Stars Of Blair Witch Project Feel Cursed

2nd February 2004

The three stars of low-budget horror movie THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT fear the cult film has cursed their careers - they're all struggling to find work. HEATHER DONAHUE, JOSHUE LEONARD and MICHAEL WILLIAMS felt...

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