Heather Graham has written a play about sex.

The 43-year-old actress has approached publishers about her raunchy script, which addresses women's attitudes towards sex.

Heather told the New York Post newspaper: ''I've done a script about women and their healthy attitudes toward sex. I'm talking to people about publishing it.''

The blonde beauty is no stranger to explicit role as she played porn director Margaret in the 2012 drama film 'About Cherry' but she admits she'd like to explore more in depth roles.

Speaking previously, she said: ''The subject of sexuality is definitely fascinating to me. I think also men like to write these characters in scripts so if a man can write the part of a lesbian prostitute who's into porno they're writing it in!

''I want to do a movie about the survivors of the triangle shirtwaist factory fire and how they were empowered through their tragedy.''

Heather can next be seen reprising her role in 'The Hangover' in the third installment of the comedy franchise.

The blonde beauty will return to 'The Hangover III' as Las Vegas stripper Jade - who married Ed Helms' alter-ego Stu in the comedy franchise's debut movie in 2009 - but plot details have remained largely under wraps.