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Jersey Shore Borough Blasts Jersey Shore

30th December 2009

Italian-American activists, who failed in their bid to rub out The Sopranos when that show first turned up on HBO, are now joining hands to shoot down Jersey Shore -- and they have now won...

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Movie Reviews Sherlock Holmes

25th December 2009

Most critics agree that the new Sherlock Holmes remains an intellectual superman -- just as he was in the original Conan Doyle stories. He's also a physical superman, too. A.O. Scott in the New York...

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The Return Of Sherlock Holmes

25th December 2009

They've been making movies about Sherlock Holmes almost from the dawn of filmed entertainment. The first one appeared in 1905, and a slew of them appeared in both the silent era and the beginning of...

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Paramount Delays Roll Out Of The Lovely Bones

24th December 2009

Saddled by generally poor reviews and equally poor word of mouth among adults who have seen it, Paramount has canceled plans to expand Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones on Friday and will instead do so...

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Gervais Brings Podcasts To Life In U.s. Animated Series

23rd December 2009

British comic RICKY GERVAIS is set to animate the U.S. TV market - he will voice a new cartoon series based on podcasts he created for a British newspaper.The funnyman, who wrote the original The...

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Court Refuses To Dismiss Charges Against Polanski

22nd December 2009

A California appellate court on Monday refused to dismiss charges against fugitive director Roman Polanski but said it was "deeply concerned" about allegations of prosecutorial and judicial misconduct presented by Polanski's lawyers. The allegations were...

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Brittany Murphy 'Very Ill' Before Death

21st December 2009

Brittany Murphy was reportedly "very ill" in the days leading up to her death.The '8 Mile' actress passed away at the age of 32 yesterday morning (20.12.09) but authorities have already ruled out foul play,...

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Celine Dion's Water Park Row

20th December 2009

Celine Dion has upset neighbours over plans to build a water park in her home. The 41-year-old singer has reportedly enraged local residents who are less than impressed with her vision for the new addition...

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Stephen Moyer's Disobedient Dogs

13th December 2009

Stephen Moyer has sent his dogs to boot camp.The 'True Blood' actor and fiancee Anna Paquin were forced to take action to teach Splash and Banjo to behave properly after receiving angry messages from their...

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Madonna Ready To Adopt Again

8th December 2009

Madonna is thinking of adopting again.The '4 Minutes' singer - who raises biological children Lourdes and Rocco and adopted David and Mercy - hasn't ruled out expanding her family further by taking on the care...

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Stevie Wonder Cries For Michael

3rd December 2009

Stevie Wonder broke down in tears during a recent TV tribute to Michael Jackson.The legendary singer was performing the late pop legend's track 'The Way You Make Me Feel' when he broke down with his...

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Richard Gere In Tree Trouble

1st December 2009

Richard Gere faces a fine of up to $50,000 for cutting down trees on his property.The 'Amelia' actor failed to seek the appropriate permission before having around 200 trees removed from the grounds of his...

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Fox News Management Warns Staff About "Series Of Mistakes"

24th November 2009

The management of Fox News Channel has sent a stern memo to staffers warning them that there will be "zero tolerance for on-screen errors." The memo observed that a "series of mistakes" had gone out...

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Police Called To Paris Hilton's House

19th November 2009

Police were called to break-up an argument between Paris Hilton and her boyfriend.Officers were called to the socialite's Los Angeles home after neighbours allegedly saw her and Doug Reinhart "shoving each other" and screaming loudly.According...

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Attendance, Sales Fall At American Film Market

9th November 2009

The contraction of the independent movie business was evident in Santa Monica over the weekend where the number of filmmakers who have managed to survive the economic downturn and continue to display their wares at...

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Flight Of The Conchords To Be Grounded

4th November 2009

FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS stars JEMAINE CLEMENT and BRET MCKENZIE are set to disappoint fans - the New Zealand comedy duo may not return for another series of the hit show.The programme has won over...

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Rihanna Wants To Help Victims

4th November 2009

Rihanna felt like "Britney Spears" after she was attacked by Chris Brown.The 'Umbrella' hitmaker was astonished by the attention she attracted after she was abused by her then-boyfriend in February, likening it to that of...

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Woman Channels Jackson On L.a. News Program

3rd November 2009

Saying "This will do down as one of the most interesting stories ever done on KTLA," Los Angeles reporter Brandon Rudat interviewed a psychic who claims that she has been in contact with the singer...

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Ian Brown Arrested

3rd November 2009

Ian Brown was arrested yesterday (02.11.09) for allegedly attacking his wife. The former Stone Roses singer was taken into custody on suspicion of assault after neighbours alerted police to a disturbance at his home in...

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Kate Hudson's Sober Struggle

3rd November 2009

Kate Hudson found it hard to give up alcohol.The blonde actress had to lose 20lbs to play a terminally ill woman in new movie 'Earthbound' and says the only way to do it was by...

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Jay-z's Video Game Rage

29th October 2009

Jay-Z used to "mercilessly" beat his nephews at video games - but now he always loses.The 38-year-old hip-hop star was once a talented gamer but now his nephews can "destroy" him. Jay-Z - who is...

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Roman Polanski's Victim Wants Case Dropped

27th October 2009

The woman raped by Roman Polanski wants the case against him to be thrown out for the sake of her mental health.Samantha Geimer - known as Samantha Gailey when the film director assaulted her when...

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Obama Fought For Norton Documentary

21st October 2009

U.S. leader BARACK OBAMA ignored pleas from his aides to scrap a documentary on his rise to the top after declaring his interest in the presidency - because he recognised the EDWARD NORTON film would...

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Madonna Sued By Neighbour

19th October 2009

Madonna has been branded a "neighbour from hell" and been accused of using her New York home as a rehearsal studio.The '4 Minutes' singer has infuriated Karen George - who lives above Madonna in the...

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Hbo Monologue Angers Catholics

16th October 2009

A profanity-laced monologue by comedian Sarah Silverman in which she calls on the Catholic Church to sell the Vatican and feed the hungry -- has infuriated the Catholic League, the nation's largest lay Catholic organization....

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Curtain Raised On Tivo-blockbuster Deal

14th October 2009

TiVo's deal with Blockbuster went into limited operation Tuesday as subscribers were provided a list of movie titles that they could begin downloading for around $3.00-4.00 each to rent and $15.00 to buy. In a...

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Jones: 'Kutcher Told Me To Quit Acting'

13th October 2009

MAD MEN star JANUARY JONES owes her acting success to ex-boyfriend ASHTON KUTCHER - because she was determined to prove him wrong after the actor urged her to quit.The pair met and dated while Jones...

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Smooth Jon Mcclure

12th October 2009

Jon McClure wants to be called "Photobooth Man."The Reverend and the Makers frontman was amazed at the ease in which he fitted in during rehearsals with veteran musicians The Silver Cornet Band for his performance...

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Page To Produce Tv Comedy

9th October 2009

Actress ELLEN PAGE is adding producer to her resume - she's working on a new comedy series.The Juno star, 22, has signed a deal with U.S. cable network HBO to produce Stitch N' B**ch, about...

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Madonna Buys Luxury Home For Jesus

8th October 2009

Madonna is buying her boyfriend a £1.7 million New York apartment. The 'Material Girl' singer is reportedly splashing out the impressive sum so 23-year-old model Jesus Luz can be close to her £25 million house...

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