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'Dr. Death' Dies 1658023 3rd June 2011 Controversial assisted suicide advocate Jack 'DR. Death' Kevorkian has died at the age of 83.
Kevorkian, who was known for his work helping terminally ill patients, passed away at a hospital in Michigan on Friday (03Jun11) after suffering heart and kidney problems.
The doctor is believed to have been involved in more than 100 deaths in the 1990s, and in 1999 he was convicted of second-degree murder after he sent a videotape of himself performing an assisted suicide to producers of a U.S. TV show.
Kevorkian's sensational story was turned into an Hbo film called You Don't Know Jack, starring Al Pacino as the medic in a role which won the actor an Emmy award and a Golden Globe.
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Halle Berry To Star In Tv Drama 2539705 1st June 2011

Halle Berry is set to play a college professor in a new TV series.

The Academy Award-winning actress has been linked to a show entitled 'Higher Learning' which was written by veteran TV movie actress Lee Rose.

Although no other details have yet been released about the series' plot or Halle's character, it is thought the show, produced by Dreamworks TV, is pitching to major US networks HBO and Showtime, respected industry website reports.

The 44-year-old star - who was recently cast in the movie adaptation of 'Cloud Atlas' and is also starring in romantic comedy 'New Year's Eve' - would be making her return to regular TV work, after previously starring in 21 episodes of long-running drama 'Knots Landing' in 1991.

It was also revealed earlier this year that she was personally chosen by Aretha Franklin to star in a biopic about the legendary singer's life.

However, the brunette beauty expressed doubts about her ability to play the role because of her lack of vocal talent.

She said: "I can't sing! If I could carry a tune, I'd consider it. Someone should tell Aretha that I can't do her justice."

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Kevin Bacon Keen To Play Himself In Bernie Madoff Tv Biopic 1658259 1st June 2011 Kevin Bacon is eager to appear as himself in a TV biopic about Bernie Madoff, the jailed conman who cost the actor almost all of his savings.
The Wall Street fraudster was jailed for 150 years in 2009 after pleading guilty to siphoning billions of dollars from his wealthy clients, including Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick, John Malkovich and Zsa Zsa Gabor.
Robert De Niro has signed up to portray the convicted fraudster in a small screen biopic for U.S. cable network Hbo and Bacon wants to join his Sleepers co-star in the project.
He tells Britain's The Sun, "How great would it be if I could play myself and make an appearance and get a chance to work with Bob again?"
Speaking about the fraud, he adds, "I think one of the most pervasive evils in this world is greed and acquiring money for money's sake. Once you have six houses and a plane, it is just about a number. It's never been anything I understood.
"There is a lesson there about greed and it is a lesson I am willing to learn as well. Has it made me a distrustful person? I don't think so. But we probably look a bit more carefully at our financial situation now."
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Patrick Dempsey All But Done With Grey's Grey's Anatomy 1658303 1st June 2011 Patrick Dempsey has ended speculation about his future on hit medical drama Grey's Anatomy by telling Italian Vanity Fair the upcoming eighth season of the show will be his last.
The actor revived his career as Dr. Derek 'MCDreamy' Shepherd when the series began in 2005 and he has been a regular ever since.
But the 2011-2012 season of the show will be his last.
He tells the publication, "I do not know what's going to happen to the other characters, but for me it's done."
Dempsey has become one of the most successful castmembers, appearing in movies like Enchanted, Made of Honor and the upcoming Transformers sequel.
He also recently told the Los Angeles Times newspaper, he has been "lobbying" to play Marvel superhero Dr. Strange in an adaptation.
He said, "There's a whole bunch of people who are into comics and Marvel, too, on the set (of Grey's Anatomy) and they're like, 'Doctor Strange, that's the one you should do.' It would be fantastic. It'd be a great TV show, especially for Hbo or something like that."
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Ana Ortiz Pregnant With Baby-boy 1658591 27th May 2011 Ana Ortiz, the American actress best known for her role on Abc's comedy-drama 'Ugly Betty', is pregnant with her second child. Ana Ortiz told that she is expecting her first boy with husband Noah Lebenzon.
Ortiz, who confirmed "We know it's a boy!", said she and Lebenzon are currently "trying to come up with some names" that they can both agree on. The actress, who played America Ferrera's older sister 'Hilda Suarez' on 'Ugly Betty', says it's important to pick a Latino-friendly name, saying, "It has to be Spanish but something non-speakers can pronounce without mauling. Suggestions? I'm open". The actress, who recently joined the cast of the Hbo drama 'Hung', says the show's producers are shooting round the pregnancy, noting, "It's been an interesting journey". The actress married musician Lebenzon in Rincon, Puerto Rico on 9th June 2007 The couple announced they were expecting their first child back in 2009, and Ortiz gave birth to 'Paloma Louise Lebenzon' on 27th June of that year.
Ana Ortiz recently starred in the crime-drama pilot 'True Blue', which was being developed for Abc in 2010. The show, which revolved around a old group of detectives who reunite to investigate a murder, was not picked up by the network for its 2011 fall schedule. news_wenn_old 62946 1275858 Ana Ortiz, Abc, Noah Lebenzon, America Ferrera, Hbo
Kirstie Alley Quitting Reality Television After Dwts 1658805 25th May 2011 Kirstie Alley, the 60-year-old American actress, says she is quitting reality television following her appearance on Dancing With The Stars. Kirstie Alley, who finished second on last night's season twelve finale, says her performances have motivated her to return to serious acting.
Alley lost out to the eventual winner Hines Ward, but the actress insists her journey on this season's show has persuaded her to return to television acting. She said learning to dance on the hit show "re-inspired me with all the things that I've had great success with already and sort of got complacent about". The actress says she plans on taking a movie role as early as next month, and may also star in a new television series. In a previous interview with Aol Tv, Alley revealed, "I have a series being written for me right now that I really love the concept of.I also have some people writing a potential series for me for Hbo". The 60-year-old, who has reportedly had offers to perform on 'Broadway', said she was "sad" that her and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy didn't win Dancing With The Stars. Describing herself as "not the average cupcake", Alley said her partner deserved praise for making the oldest and heaviest contestant into a championship dancer.
Back in 2007, Kirstie Alley was scheduled to appear in 'The Minister of Divine', based on the hit British comedy 'The Victor of Dibley' starring Dawn French, however, the project was not picked by Fox. news_wenn_old 51857 1360422 Kirstie Alley, Dancing With The Stars, Hines Ward, Hbo, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Dawn French
The Dark Knight Rises' Matthew Modine To Play New Villain? 2566713 25th May 2011
THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, the highly anticipated new Batman film by Christopher Nolan, could feature Matthew Modine as a new villain named 'Nixon', according to Modine was recently added to the swelling cast of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, along with Tom Conti and Chris Ellis.

Modine, best known for playing 'Private Joker' in Stanley Kubrick's 1987 Vietnam War flick 'Full Metal Jacket', is reportedly set to begin shooting his Batman scenes in London. The original comic books never featured a villain named 'Nixon', but early reports suggest the character is a villainous New York politician. Before appearing in 'The Dark Knight Rises', Modine will appear in the Hbo movie 'Too Big to Fail' and then opposite Eva Mendes in 'See If I Care'. He will also star in the forthcoming indie movie 'Family Weekend' with fellow Batman cast-mate Joey King. Back in April, Warner Brothers announced that French actress Marion Cotillard would also be joining the cast of 'The Dark Knight Rises', as would Joseph Gordon-levitt. Both actors worked with Nolan on his acclaimed 2010 film 'Inception'.

'The Dark Knight Rises' is scheduled for release on 20th July 2012. Nolan has confirmed that the movie will be his last in the Batman franchise. news_studio_old 76989 1553035 Christopher Nolan, Matthew Modine, Tom Conti, Chris Ellis, Stanley Kubrick, Hbo, Eva Mendes, Joey King, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Christina Hendricks Calls Body Speculation 'Bizarre' 1659067 23rd May 2011 Christina Hendricks, the American actress best known for playing office manager 'Joan Holloway' on Hbo's 'Mad Men', says she finds it "bizarre" that people are constantly asking whether he has breast implants. Christina Hendricks, who recently launched Vivienne Westwood's new line of jewellery, is often praised for her 'plus size' body image.
Speaking to the UK's Daily Mail, Hendricks says the attention surrounding her body can become tiring, saying, "It's so bizarre that people are constantly asking if my breasts are real or fake. They're so obviously real that anyone who's ever seen or touched a breast would know. Having larger breasts has made it harder for me to shop throughout the years, but I've learnt to love it". The actress says she has begun to embrace her unique body shape, saying, "If there's anything to be learned from me it's that I'm learning to celebrate what I was born with, even though it's sometimes been inconvenient". The 36-year-old rose to fame after landing a part on the acclaimed series 'Mad Men', and Hendricks rubbished speculation that she plans on leaving the programme, saying, "I'm on this wonderful show with all these opportunities.So it seems crazy to jump out of it. I want to really experience the career for a while, and then I'll see what happens".
Christina Hendricks recently completed filming the upcoming drama 'Drive', with Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan and Bryan Cranston. The film, which hits cinemas in September 2010, follows the story of a Hollywood stunt performer. news_wenn_old 55794 1354696 Christina Hendricks, Hbo, Vivienne Westwood, Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston
Olivia Munn To Play 'Sexy Financial Analyst' In Hbo Pilot 1659341 19th May 2011 Olivia Munn, the American actress best known for starring in the recently cancelled 'Perfect Couples', will play a "sexy financial analyst" in a forthcoming pilot for Hbo, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Olivia Munn has officially joined the cast of Aaron Sorkin's drama series about the co-anchor of a cables news show.
The project, tentatively titled 'More as the Story Develops', revolves around Jeff Daniels' character 'Will' who must contend with his new team of workers after his fellow host lands a new job and takes most of their staff with him. The lead role will represent Daniels' first major television appearance. Munn will play 'Sloan', one of the "new breed" of staff who begins work at Will's network. The actress last appeared in Jon Pollack's sitcom 'Perfect Couples', but the show was replaced in its timeslot by 'The Paul Reiser Show' in April 2011 and was officially cancelled on 13th May 2011. Behind the scenes of the new Hbo show, 'Six Feet Under's' Alan Poul has joined as executive producer, while Sorkin and Scott Rudin will direct alternate episodes should the project get the green-light for a full series.
Olivia Munn recently completed work on the upcoming comedy 'I Don't Know How She Does It', based on the novel by Allison Pearson. The film also stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Greg Kinnear and PIERCE BROSNAN. news_wenn_old 56966 1365898 Olivia Munn, Hbo, Aaron Sorkin, Jeff Daniels, Alan Poul, Scott Rudin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Greg Kinnear
Bill Hunter Fears Grow As Family Gathers At Hospice 1659429 18th May 2011 Bill Hunter, the legendary Australian actor best known for his roles in 'Gallipoli' and 'Muriel's Wedding', is "gravely ill" in hospital, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. Bill Hunter's friends and family have gathered at the Melbourne hospice where the actor was admitted three days ago.
Hunter, who is suffering from an inoperable form of cancer, was described as being in a "gravely ill condition" last night (17th May 2011). His manager Mark Morrissey added, "The doctors are being very, very supportive". Universally regarded as one of Australia's finest ever actors, Bill Hunter has appeared in such classic films as 'Newsfront', Strictly Ballroom', 'The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert', 'Gallipoli' and alongside Toni Collette in 'Muriel's Wedding'. His television work includes playing 'Ben Chiffley' in the 1984 series 'The Last Bastion' and appearing in the crime drama 'Blue Murder' in 1995. Just last year he featured in Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks' acclaimed Hbo mini-series 'The Pacific'. Despite his deteriorating health, Hunter recently completed two new movies which are scheduled to premiere later this year, the comedy-drama 'Red Dog' and the Australian drama 'The Cup', in which he plays the horse trainer 'Bart Cummings'.
In 2001, Bill Hunter was awarded the Centenary Medal for his services to acting. The award honours people who have made an exceptional contribution to Australian society or government. news_wenn_old 51218 Bill Hunter, Toni Collette, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Hbo
De Niro To Portray Fraudster Madoff In Tv Biopic 1659627 16th May 2011 Robert De Niro is set to bring the story of jailed conman Bernie Madoff to life on the small screen in a new TV biopic.
The Raging Bull star has signed up to portray the convicted fraudster, who is serving a 150-year prison term for stealing billions of dollars from wealthy clients such as John Malkovich, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, and ailing Zsa Zsa Gabor.
The TV movie, for U.S. cable network Hbo, will be based on New York Times reporter Diana Henriques' new book The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and The Death of Trust, reports
De Niro is no stranger to Madoff - the pair were neighbours in the luxury New York vacation retreat the Hamptons.
Madoff was arrested in December 2008 and jailed in 2009.
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Mos Def To Star In Sixth Season Of Dexter 1659921 12th May 2011 Mos Def, the American rapper and actor, has signed on to join award-winning cast of crime saga 'Dexter', reports Mtv News. Mos Def will take on the role of ex-con 'Brother Sam', a religious and reformed criminal who still seems to attract violence wherever he goes.
The 37-year-old Brooklyn based rapper will feature prominently in the forthcoming season, with lead actor Michael C. Hall attempting to uncover the mystery of Def's character. Joining the rapper as a new cast-member is Colin Hanks, the eldest son of Academy Award winner Tom Hanks, who will play a potential nemesis to Hall's 'Dexter'. Acting since he was 14 years old, Mos Def has achieved critical acclaim in his previous movie roles, most notably, Michel Gondry's 'Be Kind Rewind'. He also starred in Hbo's 'Something the Lord Made', earning Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominations for his role as the surgical technician 'Vivien Thomas'. A member of the musical duo Black Star with Talib Kweli, the 37-year-old is also a six-times Grammy Award winner and released his last album 'The Ecstatic' in 2009 to near unanimous critical acclaim.
Mos Def will appear in all twelve episodes of 'Dexter's' season six. The fifth season finale finished strongly, pulling in 2.5 million viewers on its first airing. news_wenn_old 51225 945763 Mos Def, Mtv, Colin Hanks, Tom Hanks, Michel Gondry, Hbo, Golden Globe Awards, Talib Kweli
Ed Asner Didn't Meet Warren Buffett For Movie Role 1660124 11th May 2011 Ed Asner had to play Warren Buffett in a new TV movie without ever having met the billionaire.
The veteran actor takes on the role of the famed investor in new Hbo film Too Big To Fail alongside co-stars James Woods and William Hurt.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show star thoroughly researched the role, but never had the opportunity to come face-to-face with Buffett.
He tells Cindy Adams of the New York Post, "I'd like to meet Buffett, but I'm not the sort to reach out. I don't do those things. Not that type. I handle things sedately."
Too Big To Fail is due to air in the U.S. on 16 May (11).
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Barbra Streisand And Larry Kramer At War Over The Normal Heart 1660287 10th May 2011 Barbra Streisand and writer/gay activist Larry Kramer have launched into a war of words over their failed attempt to turn his 1985 Aids epidemic play The Normal Heart into a new movie.
Streisand has attacked Kramer in a new Entertainment Weekly interview, and the playwright has responded by blaming the diva for holding up the adaptation.
Calling Kramer "brilliant, courageous, stubborn, and self-destructive," Streisand states, "I love this play, and I love its cause... I was using the best of it. But there are certain things you do for film. Larry only wanted to use his screenplay. I couldn't have my hands tied artistically."
But the writer claims Streisand rewrote the script to make her character the star.
He says, "She cut (lead character) Ned's part so much that when she offered the movie to a major star who had played the part on stage, he said, 'I can't play this. The character has no motivation anymore'... She subsumed all of the motivations into her part, as the doctor."
Following up after hearing his claims, Streisand adds, "Larry's claim that I wanted to expand the role of the doctor to make her the star and marginalise the gay characters is nonsense."
The actress/director, who purchased the film rights to The Normal Heart after seeing its original Off Broadway incarnation in 1985 and then spent 10 years working with Kramer and another screenwriter to adapt the story, also claims the playwright rejected a deal from executives at TV network Hbo to turn the play into a TV project after major studios balked at its subject matter.
She adds, "Larry wouldn't accept their highest offer of $250,000. He wanted a million dollars. Larry held out for the money. I didn't. Why not advance your cause? Why keep this movie unseen for all these years?"
Kramer claims he never heard about such an offer and says Streisand repeatedly abandoned the project to work on other movies.
He says, "She's a mighty force, and I certainly agree she has done a good deal for the gay world. She just wasn't going to make this movie right."
It now looks like Glee creator Ryan Murphy will be directing the film - and Streisand may still be onboard to play the doctor role she was slated to play, opposite Mark Ruffalo.
She's still passionate about the drama: "If I could direct it today, I would direct it today, because it has been very hard for me to find a piece that I feel as passionate about. I mean, I love this play."
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Lady Gaga Triumphs At Madison Square Garden In Hbo Concert Special 2566769 8th May 2011
Lady Gaga has highlighted why she is still a force to be reckoned with, after appearing in a Hbo special covering her recent Monster Ball Tour show in New York's Madison Square Garden (2 February 2011). However, this didn't stop Lady Gaga from feeling like a 'loser' backstage.
Pulling no punches, Gaga appeared in an array of costume changes, dazzling sets and committing even more quirky behaviour as usual. Energised by her hometown crowd, she gave the screaming crowd a simple piece of advice: 'even when 'they' turn its back on you, you always have yourself.' However, the backstage footage seemed to show an alternate reality, as Gaga was seen wiping tears from her eyes, talking about wanting to win for her fans: "I just sometimes feel like a loser, still. I have to tell myself I'm a superstar every morning. I cannot be destroyed, I will not be destroyed, and you can never destroy the kingdom that is my fans.' The Hbo special is planned to be shown on Sky1 later this month.
Lady Gaga has recently finished her Monster Ball Tour, set to possibly be the highest-grossing tour of all time. Her new album, Born this Way, is due for release 23 May 2011. news_studio_old 75280 1344265 Lady Gaga, Hbo
Donald Trump Accepts Obama's Tupac Jibes 2566797 2nd May 2011
Donald Trump, the American businessman and host of 'Celebrity Apprentice', has responded to jokes made about him by the President Barack Obama, reports the Hollywood Reporter. Donald Trump recently stated that he will run for the Presidential Election in 2012 but is yet to make an official announcement.
At the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday evening (30th April 2011), Obama made a series of quips about the outspoken Trump, saying, "I know he's taken some flack lately. But no one is prouder to put this birth certificate issue to rest than Donald, and that's because he can get back to the issues that matter, like, did we fake the moon landing? What really happened in Roswell? And where are Biggie and Tupac?" The evening's host SETH MEYERS also directed jibes at Trump, saying, "Donald Trump said that he was running for president as a Republican. That's funny, because I thought he was running as a joke". Responding to the criticism, Trump gave an interview to Cnn, saying, "I thought some of what the president did was pretty good. I understand it. It was a lion's pit. I was walking into it. I've been there before and I thought it was an entertaining evening".
Donald Trump said he would be "announcing something prior to June", concerning his possible Presidential run. The 64-year-old said he would wait until his reality television show 'Celebrity
Ed Asner, aged 81, is set to appear on a multi-episode arc on the USA Network series ROYAL PAINS, TV Guide reports.
Featuring in two episodes in the upcoming series, Asner will play Ted Roth, the grandfather of Hank played by Mark Feuerstein and Evan played by Paulo Costanzo. This comes in conjunction with the arrival of Hank and Evan's father Henry Winkler, whom was introduced in the previous series.
The former Screen Actors Guild President is best known for his Emmy Award-winning role as Lou Grant on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' and his recent return to CMT's original sitcom 'Working Class'. Asner will next be seen in the Hbo movie 'Too Big To Fail'. The third series of 'Royal Pains' is set to start in the US on June 29th. news_studio_old 74194 1348476 Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Cnn, Ed Asner, Mark Feuerstein, Paulo Costanzo, Henry Winkler, Hbo
Katie Holmes Settles Drug Magazine Case 2566800 1st May 2011
Katie Holmes has settled her lawsuit against the publishers of Star Magazine over a cover story that suggested that she was a drug addict.

According to The Press Association, the magazine has published an apology to the Batman star on its cover and inside, stating that it 'did not intend to suggest that Ms Holmes was a drug addict or was undergoing treatment for drug addiction'.

The 32-year-old actress had sued American Media last month over their January Issue that had a cover headline reading 'KATIE DRUG SHOCKER!'. Holmes had been seeking more than 50 million dollars (£30.3 million) in lawsuit damages. Star Magazine originally stood by its story, expecting the case to be dismissed, but now has apologised 'for any misperception' by making 'a substantial donation' to charity 'for any harm that we may have caused'. Whilst financial settlements were not revealed, Holmes disclosed that she had accepted the apology. Holmes will be donating her settlement to Dizzy Feet Foundation, an organization that helps underprivileged children pay for dance classes.

The star, who is married to Tom Cruise, has recently appeared in the controversial Hbo series 'The Kennedys'. She is set to appear in the Dennis Dugan comedy 'Jack and Jill', alongside Adam Sandler, later this year. news_studio_old 77037 1316484 Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, Hbo, Dennis Dugan, Adam Sandler
Ed Asner To Appear On 'Royal Pains' 2566804 30th April 2011
Ed Asner, aged 81, is set to appear on a multi-episode arc on the USA Network series ROYAL PAINS, TV Guide reports.
Featuring in two episodes in the upcoming series, Asner will play Ted Roth, the grandfather of Hank played by Mark Feuerstein and Evan played by Paulo Costanzo. This comes in conjunction with the arrival of Hank and Evan's father Henry Winkler, whom was introduced in the previous series.
The former Screen Actors Guild President is best known for his Emmy Award-winning role as Lou Grant on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' and his recent return to CMT's original sitcom 'Working Class'. Asner will next be seen in the Hbo movie 'Too Big To Fail'. The third series of 'Royal Pains' is set to start in the US on June 29th. news_studio_old 52207 1308202 Ed Asner, Mark Feuerstein, Paulo Costanzo, Henry Winkler, Hbo
Bristol Palin Role In 'Game Change' Is Cast 1661353 27th April 2011 Bristol Palin, the daughter of Republican politician Sarah Palin, will be portrayed by the actress Melissa Farman in Hbo's forthcoming movie 'Game Change', according to the Hollywood Reporter. The character of Bristol Palin is expected to feature heavily in the project, with the plot focusing on her mother's role in the 2008 Presidential Elections.
Farman's previous credits include an appearance on 'Lost', 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' in 2009 and a role in the television movie 'Temple Grandin' with Claire Danes. She also featured in Ncis earlier this year and recently finished filming the movie 'The Moth Diaries'. Other actors to join the cast of the Hbo project include Larry Sullivan, who has been cast as Sarah Palin's deputy chief of staff Chris Edwards. Jamey Sheridan will play Senator John Mccain's speechwriter and senior campaign advisor Mark Salter. 'Game Change' is based on the bestselling book by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. It will be directed by Jay Roach and written by Danny Strong, who previously worked together on Hbo's election-themed film 'Recount'.
The Hollywood actress Julianne Moore has already been cast as Bristol Palin's mother Sarah Palin and Ed Harris will portray John Mccain. The role of President Barack Obama is yet to be cast. Filming is expected to get underway shortly, with a release date set for late 2011. news_wenn_old 46523 1215314 Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin, Hbo, Claire Danes, Jamey Sheridan, John Mccain, Jay Roach, Danny Strong, Julianne Moore, Ed Harris, Barack Obama
Kirstie Alley To Star In Hbo Sitcom? 1661377 27th April 2011 Kirstie Alley - The 60-year-old American actress and Dancing With The Stars contestant Kirstie Alley, has revealed that she has two sitcom projects in the works. Alley claims that both TV Land and Hbo are developing shows for her to choose from, marking her return to scripted television.
Speaking to Aol Tv, the 'Cheers' star confirmed that writing on both shows is underway, saying, "I have a series being written for me right now that I really love the concept of. They're doing it for TV Land and I like those guys. They are really bringing comedy back. I also have some people writing a potential series for me for Hbo. But I really want to do movies". Alley previously starred in the popular sitcom 'Veronica's Closet', but is best known for her portrayal of 'Rebecca Howe' on the hugely successful 'Cheers'. The 60-year-old has also suggested that she would like to make the foray onto Broadway after her time on Dancing With The Stars ends. The actress made a strong start to the hit dancing competition, but has since found herself languishing towards the bottom of the leader-board.
As well as her television roles, Kirstie Alley also starred in the popular 'Look Who's Talking' movies with John Travolta. She was nominated for a 'Saturn Award' for her performance in the 1984 movie 'Runaway'. news_wenn_old 51857 1334323 Kirstie Alley, Dancing With The Stars, Hbo, John Travolta
Lady Gaga's Backstage Meltdown 1661618 25th April 2011 Lady Gaga can be seen breaking down in tears as she admits to feeling like a "loser kid" in an emotional clip from an upcoming concert documentary.
The singer weeps openly as she talks about her insecurities while gazing into a mirror in her dressing room at New York's Madison Square Garden.
She says, "I was in the worst mood on the way here. I just get so revved up when I do these benchmark shows you know, 'cause I start to think about all the people that have tried to stop me... I think about how I don't really give a s**t if people don't understand what I do as long as my fans understand.
"I just sometimes feel like a loser still, you know. It's crazy 'cause it's like we're at the Garden but I still sometimes feel like a loser kid in high school.
"I gotta (sic) pick myself up and I have to tell myself that I'm a superstar every morning so that I can get through this day and be for my fans what they need for me to be. But sometimes I still feel like people are trying to destroy me.
"I'm fighting for every kid that's like me, that felt like I felt and feels like I still feel... I just wanna be a queen for them and sometimes I don't feel like one. It's not about being a winner for me anymore. It's about being a winner for all of them."
The footage, filmed in February (11) for an Hbo special, also shows Gaga bowing her head in prayer, asking God, "Please give me strength to be a winner for all of them and not myself... Please help me to be strong and know my own strength. Please help me to be brave, Lord. Dear God, give me courage. Do not let me give in to my own insecurities."
Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden is due to air in the U.S. on 7 May (11).
news_wenn_old 75280 1344265 Lady Gaga, Hbo
Fascinating Fact 11310 1661879 21st April 2011
Actor Sean Bean's new historical TV drama Game Of Thrones has been given the green light for a second season by network chiefs at cable channel Hbo - just two days after it premiered on U.S. TV on Sunday (17Apr11). The series, about the ruling families in a kingdom called Westeros, is based on author George R. R. Martin's books A Song of Ice and Fire.
news_wenn_old 56309 1527008 Sean Bean, Hbo
Paz De La Huerta Assaulted 'The City' Star 1661915 20th April 2011 Paz De La Huerta, the American actress and star of the Hbo drama series 'Boardwalk Empire', has been charged with third-degree assault after a brawl in New York. Paz De La Huerta appeared in court yesterday to face the charges after she allegedly "beat a television TV star bloody" in a brawl at a Meatpacking District hotspot, reports the New York Daily News.
De La Huerta reportedly punched Samantha Swetra in the face, bloodying her nose and mouth and then threw a glass at her. Swetra is the star of Mtv's hit reality show 'The City'. Prosecutors say De La Huerta told cops at the scene, "I'm a real actress - Hbo. She's a publicity seeker, a fake actress" The 'Boardwalk Empire' star appeared in Manhattan criminal court yesterday (19th March 2011) wearing a black trench coat over an ivory suit with stiletto heels. As well as third-degree assault, the actress was also charged with 'attempted assault', 'harassment' and 'criminal possession of a weapon". She declined to comment as she left court with a group of assistants and jumped into a waiting black Suv.
Prosecutors say the fight broke out when Paz De La Huerta was mocked by Swetra and the American actress Lindsay Lohan after she had tripped and crashed into a table. De la Huerta responded by punching Swetra in the face. news_wenn_old 82270 1552837 Paz De La Huerta, Hbo, Mtv, Lindsay Lohan
Evan Rachel Wood Acts 'Like The Guy' On Dates 1661916 20th April 2011 Evan Rachel Wood, the American actress and star of 'True Blood', admits that she acts "like the guy" when she goes on dates with women. Evan Rachel Wood recently gave a revealing interview to Esquire Magazine during which she admitted she was bisexual.
In the magazine's May issue, Rachel Wood claimed she was "up for anything", remarking, "Meet a nice guy, meet a nice girl." When pressed by the interviewer on whether she dates women, Wood answered, "yes". The 23-year-old said when she's in a same-sex relationship she likes to act "like the guy", adding, "I'm the dominant one. I'm opening the doors, I'm buying dinner. Yeah, I'm romantic". The actress has played a number of gay or bisexual characters throughout her career. In "Once and Again", she played the young lesbian 'Jessie' while in the hit vampire series 'True Blood', she plays the bisexual 'Sophie-Anne'. Off-screen, her most notable relationships have been with men. She dated the young Brit Jamie Bell, as well as Shane West and Alexander Skarsgard. She was engaged to the controversial rocker Marilyn Manson in 2010 but the pair broke up last August.
Evan Rachel Wood is currently starring alongside Kate Winslet in the Hbo mini-series 'Mildred Pierce'. She recently completed filming the forthcoming drama movie 'The Ides of March' with George Clooney and PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN. news_wenn_old 50507 1331913 Evan Rachel Wood, Jamie Bell, Shane West, Alexander Skarsgard, Marilyn Manson, Kate Winslet, Hbo, George Clooney
U.k. Writer Cleaning Up Language For Veep Adaptation 2516227 19th April 2011 Armando Ianucci will be toning down the salty language of his hit British TV series The Thick of It for his U.S. adaptation, titled Veep and starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, when it debuts on HBO next year, the London Sun reported today (Tuesday), citing no sources. The BBC series stars Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker, the angry communications director to the British prime minister, who spews invective at his colleagues and is the government's chief spin doctor. (IMDb lists dozens of Tuckerisms at http // The series was spun off into a movie, In the Loop , in 2009 that only managed to be seen in a handful of theaters and at various film festivals in this country but was a hit in the U.K. (The movie costarred The Sopranos' James Gandolfini.) Both the British TV series and the movie lampooned the British and American governments -- and the new HBO series is likely to do the same. One of its producers is Frank Rich, the former New York Times media columnist (he's moving to New York magazine in June), who has been a lightning rod for conservatives. And Louis-Dreyfus has described herself as a "bleeding heart liberal."

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Evan Rachel Wood Confirms She Is Bisexual 1662034 19th April 2011 Evan Rachel Wood, the American actress and former girlfriend of Marilyn Manson, has revealed that she is bisexual. Evan Rachel Wood told Esquire Magazine that she dates women as well as men and is "into androgyny in general".
There has been much speculation as to Rachel Wood's sexuality in recent years, but during the interview for Esquire's May edition, the 'True Blood' star admits that she is 'Up for anything. Meet a nice guy, meet a nice girl". She added that she is "the dominant one" and tends to open doors and buys dinner for her dates. The actress also revealed she's "into androgyny in general" and that was the reason for being attracted to rocker Manson. Later in the interview, the 23-year-old says she wants the Pink Floyd song 'Shine On Your Crazy Diamond' played at her funeral and has also requested for her ashes to be scattered around the world. Best known for her role in the 2003 movie 'Thirteen', Rachel Wood is currently starring in the Hbo mini-series 'Mildred Pierce' alongside Kate Winslet.
Evan Rachel Wood began her relationship with Marilyn Manson in 2007 after the pair had met at a party held at Los Angeles' Chateau Marmont Hotel. The pair announced their engagement in January 2010 but just six months later it was reported that the couple had split. news_wenn_old 50507 1331913 Evan Rachel Wood, Marilyn Manson, Pink Floyd, Hbo, Kate Winslet
Game Of Thrones Gets Second Series After One Episode 2566848 19th April 2011
GAME OF THRONES, the new Hbo fantasy series starring British actor Sean Bean has been renewed for a second series after just one episode, reports the New York Times. GAME OF THRONES' season premiere aired on Sunday (17th April 2011) to an audience of 2.2 million.
The medieval fantasy series is based on author GEORGE R. R. MARTIN's best-selling series of novels 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. The story centres on the violent dynastic struggles of noble families looking to seek control of the 'Iron Throne'. Although 2.2 million is regarded as a respectable start for the 10-episode series, the figures are considerably smaller than Hbo's September 2010 launch of their drama series 'Boardwalk Empire', which drew 4.8 million viewers for its debut. Sean Bean, best known for his starring roles in 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Goldeneye', plays the Lord of Winterfell 'Ned Stark' in 'Game of Throne'. Joining Bean in the cast of the new show is Peter Dinklage, Mark Addy, Nikolaj Coster-waldau and MICHELLE FAIRLEY.
Although Hbo have confirmed that 'Game of Thrones' will return for a second season, the company did not say when production on the new episodes will begin. The first season pilot episode reportedly cost between $5 and $10 million and the total budget was estimated to be $60 million. news_studio_old 71751 1254454 Hbo, Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage, Mark Addy, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Julia Louis-dreyfus To Play Vice President 1662059 19th April 2011 Julia Louis-Dreyfus - The former 'Seinfeld' star Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been cast as the Vice President of the United States in the new Hbo comedy series 'Veep', reports the New York Times. Julia Louis-Dreyfus will play 'Selina Meyer', a U.S. senator who is elected to the country's second-highest office.
The new show, created by 'In The Loop' writer Armando Iannucci, is set to premiere next year. The 50-year-old said Julia's character was not based on anyone in particular, despite the obvious parallels with Hillary Clinton, saying, "I wanted to precisely say that this person isn't an existing person in high office. It's not a satire on Biden. It's not a satire on Cheney. When people talk about who are the presidential contenders for two years' time, there are so many female politicians there, that actually nobody bats an eyelid about it now". Joining Dreyfus in the cast of 'Veep' is Sufe Bradshaw, Anna Chlumsky and 'Arrested Development' star Tony Hale. Iannucci, who also created the British political comedy 'The Thick Of It', says he felt there was a distinct lack of television that portrayed Washington in an honest and unglamorous way, noting, "You have a dramatized, maybe glorified version of it, all sleek and handsome and elegant, where everyone's good at their job. I'm interested in the real personalities you get, but also the absurdity of the situations they find themselves in".
Julia Louis-dreyfus will also act as a producer on'Veep', alongside Christopher Godsick, Simon Blackwell and Iannuci himself. news_wenn_old 3275256 1134042 Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Hbo, Hillary Clinton, Anna Chlumsky, Tony Hale
Tina Fey Opens Up About Breastfeeding 2541116 18th April 2011

Tina Fey felt like a failure when couldn't breastfeed her baby.

When the '30 Rock' actress gave birth to her daughter Alice in September 2005 she wanted to nurse her but couldn't produce enough milk naturally and admits she found the experience tough.

Tina - who is pregnant with her second child with husband Jeff Richmond - described how she would watch episodes of TV show 'Entourage' while trying to extract milk with a breast-pump and felt guilty when she was forced to feed her baby formula instead.

She said: "I chose to pump every two hours while watching the HBO series 'Entourage'. I was able to do this for seven weeks before running out of episodes and sinking into a deep depression.

"However, the baby was thriving. I was no longer feeling trapped, spending 30 out of every 90 minutes attached to a Williams-Sonoma T*t Juicer. But I still had an overwhelming feeling of disappointment. I had failed at something that was supposed to be natural."

The 40-year-old comedian also found it difficult being around friends who had managed to breastfeed their children successfully and she would constantly compare herself to other new mothers.

Writing in her comedic memoirs 'Bossypants', she revealed: "I was defensive and grouchy whenever the topic came up. At a party where a friend was successfully nursing her little boy, I watched her husband produce a bottle of breast milk the size of a Big Gulp. It was more milk than I had produced in my whole seven weeks - I blame 'Entourage'."

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Maryland Boosts Tax Incentives 750 Percent 2516252 14th April 2011 Hoping to lure more TV and movie productions to the state, Maryland has increased the amount of tax incentives it is offering to studios from $1 million a year ago to $7.5 million this year. Writing in the Baltimore Sun , TV columnist David Zurawik observed today (Thursday) that the boost in incentives arrives "in time so that it could make a difference as to whether or not HBO decides to film its new political satire, VEEP, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, in Maryland -- should the pilot that was filmed here be picked up as a series." Zurawik observed that with only $1 million in incentive money, the state, once the home of such series as NBC's Homicide Life on the Street and HBO's The Wire , had seen productions going elsewhere. "Maryland had a hard time competing with states that had better packages to offer Hollywood producers," he observed. But Jack Gerbes director of the Maryland Film Office, told the Sun "The passage of this legislation will allow us to become more competitive in attracting productions to our state, create jobs for our film industry and generate economic activity for Maryland."

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