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Hayley Mills Couldn't Cope With Chemotherapy

27th December 2012

Veteran star Hayley Mills quit chemotherapy while battling breast cancer because she found the treatment more "draining" than the disease.The Parent Trap star was diagnosed with cancer on her birthday in 2008 and embarked on...

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Mills Shaved Her Head And Wore Wigs To Hide Cancer Battle

3rd January 2012

Veteran actress Hayley Mills has spoken out about her secret breast cancer battle, revealing she was so sick of losing her hair during her lowest point, she asked her son to shave her head and...

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Hayley Mills' Terror At Elephant Charge On Tv Set

21st December 2011

Veteran British actress Hayley Mills was left terrified on the African set of her TV series when an elephant and two hippos charged at her.The 65 year old stars in U.K. drama Wild At Heart,...

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Hayley Mills' Mail Proposal

19th January 2011

Former child star HAYLEY MILLS was left disappointed after her parents forced her to return a diamond ring sent to her by a devoted fan - because the gift came with a marriage proposal.The British...

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The Things They Say 17314

14th July 2010

"I have an absolutely lovely life. I'm still alive, which is a good start, still working, surrounded by children. Isn't it nice to not be consumed with anxiety about that pimple on the end of...

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Toni Collette Starts Foster Filming

2nd April 2010

Toni Collette has begun filming new movie 'Foster'. The Australian actress stars alongside Ioan Gruffudd in the drama, which tells the tale of a married couple who have trouble adopting a new child following the...

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Mills Terrified By Father's Great Expectations

15th August 2007

Actress HAYLEY MILLS suffered nightmares as a child after watching her father SIR JOHN MILLS in Charles DICkens adaptation GREAT EXPECTATIONS. The late actor played the orphan Pip in the classic 1946 movie and Mills...

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Mills Rejects Cosmetic Surgery

19th February 2007

Veteran British actress HAYLEY MILLS is refusing to buy into Hollywood's obsession with eternal youth, insisting she'd never go under the knife to preserve her looks. The 60-year-old, daughter of the late SIR JOHN MILLS,...

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Mills Regrets Working Away From Home

13th February 2007

Veteran British actress HAYLEY MILLS regrets not spending more time away from her career to look after her sons. The 60-year-old, daughter of the late SIR JOHN MILLS, has two sons from different relationships, KULA...

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Fascinating Fact 625

5th December 2005

HAYLEY MILLS and RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN will recreate the roles played by HENRY FONDA and KATHARINE HEPBURN in a US theatrical version of classic movie ON GOLDEN POND in 2006....

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007 Moore Signs Up To Ban Royal Fur

14th May 2003

Ailing actor ROGER MOORE is challenging QUEEN ELIZABETH II to ban fur from the royal household. Just two weeks after collapsing during a play in New York, the former 007 has teamed up with...

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