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Adele 'Invites Robbie Williams To Haunted Mansion'

28th March 2012

Adele has invited Robbie Williams to stay at her haunted mansion.The 23-year-old 'Someone Like You' singer reportedly believes her 10-bedroom home is Sussex, England, is being staked out by ghosts, and has invited super-natural enthusiast...

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Ryan Gosling Rents Halloween Bungalow

29th October 2011

Ryan Gosling has rented a bungalow at the Chateau Marmont so he can throw a huge Halloween party. The 'Ides of March' actor doesn't want to attend a glitzy Hollywood shindig on October 31 so...

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Fascinating Fact 330

9th October 2005

Disneyland's HAUNTED MANSION, which was turned into a hit EDDIE MURPHY movie, is now getting the comic book treatment. SLG Publishing will launch their first comic about the ghosts who live at the Haunted Mansion...

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