Hathaway Feared She Didn't Measure Up To Streep's Standards

ANNE HATHAWAY was terrified MERYL STREEP thought she was too inexperienced to be her co-star, after the Oscar-winner constantly talked about all the other "brilliant" young actresses she had worked with in the past. The BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN beauty teamed up with Streep in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and was convinced she wasn't making much of an impression on the acting icon. She explains, "I got a little neurotic whenever she would mention other young actresses she had worked with that were 'brilliant'. "I thought, 'Oh, no, she's saying that because she doesn't think I am and I don't measure up!' "(Actresses) like LINDSAY (LOHAN), like CLAIRE DANES. She's obsessed with Claire Danes! "There would be certain times that I would actually have to stop a take because I was so neurotic about what she was thinking that I just couldn't remember my lines. "But she was completely cool. She was very supportive and never made me feel like she had to deign to work with me."


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Oh Anne why must you continue to pull yourself down, even if this is how you felt it is not very clever to say so in public. Why should any Producer or Director consider you capable of more demanding and mature rolls, when you persist in suggesting that you are not completly confident in your own abilities. This must place you agent at a huge disadvantage, unless you agent is the type who considers there is no such thing a bad publicity, and is advising you to make these stupid statements. If indeed that were the case perhaps you would be well advised to find one who has more common sense, more clout, and possible better contacts. In any case this one seems to regard you more as a pin up girl than an actress, judging by the number of photoshoots you attend. It is interesting to speculate who is benifiting from the thousands of posters and photos of you that being sold these days. Is it possible this is in fact not you?
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