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Grindhouse To Be Split In Two?

10th April 2007

Movie mogul HARVEY WEINSTEIN is planning to re-release GRINDHOUSE as two separate films - after the double-bill flopped at the box office. The film, a double-feature directed by QUENTIN TARANTINO and ROBERT RODRIGUEZ made just...

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Tarantino's Bond Grudge

23rd March 2007

QUENTIN TARANTINO has attacked JAMES BOND movie bosses for stealing his idea to remake CASINO ROYALE, and not giving him the credit. The PULP FICTION director pitched the idea of making the movie with PIERCE...

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Weinsteins Land Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Et Al

21st February 2007

The Walt Disney Co. may now own the rights to Kermit and Miss Piggy, but Bob and Harvey Weinstein -- Disney's old nemeses -- now own the rights to distribute the shows featuring Elmo, Cookie...

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Movie Mogul Weinstein 'Forgives' Gibson

13th February 2007

Jewish movie mogul HARVEY WEINSTEIN is willing to forgive MEL GIBSON - but only on the condition he no longer harbours any racist beliefs. Gibson insulted the Jewish community last year (06) after making a...

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O'halloran Praises Dawson's 'Regular Guy' Humour

24th January 2007

Actor BRIAN O'HALLORAN has lavished praise on his CLERKS II co-star ROSARIO DAWSON, insisting other actresses muted for the part wouldn't have fitted in with the film's lewd humour. The 41-year-old grew nervous when executive...

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Sundance Film Seeks Probe Of Abu Ghraib

22nd January 2007

Rory Kennedy, who was born after her father, Senator Robert Kennedy, was assassinated in 1968, has expressed the hope that her documentary, Ghosts of Abu Ghraib, which is competing at this year's Sundance Film Festival,...

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Fascinating Fact 2670

9th January 2007

Movie mogul HARVEY WEINSTEIN, a former smoker, is determined to deter youngsters from picking up the habit by posting commercials detailing the dangers of nicotine on all Weinstein Co DVD releases that feature smoking scenes....

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De Niro Buys Apartment From Weinstein's Ex

15th December 2006

ROBERT DE NIRO and his wife GRACE HIGHTOWER have bought the exclusive Central Park West, New York City apartment that was formerly owned by movie mogul HARVEY WEINSTEIN's ex EVE. The TAXI DRIVER star paid...

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Faith-based Horror Film For Christmas?

11th December 2006

Only days after they had announced they were forming a new company to distribute faith-based movies, Bob and Harvey Weinstein said that they intend to open a slasher movie called Black Christmas on Christmas day....

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Weinsteins Court Christian Crowd

7th December 2006

Bob and Harvey Weinstein, who, while heading their former company Miramax, infuriated conservative Christian activists with films like Kids, Priest, and Dogma, have announced that they are forming a new company to distribute faith-based movies....

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Estevez: 'I Will Marry Soon'

17th November 2006

Hollywood star EMILIO ESTEVEZ is planning to marry his longterm girlfriend SONJA MAGDEVSKI in the very near future. The former Brat Pack idol has confirmed he and his girlfriend will finally marry after dating...

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Weinstein Co. And Blockbuster In Exclusive Deal

16th November 2006

In a deal that left many analysts scratching their heads, The Weinstein Company on Wednesday announced a four-year deal with Blockbuster that will give the rental company exclusive rights to TWC's theatrical and direct-to-video movies....

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Norah's Movie Debut Picked Up By The Weinsteins

13th November 2006

NORAH JONES' movie debut in Hong Kong director WONG KAR WAI's romantic comedy MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS is set to make waves after it was picked up by Hollywood heavyweights BOB and HARVEY WEINSTEIN's production company....

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Weinsteins Wonder What Would Have Happened If...

1st November 2006

Miramax founders Bob and Harvey Weinstein have suggested that they might have remained with the Disney Co. had Robert Iger been running it while they were there instead of Michael Eisner. In an interview with...

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Townshend No Fool For Michael Moore

31st October 2006

PETE TOWNSHEND refused to let documentary maker MICHAEL MOORE use THE WHO's WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN in his FAHRENHEIT 9/11 film because he didn't want the anthem to become an anti-PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH song....

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Weinstein Considers Legal Action Over Nbc Ad Snub

29th October 2006

Movie mogul HARVEY WEINSTEIN is considering legal action against US TV network NBC after they rejected an advertisement for a documentary about the DIXIE CHICKS' criticism of US President GEORGE W BUSH. The country trio...

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Networks Refuse To Air Ads For Dixie Chicks Documentary

27th October 2006

NBC and the new CW network have refused to carry ads for Shut Up & Sing, the documentary about the Dixie Chicks' opposition to the war in Iraq, which opens this weekend in Los Angeles...

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Don't Smoke Psa's Coming To Dvd

25th October 2006

The Weinstein Co. will become the first studio to add anti-smoking messages to DVDs of movies in which people smoke, beginning with Clerks II, to be released in December. Company founders Bob and Harvey Weinstein...

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De Niro Buys Weinstein Home

6th October 2006

Oscar winner ROBERT DE NIRO has paid millions for the former home of Miramax boss HARVEY WEINSTEIN. The Hollywood actor bought the lavish 15-room property on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York, from...

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Movie Reviews: School For Scoundrels

29th September 2006

Bob and Harvey Weinstein, who appeared to lose their legendary golden touch after they left Miramax, the company they founded, in the hands of the Walt Disney Co., have apparently not regained it with their...

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Dixie Chicks Documentary To Clash With Election?

22nd August 2006

New DIXIE CHICKS documentary SHUT UP AND SING is set to send shockwaves through the American political arena, as its planned release date is just before the November (06) US elections. The highly-charged film refers...

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Collette Refused To Shave Armpits

4th August 2006

Australian actress TONI COLLETTE fought with movie bosses on the set of new movie COSI, after they ordered her to shave her armpits. Collette was convinced her junky character needed unkempt underarm hair and battled...

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Kevin Smith Stings Back

20th July 2006

Director Kevin Smith, who once said that being named by Bob and Harvey Weinstein to write and direct The Green Hornet was like a "dream come true," now says he wants no part of the...

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New Studio Will Give Black Execs "Green-light Power"

14th July 2006

BET founder Robert L. Johnson confirmed Thursday that he is forming an independent film studio -- to be called Our Stories Films -- with Bob and Harvey Weinstein. The company plans to produce family films...

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Weinstein Wants Galliano To Direct

12th July 2006

Hollywood mogul HARVEY WEINSTEIN wants JOHN GALLIANO to direct one of his movies after seeing the designer's recent fashion show for Christian Dior. The PULP FICTION producer is prepared to wait for the London-born fashionista...

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Disney's Espn Makes Deal With Weinstein-owned Company

11th July 2006

Disney's cable sports network ESPN is dropping Buena Vista Home Video as its DVD distributor and switching to Genius Products, the home video distributor owned in part by the Weinstein Co. The deal surprised analysts...

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Weinstein To Produce Gorillaz Movie

2nd June 2006

Hollywood movie mogul HARVEY WEINSTEIN is in talks with BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN to produce a GORILLAZ movie. The former Miramax head visited Albarn and co-Gorillaz creator, artist JAMIE HEWLETT, to discuss a possible film...

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Weinstein Tips Lohan For Oscar

29th May 2006

Movie mogul HARVEY WEINSTEIN predicts actress LINDSAY LOHAN will win an Oscar at next year's (07) Academy Awards. Weinstein believes the 19-year-old, who has roles in both A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION and the upcoming ROBERT...

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Weinstein Weight Loss

28th May 2006

Heavyweight producer HARVEY WEINSTEIN has lost more than 80 pounds (36 kilograms) after being diagnosed with diabetes. The SIN CITY film-maker was diagnosed with type two diabetes and has had to make drastic life changes...

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Ailing Elton Misses Cannes Aids Ball

26th May 2006

SIR ELTON JOHN had to miss out on an Aids charity ball in Cannes, France, last night (25MAY06) after suffering a sore throat. The gay ROCKET MAN star, a staunch Aids campaigner, sent his partner...

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