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Harry Styles To Be Best Man...At His Mother's Wedding

By Michael West | 31st May 2013

One Direction star Harry Styles will be the best man at his mother Anne Cox's wedding on Saturday. Harry's mother, 43, is set to marry her long-term partner Robin Twist, who helped bring up the...

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Harry Styles Crushed By Mob Of Fans Outside Parisian Hotel [Video]

By Michael West | 30th April 2013

One Direction singer Harry Styles was "nearly crushed to death" by a mob of screaming girls in Paris on Monday (April 29, 2013). The heartthrob was leaving Hotel Amour on Rue Navarin without proper security...

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Does Harry Styles Have A Penchant For The Older Woman?

By Jack de Aguilar | 28th April 2013

One Direction’s Harry Styles is famous for his way with women. He’s young, good-looking and rich, therefore he can pretty much have any girl he wants. Of course, having sampled people his own age, he’s...

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Madame Tussauds Unveils One Direction Wax Lookalikes

By Victoria Pavlova | 18th April 2013

Madame Tussauds wax museum has unveiled its latest additions and (this is one for the fangirls) it’s none other than the One Direction boys.No, for real, in the pictures, the wax dolls look so eerily...

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Taylor Swift Entertainment

By Victoria Pavlova | 14th April 2013

Taylor Swift had fans and critics baffled when she made the comment that she doesn’t normally go for guys in the entertainment industry.Say what? That seems a bit puzzling, considering that Taytay has been giving...

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Margaret Thatcher Dead At 87: Harry Styles (Of All People) Lead Tributes

By Michael West | 8th April 2013

A website titled "Is Margaret Thatcher Dead?" has received a slew of criticism in recent years for its tasteless daily updates of whether or not the Baroness had passed away. Nevertheless, the website finally showed...

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Sorry One Directioners: Niall Horan Bags Irish Girl Zoe Whelan

By Michael West | 8th April 2013

Niall Horan has gone and broken the little hearts of many, many One Direction fans this week, by hooking up with Irish model Zoe Whelan. The 19-year-old is said to have met Zoe backstage at...

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Unusual Styles, Gallagher And Kane Trio Snapped At London's Groucho Club (Pictures)

By Holly Williams | 4th April 2013

It seems to have been a busy night on Wednesday (April 3rd 2013) at London's popular party joint Groucho nightclub as Noel Gallagher and Miles Kane are joined by. Harry Styles?!What do you get when...

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Will Harry Styles Call His Ex, Katie Smith After Her Audition On The Voice?

By Hayley Avron | 4th April 2013

Katie Smith and Harry Styles were quite obviously smitten with each other when they both competed in the early stages of X Factor back in 2010. In fact, it was so obvious, that the spin-off...

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A Week In News: Finding Nemo Sequel, Magic Johnson's Son And Diana In Drag?

By Michael West | 3rd April 2013

Nemo's Back! Great news this week for fans of Finding Nemo, Pixar's smash-hit animation featuring the voices of and Albert Brooks. Yep, you guessed it, a sequel has been announced and will hit cinemas in...

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A New Direction? Is Harry Styles Planning A Secret Solo Album?

By Michael West | 2nd April 2013

One Direction representatives have been forced to deny that Harry Styles is preparing for life away from the band after reports over the weekend suggested the teen heartthrob had been working on solo material in...

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An Unusual Bromance? Harry Styles And Rio Ferdinand Share The Twitter Love

By Hayley Avron | 18th March 2013

Harry Styles has got a new man in his life. Harry, 19, is often spotted out and about, socialising with older guys, like Nick Grimshaw and James Corden but it looks as though a brand...

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Has Harry Styles Gone ‘Sex Mad’? – One Direction Star Invited A Dozen Girls Back For The Night

By Jack de Aguilar | 17th March 2013

Harry Styles has gone from being the adorable member of One Direction to a “sex mad” pop-star in no time at all. That’s according to a source who spoke to The Daily Star, at least,...

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A Week In News: Justin Bieber Loses Fans? Elin Nordegren Finds Love? Miley Cyrus Single?

By Michael West | 13th March 2013

Bieber Blues: What is happening to Justin Bieber? The former loveable scamp appears to have become a target for the tabloids, especially the British ones. He endured a torrid time in London before cancelling a...

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Harry Styles' Tattoo Of A Butterfly – His Worst Yet?

By Jack de Aguilar | 11th March 2013

We like Harry Styles; we like One Direction – the little poppy scamps. But one think we can’t abide is Harry Styles’ choice of ink. And his latest – a pretty extravagant butterfly – has...

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Harry Styles New Tattoo: A Massive Butterfly On The Chest

By Michael West | 11th March 2013

Harry Styles is no stranger to body art, though his latest tattoo is his biggest and boldest yet. Tattoo artist Liam Sparkes posted a Flickr image on January 22, 2013, and although it Harry's face...

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Taylor Swift Sat In On Harry Styles Ship Tattoo: Tattooist Dishes All

By Lorna Greville  | 3rd March 2013

LA's Shamrock tattoo parlour has inked some of the world's most famous people from Johnny Depp to David Beckham and Anjelina Jolie. While you'd think a pale, skinny teenager from the UK might not be...

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Harry Styles' Shoe Thrower Owns Up: What Should Be Her Punishment?

By Michael West | 28th February 2013

The evil culprit behind Harry Styles' shoe to the groin has finally owned up...and, er, it's a 14-year-old girl called Jade Anderson. Oh. Turns out the mystery assailant was nothing more than an over-excited One...

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A Week In News: Seth Divides Oscars Viewers, Jennifer Lawrence Wins Big And It's Goodbye To Affleck's Beard

By Michael West | 27th February 2013

A Family Guy: Forget Ricky Gervais - who managed to insult MOST people during his stint as Golden Globes host - because Seth MacFarlane just about offended everyone at the Oscars on Sunday. Women, Jews,...

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Harry Styles Collapses On-stage After Getting Shoe-in-the-groin

By Michael West | 27th February 2013

Harry Styles was an unfortunate victim to the classic shoe-in-the-groin prank at a show in Glasgow on Tuesday night (February 26, 2013). Ok so it's not a well-known prank as such, but you get what...

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Worth Millions But Harry Styles Scrimps On Home DéCor, Spending £1345 In Second Hand Store

By Lorna Greville  | 24th February 2013

Perhaps the young star just still isn't used to such an enormous amount of money, or maybe he just loves vintage, either way, he spent well over a grand in a London second hand store...

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Harry Styles Politics Going In One Direction - And It Isn't David Cameron Or Tory

By Jack de Aguilar | 22nd February 2013

One Direction’s Harry Styles can’t escape the news recently; he’s been breaking up with A-List celebs, getting drunk with other A-List Celebs, and his general lad-about-townery has been making headlines left right and center.Talking of...

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Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Are No More, Taylor Swift And Tom Odell Drink After Brits

By Hayley Avron | 22nd February 2013

Taylor Swift is fast gaining a reputation for skipping between boyfriends faster that you can say ‘We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together,’ which, let’s face it, as song titles go, is a bit of...

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Brit Awards 2013 - Why They Were The Blandest Brits, And Who Should Have Won...

By Hayley Avron | 21st February 2013

Awards ceremonies are supposed to make you laugh. They’re supposed to make you cry. They’re supposed to make you angry. They’re supposed to shock the living daylights out of you. They are supposed to provide...

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Still Hammered? Nick Grimshaw And Harry Styles Host Comical Radio 1 Show

By Michael West | 21st February 2013

Lily Allen suggested Nick Grimshaw was "still hammered" from the BRIT Awards during his hosting of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show this morning. The hungover DJ had spent all night partying with pal Harry Styles,...

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Unpick This One! Liam Payne Brands Boy George "Weird" In Bizarre Twitter Spat

By Michael West | 21st February 2013

The One Direction boys seemed in pretty high spirits at the BRIT Awards in London last night. There was Harry, dancing around the stage like a lunatic, Louis helping himself to the complimentary fizz, Zayn...

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Brit Awards: Taylor Swift Flirts Up A Storm With Rizzle Kicks’ Jordan Stephens

By Michael West | 21st February 2013

Taylor Swift seemed to forget all about her millionaire ex-boyfriend Harry Styles at the Brit Awards after party on Wednesday (February 20, 2013), flirting up a storm with British musician Jordan Stephens, of pop duo...

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Harry Styles Talks Brit Awards And Taylor Swift

By Jack de Aguilar | 20th February 2013

They grow up so fast, don’t they? Time was Harry Styles would get in the news for staying out after 9pm. Now he’s maturely responding to break up questions and giving us the lowdown on...

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By The Look Of Rita Ora, Dave Gardner Just Threw The Party Of The Year (Photos)

By Michael West | 19th February 2013

Rarely apart from her new best-bud Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora braved the photographers alone on Tuesday afternoon (February 19, 2013), emerging from the Notting Hill home of football agent Dave Gardner at 2pm following an...

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Hoedown Showdown Taylor Swift Being Sued For $1.8 Million After Concert Fiasco

By Hayley Avron | 19th February 2013

Taylor Swift is facing a $1.8 million lawsuit, after she walked away in profit from a country music hoedown in Canada… one which never happened. TMZ have obtained a copy of the lawsuit, relating to...

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