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Sylvester Stallone Twitter Rant: "Harrison Ford In", "Greedy" Bruce Willis Out Of 'Expendables 3'

By Elinor Cosgrave | 7th August 2013

Sylvester Stallone has made his feelings towards Bruce Willis crystal clear after tweeting about Expendables 3. The Rocky actor confirmed that Harrison Ford would be joining the Expendables cast, replacing Willis.Sylvester Stallone at the New...

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Sylvester Stallone Brands Bruce Willis 'Lazy'

7th August 2013

Sylvester Stallone has lashed out at Bruce Willis for dropping out of 'The Expendables 3'.The 67-year-old actor branded the 'Diehard' star, 58, ''greedy and lazy'' after hinting Bruce, who appeared in the first two 'Expendables'...

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Harrison Ford Joins The Expendables As Willis Walks Away

7th August 2013

Harrison Ford has joined the cast of the third The Expendables movie.Sylvester Stallone made the big announcement via a post on his page on Tuesday (06Aug13) and revealed another big star, Bruce Willis, has...

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Can We Look Forward To A Tangible Star Wars Episode Vii?

By Jack de Aguilar | 30th July 2013

From the jerky horrors that made Jason’s life a misery, the flesh eating shark that terrorized the small island of Amity to the world’s biggest cruise liner falling victim to an iceberg, special effects and...

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John Williams Confirms His Place On Upcoming Star Wars: Episode Vii

By Joe Wilde | 29th July 2013

Last Saturday (27 July), John Williams became the latest name to be tied down to the upcoming re-boot of the beloved Star Wars franchise. The composer, who has written the score for all six of...

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Jennifer Aniston Quashes Rumours Of Engagement Trouble With Justin Theroux

By Elinor Cosgrave | 29th July 2013

Jennifer Aniston is happy to discuss the rumours surrounding her married to Justin Theroux. Appearing at a We're the Millers promotional event, she spoke to the press in order to clear any misunderstanding regarding her...

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John Williams To Score Upcoming Star Wars: Episode Vii & Fans Get First Glimpse At New Animated Series In An Eventful Star Wars-themed Weekend

By Joe Wilde | 28th July 2013

There is still an air of apprehension surrounding the planned re-boot of the Star Wars franchise - which is now owned by Disney - however a recent interview with the great John Williams has given...

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Ryan Gosling To Play Luke Skywalker's Son In Star Wars Episode 7?

By Michael West | 25th July 2013

Ryan Gosling attended a meeting with a view to playing Luke Skywalker's son in JJ Abrams forthcoming Star Wars Episode 7 movie, according to the Latino-Review, which 'broke' the news that Harrison Ford would be...

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Harrison Ford 'Sedated' At Comic-con

23rd July 2013

Harrison Ford joked he was ''lightly sedated'' when talking about his new film 'Ender's Game' at Comic-Con.The 71-year-old actor made his first appearance at the convention in San Diego, California, to promote his new sci-fi...

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Harrison Ford Responds To Orson Scott Card Homophobia Scandal With Indifference

By Victoria Pavlova | 19th July 2013

There’s been a whole lot of controversy swirling around in the media around the homophobic views of Ender’s Game author Orson Scott Card. While Card has been open about his opinions in the past, it...

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Lionsgate Play The 'No Card' Card As Ender's Game Regains Momentum

By Jack de Aguilar | 19th July 2013

For Lionsgate, Orson Scott Card – the author, who wrote the novel on which Ender’s Game is based – is an unwanted presence as the moment due to his unpopular views on homosexuality and same-sex...

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Harrison Ford Is Voice Of Reason At Ender's Game Press Conference, Comic-con

By Michael West | 19th July 2013

Harrison Ford attempted to get a handle on the Ender's Game/Orson Scott Card controversy at the Ender's Game press conference at Comic-Con, San Diego this week. Card - the author of the book on which...

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Harrison Ford Weighs In On Ender's Game Author Controversy

19th July 2013

Harrison Ford has spoken out about the controversial views of the author behind the story of his new movie Ender's Game, insisting his opinions are completely separate to the film.The sci-fi thriller is based on...

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Dustin Lance Black Condemns 'Ender's Game' Boycott

By Jack de Aguilar | 15th July 2013

The movie version of Orsen Scott Card’s Ender’s Game has faced controversy from its inception, largely due to the homophobic views of the writer himself. But Dustin Lance Black – the writer of gay civil...

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Movie Bosses Respond To Ender's Game Boycott

15th July 2013

Studio executives behind Harrison Ford's new sci-fi adventure Ender's Game have promised to hold a special screening of the film in aid of gay rights charities following heavy criticism of the story's controversial author.Activists from...

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Lionsgate Issues Statement, Distancing The Company From Orson Scott Card's Homophobic Views

By Victoria Pavlova | 13th July 2013

The November 1 premiere of Lionsgate’s Enders Game is fast approaching, but with the recent scandal over author Orson Scott Card’s anti-gay views, the studio is in a bit of a panic to distance itself....

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Ender's Game: Orson Scott Card's Homophobic Statements Cause Lgbt To Boycott Movie

By Victoria Pavlova | 10th July 2013

While Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game has become a favorite in the geek community, with a movie adaptation due out this November, the author’s personal views have enraged quite a lot of people. With Card...

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'Ender's Game' Boycott Due To Author's Homphobic Comments

By Elinor Cosgrave | 10th July 2013

Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game is to be adapted into a film, due out later this year. In a Huffington Post blog, Jamie McGonnigal, pointed out how the author of Ender' Game Orson Scott Card...

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Ender’S Game Creator Hits Back With Statement After Boycott Attempt – What Was That Last Bit?

By Jack de Aguilar | 9th July 2013

The Ender’s Game author – Orsen Scott Card – has issued a statement in reply to the attempted boycott campaign, which came about because of his anti-gay views. The statement also comes after last month’s...

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Orson Scott Card Responds To 'Ender's Game' Boycott - "The Gay Marriage Issue Becomes Moot"

By Jack de Aguilar | 9th July 2013

After a public campaign for people to boycott the movie version of Orsen Scott Cards’s legendary sci fi novel, Ender’s Game, the author has responded with an official statement, in which he states that...

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Ender's Game Author Defends Gay Marriage Stance Ahead Of Film's Release

By Joe Wilde | 9th July 2013

Orson Scott Card, the author of the popular children's sci-fi book series Ender's Game, has been force to defend his stance on gay marriage in the wake of the repealing of DOMA and with the...

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Gay Rights Activists To Boycott Harrison Ford Film

8th July 2013

Harrison Ford's latest movie Ender's Game has been targeted by gay rights activists who are urging fans to boycott the movie over the controversial views of the author behind the story.The sci-fi thriller, which also...

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Mark Hamill And Carrie Fisher To Diet For 'Star Wars'

26th June 2013

'Star Wars' actors Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher have reportedly been told to diet for the forthcoming film. Producers of the eagerly anticipated 'Star Wars Episode VII' want Hamill, 61, and Fisher, 56 - who...

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Mellody Hobson Marries George Lucas, But Which Legend Played Live?

By Michael West | 25th June 2013

Mellody Hobson has married her long-time partner - Star Wars director George Lucas - at Skywalker Ranch in Marin County. The ceremony went ahead on Saturday afternoon (June 29, 2013), with former New Jersey Senator...

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Ron Burgundy Is Back And 'Burgundy-er' Then Ever In 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues' [Trailer]

By Elinor Cosgrave | 19th June 2013

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues' trailer was released today and has been met with widespread excitement by comedy fans. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues follows the story of 70's newsreader Ron Burgundy and his group...

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A New Age Dawns For Star Wars, With Jj Abrams At The Helm

By Victoria Pavlova | 10th June 2013

You might think it isn’t fair for one man to get to direct both Star Trek and Star Wars in a single lifetime, but due to recent plot twists, JJ Abrams is getting to do...

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'Paranoia' Sees Liam Hemsworth Sucked Into World Of Industrial Espionage [Trailer & Pictures]

By Michael West | 7th June 2013

Paranoia lead cast: Gary Oldman, Liam Hemsworth & Harrison FordBased on the 2004 novel of the same name, Liam Hemsworth's new movie Paranoia actually might not be instantly forgettable. The Hunger Games actor plays technology...

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Al Pacino 'Gave' Bruce Willis His Career

4th June 2013

Al Pacino says he ''gave'' Bruce Willis his career by turning down 'Die Hard'.The 'Goodfellas' actor claims he was offered the lead role of John McClane in the action flick, which eventually became a money-spinning...

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Matthew Morrison Wants Elton John In Glee

28th May 2013

Matthew Morrison wants Sir Elton John to guest star in 'Glee'.The 24-year-old actor thinks the 'Rocket Man' singer would be perfect in the musical drama playing the boyfriend of hard-nosed cheer-leading squad coach Sue Sylvester...

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Zachary Quinto Hoping For Ewok Role In Star Wars

24th May 2013

Zachary Quinto wants to play an Ewok in 'Star Wars'.The 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' star would love to play one of the miniature spear-wielding creatures in J.J. Abrams' new sci-fi project, 'Star Wars Episode VII',...

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