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James Cameron Wins Award For 3-D Achievement

1st February 2011

James Cameron has won the first Harold Lloyd award for achievement in 3-D. The 'Avatar' director has been given the prize - named after an early advocate of 3-D technology from the 1920s - by...

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Studios Thought Caine's Harry Palmer Was Gay

17th January 2006

Movie bosses tried to axe SIR MICHAEL CAINE's iconic HARRY PALMER character from 1965 spy movie THE IPCRESS FILE, because they thought he looked too gay. Studio chiefs were concerned because spy Palmer wore...

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Harold Lloyd's Granddaughter Plans Major Comeback

16th November 2005

Silent screen icon HAROLD LLOYD's granddaughter is in negotiations to get the black and white superstar's biggest film, SAFETY LAST, remade. SUZANNE LLOYD, the sole trustee of the bespectacled actor's film estate, is just...

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Lloyd's Nudes In New Book

4th November 2004

Silent movie icon HAROLD LLOYD's nude three-dimensional photographs are to be published in a new book. The bespectacled actor's granddaughter SUZANNE LLOYD, who oversees Lloyd's estate, has collected the glamorous shots of pin-ups like...

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Look At Lloyd's Porn Collection

22nd May 2003

The estate of silent film hero HAROLD LLOYD are hoping to cash in on the bespectacled star's love of vintage porn. Lloyd's granddaughter, who runs the estate, is to publish a book full of...

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